Poll: Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2016?

Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2016?

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  • Ken Danagger

    Voting for a presidential candidate in the general election is next to useless. You may have some voice at the local level, but that’s it. The two party political system is a fraud and a charade. The “winning candidate” is selected long before the so called election. The election is nothing more than a reality show to convince you that you have a choice – YOU DON’T.
    The only way to get a candidate in high office that supports individual liberty and freedom is by direct deception of the political duopoly. That is going to be very difficult.

    I’m increasingly convinced that our grossly corrupt political system must totally collapse before we have a chance to rebuild an honest government. That is likely to be extremely painful, but it may be the only way.

    “Occasionally the tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.” ― Thomas Jefferson


  • Bill Dance

    Until we stand up and fix the voting fraud, the honest candidate will never have a chance. We need a third party to be recognized by the media to make it fair.

  • Charlene Dryer

    RP. Sorry, he’s a nutball religious freak who would deny women the right to abortion. No matter how great his financial expertise is.

    • oscar yeager

      Too bad your mother didnt exercise her right to abortion, well, it’s never too late right?

  • Charlene Dryer

    Of course, he should run. The democratic candidates will need him to divide the republi-nuts again.

  • Bill Owens

    Dr. Ron Paul is exactly what a politician should be HONEST !!
    Nobody cant deny that, they just have to look at his voting record !
    But he is not only honest he is also a super intelligent person who can
    see where this great country is going long before all these other
    so called “representatives” who are too busy spending the
    “contributions” (read “bribes”) that they receive from the
    multinationals….. TOO MUCH MONEY IN ELECTIONS…
    And this may seem outspoken but I think he is the ONLY
    and that is a very very sad thing to say anno 2012.
    I hope Ron Paul runs as an INDEPENDANT next time,
    someone has to break the monoply of the two party system !!

  • Ron Paul’s time in D.C. is over, and the sooner we accept that the better equipped we will be to move forward for liberty. Rand Paul is the future (as far as 2016 is concerned — and spare me the nonsense about how his “endorsement” of Romney disqualifies him), and we would be wise to start a grassroots effort on his behalf NOW. What Ron should do is go home and run for Governor of Texas in the next gubernatorial election.

  • Tim

    Look, I love Ron Paul, but we that do, are the few minority. The American people are so swayed by the media, that there is no way Ron will win a nomination (I wish I was wrong). The media makes fun of Ron each chance they get, yet his ideas have been picked up by both sides and used in their own agenda. His Son has a lot of his ideas and I think would be a better pick at least talking media. The GOP needs to change and change fast or this country will be so broke, people will be illegally immigrating into Mexico.

  • john edwards

    In the GOP Primary of 2012 the fix was in Ron Paul won but Mitt got the nomination. No sence of running in 16 if you`ve lost before you start. Time to rethink a few things.

  • Ridin’ Dirty

    Ron Paul has been a joke.

    Since he has been cashing lucrative government checks, the size and scope of government has expanded to a survival level threat to the Republic. Sure it wasn’t his fault, but what good has he been?

    The guy is a disgrace and those anarchist drones that checked out of the political process because they don’t have a perfect candidate in the republican party have essentially handed the Supreme Court over to the hard Left for an eternity.

    You libertarian drones want change? I got news for you, it ain’t going to happen overnight and it will never happen if you check out of the political process because you don’t get Murray Rothbard on your ticket.

    You want change?

    Make inroads into the republican party and began the process of throwing out the moderates by hook or crook — in time we may have a critical mass of Tea Party and libertarian control that enables us to bring viable government crushing candidates to the fore — but this childish fantasy that you won’t participate because a moderate runs for office is self-destructive and only serves the hard Left who brought us social security and government managed health care — the two most oppressive drivers of government overreach.

    Indeed, without these entitlements, the USA has a trillion dollar surpluses year over year during both the Bush and Obama presidencies.

    Yeah, I know it aint perfect, and I know we can do better, but lets start by infiltrating the republican party rather than running from the only main stream option necessary to force substantive change.

    Shut up, put your big boy pants on, and get back in the game — your country needs you.

  • Leigh

    Ron Paul is a young old man. He could live to be 100, so I will vote for him if he wants to run in 2016, but he should run as an Independent. The RNC is a bunch of crooks, and I am leaving that party.

  • Robert Tudor

    Ron Paul was the only hope for our country. Many so called “conservatives” or Republicans didn’t like him simply because they’ve never heard of him or thought he was too old. He should not run in 2016 because the stigma would be even worse that he is too old and the establishment will portray him as a 3-time failed Presidential candidate. I am not excited about Rand. His endorsement of Romney says it all. Let’s try someone like Justin Amash or Judge Nepalitano.

  • Dawn

    Definitely!!!!!! He should run with Rand running as vice president. 🙂

  • kathy m

    Maybe we should listen to Rand Paul with an open mind..the apple can’t fall that far from the tree

  • eric

    Yes, he should run again!! i will write him in again anyways!!!!

  • Judy

    Ron Paul should run on a new third party based on a broad coalition of independents, libertarians, anti militarists & anti imperialists, fiscal conservatives, & diverse as to gender, class, & ethnicity. This already exists. It needs to grow. I haven’t yet heard a voice as articulate & thoughtful, free of talking points, ready to discuss issues firmly & clearly, simply & not dogmatically as ron paul. Need to get on the ballot in all the states & qualify for the presidential debates, The 2 dominant parties have the system pretty locked up which is a reason for using one of them instead of creating a new one, but even if the RP independent 3rd party didn’t win, it could help the country a lot with its influence, Perot & supporters did this in 92, running on national debt reduction, ending deficit spending, normalizing relations with military enemies, reducing wasteful aggressive stances, voters left both parties in droves, Perot driven out of the campaign by media smear, withdrew strategically, stealthy, came back in last minute to deliver message powerfully in media using campaigns own money, too late to silence him, got the message out in the debates, got 20% of the popular vote, that’s huge, & the two Parties had to take notice and deal with the message. First, Clinton withdrew from Somalia, reversing the bush policy of involving US another quagmire unending war with no clear goals(but apparently motivated by oil companies wanting to develop petrol resources). Clinton withdrew quick & the two parties soon achieved spending surplus, military spending cut, bases closed, debt balance reduced, welfare reform. The point is, without Perots popularity taking away a decisive number of votes from the two partie, no one would’ve been talking about the growing debt at all. The influence of this message across all diverse sectors of the society caused the two parties to respond to it, they could not ignore it

  • Greg

    With Johnson garnering less than 1% of the vote in 12 a d having been a total non event news wise why not Ron……you could double Johnson’s vote and look at the statement you’ll make!!!!!!!

  • David Segesta

    I love Ron Paul. I wrote to him and encouraged him to run even before he announced his 2008 campaign. But the age is starting to work against him. Yeah I know even if he was deceased he would be better than Obama or Romney, but the voters don’t see it that way. Also he is not a great speaker. Rand Paul is not quite Ron Paul but he’s a huge improvement over O or Romney, and he’s a better speaker than Ron.

    Rand in 2016!

  • Robert Van Nieuwenhuise

    I served my country and took an oath to defend the people of the USA against tyranny and it enemies. It implied against communism and socialism as well. Unfortunately this election showed how mindlessly naive (ignorant) some American voters really are. How many of them believe that money grows from the government tree? 52%! I hope not all of them. NO MONEY in the USA has ever come from anything but PRIVATE INDUSTRY. US Military 100 % funded by private funds, taxed or stolen from private industry or our citizens. Even the Taxes my grandfather, father and I paid while in the US Military and in combat came from private industry or USA citizens working in PRIVATE Industry. Cuba is a good economic example of what happens to a country run by a socialistic government like we just elected. The Democrats want to fund education, fund wind power, fund this, fund that with absolutely no idea where the funds come from. Entitlements are all funded by citizens working for or the private industries themselves. So if you vote against them, fight against them, you can have all the entitlements in the world but, they will no longer be funded. Fighting private industry is financial suicide. I am not for big bad businessmen. I am for the ones that work themselves to death for those that don’t and don’t appreciate our donations! I don’t mind helping but come on!!!!

    I think Romney failed to connect because frankly, he did not realize how ignorant, lazy, irresponsible, immature and just plain unworthy of the title: American, citizens of the USA have become. 48% of us still can count past ME (ME ME ME!). The world now knows how freeless, ignorant and actually lazy we have become and they laugh at us every day. I have worked in private industry 40 of my 44 years working and I will have to continue so I can pay people that work in a government or are supported by entitlements, (earned or weasled out) so that they can retire and they can get free medicine while I have to pay twice as much for medical in 2013, pay more taxes in 2013,2014,2015 and 2016 so that I can’t save for my retirement that I can’t get because I do work. I pay retirees retirements so I can’t get any and that is why I have work. I can’t retire because YOU are spending my retirement money. Wish you appreciated my sacrifice for you but somehow I know you don’t even care. Basically workers are slaves in the USA for those that don’t work. For whatever reason. Slavery is back. All private industry workers are slaves. We have to work so others can get what we work to EARN. Illegals make three times as much per hour as RETAIL workers get paid. They work hard but they and their employers don’t pay SSAN, Medicaid, Medicaire, Workmen’s Comp, Insurance, etc. Seems a bit unfair (it is ALOT UNFAIR). So please call your stealing, anti-racism, anti-discrimination, anti-immigrant mindless name calling words what they mean: slavery for any one that works in the private sector. My family never ever made anyone or had slaves. That is why they came here. That is why they worked. What is wrong with OBAMANITES

    When I or my children go overseas, the countrymen there are always surprised that some Americans, still think, WORK HARD and don’t whine like babies crying fo a bottle everytime they don’t get what they want. Yes 52% of Americans are unworthy of the title, even retired medal winners that FORGOT what they are, what they are supposed to be. Americans! We should make it possible for those that have worked 40+ years to get some benefits and retirement but we can’t. Workers are robbed by the IRS for YOUR money and YOUR other benefits. Working never hurt anyone. It makes one healthier. So GET TO WORK!

    The US Government spent 48% of the entire budget on Education when I was in public school. They now only spend 16%. The quality is partly the result of less expenditure. However, the US Government spends so much money paying entitlements, debt for borrowed entitlement money that there isn’t money for education, the military, etc. I spent over $150,000 in private schools so my children could get an education while I paid an enormous share of taxes so the public schools that teach no one could continue as they were (worthless). You may have lived where the public schools actually teach and actually have students that want to learn. I am not. The Naive people here have just funded with my taxes the enormous upgrade of the schools that are hollow in educational content. Some of the teachers are good to excellent but most are not and it crosses all ethnic, cultural, racial and sexual boundaries. Good news though, the bad teachers have a guaranteed job. I don’t! That is why my taxes have to pay for them, even though I had to send my children to private schools. No tax deduction AT ALL! To me that was an additional tax as the taxes I gave the government to do the job, didn’t happen. So I had to pay again and again. The public school administration pretends to teach real well. It has good teachers but there are far too many bad ones that get rewarded. It was worst than 50% bad for my kids. In kindergarten one of my children was threatened with a knife because he wouldn’t join a gang. I still paid for those gang members to get an education by paying my taxes. Wonder why I think I shouldn’t have to pay those taxes?

    Kennedy said ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country. Obama’s platform is: Ask not what you can do for the country, but what I can make the country do for you. Anyone that doesn’t agree with Obama’s sympathy soldiers of weakness, gutlessness and nonsense are called a sexixts, racists while they actually are just hard working citizens being robbed by the government and Obama’s followers. Some of his followers work hard but they missed something. Oh yeah, they believe the US Government is a money tree. If they are hard working good teachers, why can’t they get the worthless ones fired? Oh yeah, silly me, I forget. The bad ones have guaranteed jobs. So the schools are guaranteed to be bad.

    Obamanites are unworthy of the Title AMERICAN and your socialistic and communistic attitudes show. If you want to fight about it, let me know. I would prefer to see you grow up and make a contribution to society and I don’t care whether you are blind, crippled or crazy. GET TO WORK.

    When the government stops giving you money next year because they have none. Please stay off my property. My dogs are always hungry and I don’t want to waste my energy to bury you. Too much work for too lazy people. OK, once in your life you worked.

    OBAMANITES: GET A JOB and actually do a GOOD JOB! I have helped everyone for 44 years so you need to get up off your behinds. Don’t imagine I will buy the whining vapor from your mouths. I plan on dieing while at work or playing with my children and grandchildren because, I AM AN AMERICAN. I am not a whiny, blame it on racism, religion, sex, sexual preference, etc. Life is too short to be that way so stop it! I just get up off my rear and work everyday and pay for you so I can pay for myself and my children. We were put on this planet to help each other, not to be helped by everyone. Sometimes everyone needs help. OK. But, not 24-7-365 for 40 years. Can you help AMERICA? I DO.

  • dominic

    ive been following ron paul for years . He and chuck haggel were amongst the first politician i ever liked in my life !now rand paul is not his father but he doesnt fall far from the tree .

    further gary johnson is great but rand gets more media attention , and amash would most likely be his vp. the 2 guys that would get more media attention to beat out any dems. would be andrew napolitano , and mike hauklbee .

    Problem with hauklbee is he’s to much like mitt romney neither one could beat mccain or obama ! so that wont happen .

    So the bet chance would be andrew napolitano , and rand paul for vp . for media purposes , bc lets face facts the media picks 95 percent of all elections . who they want to win wins .

    Further ron paul is just to old. Time to let his son run . Other wise i’m happy with any format with napolitano, rand paul , gary johnson , amash , joe liberman .

    any of those 2 men would do fantastic together under any party . best fit for them would be the libertarian party but run as republican party for financial gains for more media attention . Further run as a republican base , and libetarian base to get more votes . Also the repubs. have no one except scott walker , marco rubio , and chris christie .

    chris christie can’t debate but big with the media marco rubio can connect with the ppl as well as scott walker . which would also do well as a ticket . I know many would say paul ryan , he couldn’t beat joe biden in a debate who couldn’t get 2 percent in 2008 how can he win . sara palin is to stupid . and the rest is a laughing stock for president .

    the dems . have joe biden to old out of touch couldn’t get 2 percent in 2008 ! rob emanuel he fucked chicago gave ppl 25 dollars to pick up report cards to cps . Raised taxes to the highest in the nation . Another Illinois politician , and govenor quinn should be arrested . so that leaves them with hillary cliton and bobby lindell , and the rest of the dem couldn’t get 1000 votes if their life depended on it .

    no other partys would have a prayer with out large backing of money and would still lose look at rose perot , and donald trump . julie stien , gary johnson . no media attention there for they get no debates and no one knows their name so no one votes for them .

    so in conclusion rep. nominee will be marco rubio vp scott walker libetarian nominee will be rand paul and amash bc napolitano will not run do to the fact he wants to be a supreme court justice . dems . will be hillary cliton vp bobby lindel , but there is fear that hillary will not run bc she want to step down . which means she no longer cares . which means she doesnt run and it becomes bobby lindel and rob emanuel . who actually wins will be between rand paul and marco rubio . will see who gets more media will win it .

  • L.R. Heavirland

    how about Ron Paul and Gary Johnson and they can flip a coin to see which one would be vice pres.