Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth

Enjoy this all-time classic from May 2007!

  • Wait…the video is from 2008 but it was uploaded in 2007? am i missing something?

  • the only american with a brain :p

  • Ron Paul is so right
    fuck the rest of those douchbags


  • the 2 last word douche bags at the end, kept talking over Ron Paul, cutting him off, to probably discredit Dr.Paul position on foreign policy..couple of biased, rude, presumptuous, main stream media reporter´s and guiliani is a touchy, emotional, little bitch.

  • Ron Paul is right and those silly republicans

  • NWO by 2016, sorry to burst your bubble.

  • Ron Paul 2016!


  • You know what’s really “unAmerican”? When an American refuses to accept that it’s his arrogance and bullying around the world that is backfiring on him the form of suicide attacks and bombings of his properties.

    People like that dumbass on the left (whoever the fuck he is, I don’t give shit) must be tortured, tarred and feathered and then hanged to strangle to death. That guy is a symbol of American capitalists who care only about their deep pockets and not the value of America.

  • Unbelievable. All they did was persecute him for thinking outside the box. Although is

  • Ron Paul Revolution!!!!!!!!!! FUCK OBAMA!!!!

  • if 911 is the reason why we sent a bunch more shit to middle east, why is it so hard to understand our bombings and shit we did over there is the reason why terrorists attacked us on 911? i guess not being accused of being unamerican is more important than speaking the truth. its like being afraid to say white rappers should be allowed to use “nigga” in its new positive connotation because you dont want to be called a racist. look what happened when the french tried to stop change in langauge

  • I wish I could give this video 50 thumbs up.

    It’s people like Giuliani who are responsible for killing the Republican Party. Did these bozos really think that the American people really wanted war?

  • Ron Paul should have body slammed Hannity when he had the chance.

  • lol shut up you whack job

  • No, that’s what an INTELLIGENT American would say. Much unlike you

  • It is nice to know that a tiny fraction of Americans actually have a brain. You are a part of that fraction.

  • yeah you cryin

  • lol with that response you’re obviously a child and I’ve been wasting my time with you. Next…

  • cry a river