Ron Paul: Blind Support of Israel Leads to Unexpected Consequences

by Ron Paul

As of late Friday the ceasefire in Gaza seems to be holding, if tentatively. While we should be pleased that this round of fighting appears temporarily on hold, we must realize that without changes in US foreign policy it is only a matter of time before the killing begins again.

It feels like 2009 all over again, which is the last time this kind of violence broke out in Gaza. At that time over 1,400 Palestinians were killed, of which just 235 were combatants. The Israelis lost 13 of which 10 were combatants. At that time I said of then-President Bush’s role in the conflict:

It’s our money and our weapons. But I think we encouraged it. Certainly, the president has said nothing to diminish it. As a matter of fact, he justifies it on moral grounds, saying, oh, they have a right to do this, without ever mentioning the tragedy of Gaza…. To me, I look at it like a concentration camp.

The US role has not changed under the Obama administration. The same mistakes continue. As journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote last week:

“For years now, US financial, military and diplomatic support of Israel has been the central enabling force driving this endless conflict. The bombs Israel drops on Gazans, and the planes they use to drop them, and the weapons they use to occupy the West Bank and protect settlements are paid for, in substantial part, by the US taxpayer…”

Last week, as the fighting raged, President Obama raced to express US support for the Israeli side, in a statement that perfectly exemplifies the tragic-comedy of US foreign policy. The US supported the Israeli side because, he said, “No country on Earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.” Considering that this president rains down missiles on Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and numerous other countries on a daily basis, the statement was so hypocritical that it didn’t pass the laugh test. But it wasn’t funny.

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton traveled to Tel Aviv to meet with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, but she refused to meet with elected Palestinian leaders. Clinton said upon arrival in Israel, “America’s commitment to Israel’s security is rock-solid and unwavering.” Does this sound like an honest broker?

At the same time Congress acted with similar ignobility when an unannounced resolution was brought to the House floor after the business of the week had been finished; and in less than 30 seconds the resolution was passed by unanimous consent, without debate and without most Representatives even having heard of it. The resolution, H Res 813, was so one-sided it is not surprising they didn’t want anyone to have the chance to read and vote on it. Surely at least a handful of my colleagues would have objected to language like, “The House of Representatives expresses unwavering commitment to the security of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state with secure borders…”

US foreign policy being so one-sided actually results in more loss of life and of security on both sides. Surely Israelis do not enjoy the threat of missiles from Gaza nor do the Palestinians enjoy their Israel-imposed inhuman conditions in Gaza. But as long as Israel can count on its destructive policies being underwritten by the US taxpayer it can continue to engage in reckless behavior. And as long as the Palestinians feel the one-sided US presence lined up against them they will continue to resort to more and more deadly and desperate measures.

Continuing to rain down missiles on so many increasingly resentful nations, the US is undermining rather than furthering its security. We are on a collision course with much of the rest of the world if we do not right our foreign policy. Ending interventionism in the Middle East and replacing it with friendship and even-handedness would be a welcome first step.

  • Holdem17

    And it’s foolishness like this why RP will never be President.

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  • ZahrDalsk

    Ron Paul is the kind of man who keeps my respect for America alive.


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  • ruddo1970

    If that is the case you really don’t understand Ron Pauls message of 30+ years at all!

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  • RPauliticalPeace

    I 3VO_I how the “yeas”, or likes, have it at, currently, 123 to 1.
    Ron Paul must be very disheartened that less than one of out of
    100 disagree with his commentary.
    The dislike, most likely, a Bibi fan…. is a LOSER!!!

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  • xsk8er987

    Probably one of the only things I disagree with Ron Paul about. Every country near Israel openly says that they want to wipe them off the face of the earth. Israel can and should strike back at any of them

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  • Wizeguy525

    TY for your dedication and constant contributions. You sir, are a great example that I wish many politicians would follow. Please don’t prove me wrong one day, hahaha JK.

    Thanks again.

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  • beauvais681

    isreal is a test ground for exceptance by propaganda of totalaterian rule. in other words programed to except authority just like whats happening here

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  • echatav

    This is disappointing. I’m disappointed with Ron Paul.

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  • dalekmoon

    You should have been our president. Now we are stuck with some guy nobody knows any facts about other than being a New World Order puppet.

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  • aiava

    Not only that! but they misuse their people! statistics shown that 45% of women don’t want to go in the army and 35% of men! They must go anyway! I could find a 45% of women normal… but 35% of men means something about the country!

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  • sorienor

    The short answer is that neo-cons blindly support Israel because they believe it’s existence is required to bring around WW3 and the second coming of Jesus.

    There may not be any gods, but they will make damn sure we all pay the price to find out.

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  • Lishy1

    My point is we as the U.S. should take a more unbias role focusing on peace rather than fueling violence in Palestine. As Ron Paul himself says: “Israelis do not enjoy the missile threat from Gaza” and vice versa. I also don’t think it’s fair how we turn a blind eye to the deaths of Palestinians at the hands of Nettanyahu’s administration.

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  • Paul Maritz

    You’re welcome.

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  • ACatal1

    O.K., Thanks!

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  • Rag Narok

    Israel isn’t a “Western nation” It is Middle Eastern and so are its inhabitants.

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  • beauvais681

    israel is run by the leaders of the central banks just like we are. and they have a divide and concor world control agenda. am i right?

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  • damagejackal10

    Right On!

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  • americantruthteller

    Why should we Americans protect Israel, the history I will present here would not allow us to be friend with Israel at all!

    Israeli? Terrorism Against America­­­A

    Note: if above link does not work then type the heading of the video in the search field on You Tube to find this video.

    1 – Lavon Affair

    2 – USS Liberty incident

    3 – Jonathan Pollard

    go to wikipedia . org search for above events

    God Bless America

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  • UNisNWO

    love you ron!

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