Poll: Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2016?

Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2016?

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  • L.R. Heavirland

    How about Ron Paul and Gary Johnson !


  • Ed

    The Marxists are firmly in place. It is now the will of the minorities and the politically stupid to crash Americas economy. Probably looking at a civil war in 2 years or less.

  • W Kahler

    I also agree with Robert, America is lost.

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves!”

    Abraham Lincoln

  • I will not vote in this almost worse than useless poll (the comments forum gives it some usefulness). Like modern election ballots, this poll lacks credible, alternative choices. How about:
    if he ran as a Libertarian–
    as an Independent–
    if _______________ was his running mate–
    or just plain, if_________________.

    Libertarians are by far the most free and independent thinkers in the political spectrum–with the exception, perhaps, of independents (with a small i) who are libertarian to the point of not liking the libertarian label. We space for our own input!

    Ron Paul is the man. But so is Gary Johnson. So are so many others. While Ron Paul is the one and only political superstar standing for liberty, it the ideas, philosophies, and policies, that matter in the end. Ron Paul and this Revolution need to transform and transfer the cult of personality to those who can and will make a real difference in our future. Especially, we need strong women. Especially real black women, descended from slaves. If they are pretty and cool to boot we can march. We can’t hope to compete if our champions are a handful of of old white guys. Not that I think that ethnicity or gender should matter. But the fact is, it does. Our army must be ten times bigger and of more diverse ethnicity.

    Of course, for any hope of credibility in any election, we have to abolish voting machines.

  • Timothy Vukomanovic

    When I see a poll like the one here where near 70% of respondents say Ron should run again in 2016, I understand I am among lunitics. Wake up people smell the roses the guy might be dead by another 4 years time. If Ron was elected the choice of running mate would have been important as there was a good possibility the VP would have needed to take over mid term.

    • Dawn

      You’re the lunatic because you discriminate because of age which shows how extremely ignorant you are. People seem to forget that Ron Paul is a DOCTOR and knows a few things about staying healthy……… He’s not going to die anytime soon so please stop being so stupid.

  • Joan

    I think he should run again to get his message out there yet again because by then we will either have defaulted on our debt or be close to it. The country will be going under, and the things Dr. Paul said will have come to pass with regards to the country running up all of this debt. He may not win, but I think we should keep getting his Libertarian message out to the public. If he ran Libertarian, he would have a better chance of winning. I know he did one time before, but if people are not sick of the two major parties in the next 2-3 years, I don’t know what to say. And the Republicans will be running younger candidates so maybe he should run as the Libertarian candidate. I heard Gary Johnson say that he learned everything he knows from Ron Paul. So why run a copy, why not run the original??

  • Mike

    Doesn’t matter how old Ron Paul is. As long as he’s around, we have a major force fighting to Restore America and regain our rights as citizens, among everything else true Americans believe in.

    Where else are we going to find someone with over 30 years experience in Congress, was associated with President Reagan (regardless of his reign), and ran for President 3 times?

    He knows the “ins and outs”, the “tips and tricks” of this government. He can discredit the Federal Reserve and government “figureheads” that do nothing but lie to every American as they speak.

    If Ron Paul is willing and able to run for President again in 2016, I as well as many others I know, would be honored. It’ll obviously take more than 4 years to pull this country out of the disaster it’s in, so I’d even look to a second term or Rand Paul to follow in his father’s legacy. And forget the whole voting system, Americans should be able to appoint him the position, similar to how the position is determined now anyway.

    Either way, I’d love to thank Dr. Paul for everything he is, does, and has done. We should all be thankful that someone “stood up” within the current govermental system to wake many Americans from their sleep.

  • Patty

    I too think that Ron would be perceived as “too old” to be elected in 2016 even though his views are shared by many. I voted for him in the primary. I voted for Gary Johnson for president in 2012 and I am following the Libertarian party candidates. Both Gary and Ron share a lot of the same philosophies. Gary Johnson did receive the highest vote for a Libertarian candidate than ever before so people are waking up to the failure of the two party system.

  • Linda Z

    Ron Paul may be too old to run for President in 2016; however he is the leader of the movement- but he is NOT the movement itself. The liberty movement needs to come together and raise up leaders on not only a national level, but also on a state level, and into each city and town as well, because the globalists are hitting us in each of those areas. Each city and state should have a group of liberty minded people who are bringing the movement to the people. And they should be prepping ALL Americans for the war, because the globalists will not go down without a fight of immense proportion. I don’t see how this war can be won without bringing this movement down to a local level.

    • al lawrence

      linda, i agree dr. paul may be too old then, 80 yrs. old, but the republicans will not have a shortage of qualified cabdidates: marco rubio, suzanna martinez, ted cruz, rand paul, nikki haley, paul ryan . what do they all have in common? all young

  • PattyFromTexas

    It’s a shame there is no one to take his place. We desperately need more good men willing to stand up for the people.

  • ron paul for president..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PattyFromTexas

    His age will be a factor in people’s perception of his ability to perform the job. He is the best man to lead our country, and if his policies are implemented, they would benefit not only our personal liberty, but the rest of the world would breath a sigh of relief.

  • EmmaPeel

    well golly, on whose money and on whose time?

    you need only to have listened to the truth of why the elections produced the winner they did. electoral votes are the ONLY votes that count. why do we even vote? we knew over a week before the pools who won. our popular votes don’t count for shi* and it’s too damned bad. america is NOT america any longer. we were founded by men of substance like paul. now the gimme-gimmes are going to take-take all they can. big bro can eat his hog jowls and laugh.

  • Ron paul would be a great Pres but the people of the US wants the Gov to support them and take care of them,Ron Paul is not like that so…They will keep voting for Obama or someone else like him,Were doomed

  • Michael S. Tunstall

    Yes, but not if he plans to drop out again!

  • Warren Wilson

    Ron already is too old. I believe he would be an ideal replacement for tiny Tim Geithner at Treasury.

  • Kathy Bradshaw Burrell

    i wrote in my vote for Ron Paul anyway, irreguardless if he ran or not. If he runs in the next one i’ll vote for him again. Im my opinion the options were unthinkable and if more had written in their votes for him then maybe the message would have gotten through. I would write in my vote for micky mouse before i would have voted for either of the asshats that were running.

  • windy

    If Dr. Paul is still feeling up to it and his mind remains as sharp as it is right now he should run. He needs to recruit an excellent running mate like Kucinich who is perceived to be ‘of the left’ but is strongly aligned with Dr. Paul on the issues that matter most like military aggression.

    Rand Paul is not fit to stand beside his father, h politician.e is a typical slimy

    • matt

      I really doubt Rand is just a politician. I believe he is just making himself electable . Imagine groing up listening to ur passionate father complain about government corruption and trying to fight it but never winning any great legislative battles over 30 yrs. How would that feel? Ron Paul is the man and he woke up a lot of us now Rand needs to take advantage of the momentum while making himself electable.

  • Paul had his chance in 2012!!! Why did he back down??!!! Time is of the essence!!! Does Ron Paul have another four years left in him to wait for another shot at a four year term??!!! These elections are rigged any how!! The system doesn’t work, we need a real revolution!!!

  • Todd W. Sobol

    The Republicans throw the election. Romney (Obama, Bush look alikes) had no chance. Only Ron Paul had a new message that would have brought in the votes to win. Ron would have creamed Obama in the debates!!!! The funny thing is now that the Republicans are looking to reboot, they are sounding more like Dr. Paul.

    I was surprised by the survey on Ron running for TX Governor. He needs to stay on the national scene and start running for 2016 NOW! Pull us together Dr. Paul and let’s finish what we started.