Poll: Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2016?

Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2016?

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  • james

    I would love to see Ron Paul run in 2016 !!!!


  • Mauricio Orellana

    I’m in Argentina. I’m 21 years old and I know where the world is headed. I pray for Ron Paul’s success. But I personally believe that we don’t have another 4 years. If I were an American, I would without a doubt be a proud American. And I would be outside the White House right now DEMANDING a presidential impeachment and giving it my all to make sure Ron Paul is elected president.

    The only thing I can do from here is pray and spread the word of this amazing man. <3 God Bless a Free America, God Bless the World, God Bless Ron Paul.

  • nathan gonzales

    If Ron Paul does decide at another run, which I pray to god he does, we the people must be ready to do our parts as well. Dr. Ron Paul has no chance at all without you and I, the people. We already seen the media isn’t going to give him a fair chance and will block him out as much as possable. It is our duty to do the job the media won’t and get as active as we can, to educate the people and to get the truth out there. We must get out and let big corporate america and the rest of government, know we will not have you crooks run us anymore. We won’t have anyone else but Ron Paul as our President. It doesn’t matter what party you belong to Democrat or Republican, that needs to be put to the side right now, 2016 needs to be about saving our country and not all the others around the world. And to save the country we have no choice other then Ron Paul and without the people fighting for him there will be no Ron Paul, he will remain a dream. If Ron Paul does decide to run it may very well be his last and we must put everything we have to make sure he is finally successful. Get out their and fight for what’s right, educate your neighbor, educate yourself, and we must give donations. We all know the super corps. and big banks won’t be giving to the cause and campaigns aren’t cheap. If big banks and corpuations won’t be donating there will be no chance without the normal people who usually don’t donate. And it doesn’t need to be a lot but we all can give up going out to eat or to movies once a month to donate to the cause because if not you will be giving up much more then a meal out or a movie. As many of us have already lost our homes to the bad decisions made by the elite and now we are getting closer and closer to losing our freedom as well. Everyone should be able to donate $20, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford, to preserve our country for our children. We must be more active in 2016 then you ever normally would if you truly care about our children’s future, for they will be the one who most feel the affects of what happens today. Do you want to answer our children when they are asking why we didn’t fight harder to keep their freedom when we had the chance? I know I don’t and I made a promise to my 2 year old son I would fight to keep his freedom and that needs to be a promise each and everyone of us needs to make and hold up to keeping. Its not just about us. To not get out and stand up for what you believe in, to not get out and use the rights our founding fathers gave us(these rights were given to us to stop the exact things that are happening today) is too knowingly not protect your children’s future. For the system set in place by our founding fathers only works if we do our part they gave us the right to do. Its time to bring back The American Dream and get rid of the American Nightmare while we still have a slight chance, for that small chance that is left will soon be no more if we allow it. One of the main reason the elites are winning is because they do everything possible to make sure they stay elite and that we the normal person stays poor, well we the people mostly just take it and do nothing. The elite aren’t going to change on their own and its time we stop doing nothing and stand up to them and get Dr. Ron Paul to become President Dr. Ron Paul and if we all get off our asses and do this the elites have no chance what so ever and they know it and its time we do it.

  • nathan gonzales

    It is a must Ron Paul run for President in the 2016 election and not only run but a must he wins and gets his chance of restoring this country. If not, this county, our constitution, our liberty, our freedom, as well as million of people lives around the world are doomed for destruction. No other President or candidate or even politician for that matter ,since the time of JFK, has been more dedicated to the people, the constitution, and solving the problems of war then Dr. Ron Paul. He is the only politician who lives what he preaches. He is our only choice if we want our children to be able to live in a country of freedom, a country our founding fathers gave thier life for us to have. If not we are leaving our children to live in a country of debt, a country of control, a country of war. We will be giving them a life of slavery to taxes. We will be leaving our children to be stuck in a system which keeps the rich elite, rich elites and the rest of the people to not even have a chance. And the elites know this and for once we the people have someone on our side who puts fear in those elite. They have done everything possible to make sure Dr. Ron Paul does not get his fair chance to the presidency. They do everything they can to block him out of the media, try to make him look insane and unelectable, even though he is a Dr, a veteran, a member of congress since the 70’s, and is the most popular most searched politician today, and received more donations from our active military then Obama and 2.5 time more then all GOP can a sites combined. These donations came from the great men and women who have to risk their lives in these wars. Why are they being ignored? Why aren’t we people at home not fighting harder to give them the president they want when they are able to risk their lives for us and our children. In 2012 he was the only canadite who has served the military, been to war and no other canadite or politician opposes unneeded war as much as Dr Ron Paul. How can we continue to elect canadites that have no military or war experiences to be our commander in chief and have control over the military. How can we continue to elect Presidents who never been to war to have the power to make wars and to use these powers and take advantage of these powers. We need a real man who actually served in wars to make these desicions, not the liars we been getting since the last real president JFK. America is finally waking up and Ron Paul is the beginning we need to the long road ahead to bring back America to America again, not another liar who says what he needs to get the position and forgets the promises the minute they win. We are tired of the false promises we want a real united States President! Not another war hungry, constitutional terrorist, secret agenda, big banker puppet.

  • Thomas

    Your our last hope Ron, Please don’t give up keep fighting for the truth and for our rights as Americans and overthrow this oppressive big government we have today…please don’t give up Ron

  • Caleb Sims

    GI RON! Fighting for freedom over land sea and air!

  • William Grubb

    Ron Paul, seems to be for the American people ,life ,liberty,and pursue of happiness. Doesn’t seem to be for a one world government ” The New World Order”as the past administrations ” Bushes” this is enough for me to vote for Ron Paul, he is for true freedom of the the people, and believes in our Bill of Rights ,The Constitution, and all that has made this country the Greatest Nation in the world. Want to do away with the I.R.S. which I believe is unconstitutional I support him in the 2016 elections ,we need a man like this to run our country rather than the idiots that we have had the past few years.

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul, freed of the encumbrance of running for office, IS NOW DEVOTING HIS TIME to Educate the People (and especially the young generation that will be our Future in a few years) that the Rights of the Individual, the US Citizen, are NEVER to be transgressed upon by any Unconstitutional “Laws, Rules and Regulations” that may be enacted by ANYONE in Office!

    That Wars the White House starts without Congressional approval are not only Unconstitutional, but have bankrupted us! That our Money is funny paper printed by a Private, Never Audited, organization called the Federal Reserve Board, that is NOT part of the US Treasury Department (the only LAWFUL AGENCY ALLOWED BY THE US CONSTITUTION TO ISSUE VALID US Dollars)!

    And the list of our Citizens sufferings goes on!

    Ron Paul will now have a greater impact in saving America then ever before! Expect great things from this Greatest American in the months to follow — and in the next few years — expect that HIS Liberty Movement will Finally END the Tyranny that the Centralized Federal Government has tried to impose on We, the People!

    In this latest interview (11-30-2012), Ron Paul logically dissects the problems of our nation — and gives apodictic solutions to the Intentional Mess the Criminals that have taken Control of the US Government have plunged us into!

    Must watch 10 minutes video — spread it like Wildfire!


  • Surfisher

    Ben Swann Exposes Barack Husein Obama on this NDAA lies!

    If you want to save our Freedoms — SPREAD THIS 3 minute video LIKE WILDFIRE!

    Our wannabe Lil’ Dictator (BHO) lies on all levels. And when he starts stuttering you know a Big Lie is about to follow (while stuttering his small brain is trying to formulate a reply that may not be noticed as untruth).

    #1 Lie — Barack Hussein said he would Veto the NDAA (if passed). What a nice TRAP he laid for all these dunces that thought they could display “Patriotism” on the Floor (since then they could say: We voted for it, but the Prez Vetoed it).

    Then does the COMPLETELY OPPOSITE and signs this pernicious Unconstitutional document into Law on New Year’s Eve, when no-one is watching!

    When a Judge finds it, at a much later date, Unconstitutional, he, Barack Hussein, again breaks his word and sics his lawyers to overturn it in an Appellate Court (by some crony Judge) in a few days after the decision!

    So, we still have this pernicious and unconstitutional Law — courtesy of Barack Hussein — that allows American Citizens to be illegally whisked away ON SUSPICION ONLY without DUE COURSE OF LAW. And if they, such US Citizens, are never heard of again, it is because Barack Hussein has usurped the Powers of the Courts, since they are to be denied legal representation!

    And the list of the TRANSGRESSIONS AGAINST ALL AMERICANS by this Little Man, that occupies our White House, KEEPS GROWING!

    Here is proof of Barack Hussein’s PERFIDY!


  • Cal Robbins

    There is a petition to have Ron Paul selected as the next Speaker of the House.

  • Eric N

    Maybe Ron Paul should try running in the Democrat primaries next time. I mean, really, what’s the difference? He’s got my vote.

  • Someone Out There

    He wont run, no matter how many polls will be conducted.

    I just wish these fans would be as passionate in adopting the attitudes and behavior of Ron Paul as they are expressing their opinion.

  • French Canadian


    Oupst… I forgot to give you the linkthe link:

    The interview starts at 2:08:55

    Alex Jones Show: Monday (11-26-12) Katherine Albrecht , David Bodnick & Robert Beens

  • French Canadian


    I gave you a reply below on your comment about the pole shift.


    I think you would like this live interview. It is with Dr. Katherine Albrecht , David Bodnick & Robert Beens of Start Page.com discussing search engine privacy. The interview is really informative and interesting. Plus the guests are in studio with Alex and Catherine is on Skype. One of the guys ( the founder) travelled from the Netherlands to come here and the other one (CEO) is from New-York. I believe everybody should watch this interview. It is about our privacy. I personally use Start Page since 3 years. Apparently, soon in 2013, they will have developped an email server that will be impossible to hack.

    The iterview starts at: 2:08.55

    Alex Jones Show: Monday (11-26-12) Katherine Albrecht , David Bodnick & Robert Beens

  • Surfisher

    off topic — but a must see!

    Knowing his past can only show what his future path will be:
    Barack Hussein Obama EXPOSED!

    Spread this 7 minute that’s gone viral!


    • French Canadian


      I used to blog on American Grand Jury.Org website in 2008 where they were having Grand Juries online to prove Obama was a fake and an imposter. Too bad the site is now closed… we can’t even consult the archives. The stock of dirt on the Obamas was so huge, there is no words to describe it. The multitude of videos I have seen on this site about Michelle and Barack Obama, blows your mind. These two are really perfect scumbags. Birds of a feather flock together!

      No wonder they both lost their law licences. They had to surrender their licenses so they wouldn’t be criminaly charged for their actions and brought to courts….lol. And Barack was never a law professor, he was only a senior lecturer. Incredible all the things I know about this corrupted couple, including the facts related to Michelle and her work in the hospital in the link you’ve provided

  • Paul E. Yeager Jr.

    This year was a bunch of BS. .. Ron Paul got a ton of votes but that shady Kenya born jerk managed to fix the polls in his favor..

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    This is off topic, but has Alex done any programs on a polar shift and why CEO’s are leaving their jobs and going to Denver? Again, we noticed that the sun seems to be setting earlier than ever for this time of the year=a shift in a northerly direction. Some scientists have said the crust will slip gradually, and then a massage shift of the poles and we know what that means for this planet. Again, have you noticed that the sun is setting farther south than usual?

    • French Canadian


      Of course Alex covered that…lol. He doesn’t miss one subject. Like I often tell you, Infowars is the best site to get informed.

      I’ve read multiple articles on his site and a few videos. Here is one:

      Alex Jones 2012 World Wide Pole Shift

      But if you go to: planetinfowars.com (which is the social network of Infowars), you can read some real good comments on this subject. A lot of really well informed people comment there.

    • Scott R

      Robin you can’t be serious about this.

  • French Canadian

    Iranians are smart people…lol

    Iran Accepts Payment in Gold to Get Around Sanctions

  • Ron Paul should have been president in 2008. I really find his views refreshing and honest! Ron follows his own path, Where as most politicians follow their parties views with little variance, like dogs on a leash!We need an independent thinker! However, I don’t see it happening, because of the mentality and un-objectivity of the masses. They are either left or right with too few numbers of independent thinkers. It’s too bad!

    The media also rarely supports someone with original ideas, and the media controls the outcome of elections! Hell we might as well just let them vote! Their propaganda controls the outcome anyway!