Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth

Enjoy this all-time classic from May 2007!

  • You don’t know your own history, then. You have been attacked many times, you have been in the biggest wars of the world.
    Terrorists come from the Northern Border to here to America. They also attacked you a few times. Bet you didn’t know that.
    Here are some wars: War of 1812, Fenian raids, you were attacked by Germans and Japanses during WWII. You, sir, have failed




  • exactly! most of those countries are much freer over there. usa is not a free country, it’s a police state.

  • Tell em Ron 🙂

  • any American who thinks they attacked you because you are free and rich is fuckin retarded! Im Canadian and I would say we are more rich and free then Americans and guess what we are not attacked and never have been. Get a clue people

  • I didn’t even know that there were people like this man so high up in American politics. To me, this is mindblowing. I’ve always considered myself a demokrat, but if this man can live up to the impression I just got of him, I think the world would be a better place with him as president of the US than with Obama.

  • Hannity and Giuliani are both a-holes. They cannot comprehend what the Congressmen was speaking about. They are typical of statist republicans who support the warfare state but denounce the welfare state of the democrats without realizing that it’s the same thing.

  • You people are just gonna forgive and forget about him SUING his supporters? Cult of Ron Paul strikes again!

  • AMERICA: not even a country yet and is already messed up.

  • AMERICA…founded and destroyed by dumb white people and fixed up by Ron Paul.

  • “The lips of Wisdom are closed except to the ears of Understanding.”

  • Seriously? No one even clapped after the first argument Ron Paul made? Wow… this just shows either how biased this audience is, or that there are many people who are either incredibly stupid, or choosing to be ignorant of his factual, Constitutional policies. There is no way to get around the necessity of Declaring War unless the threat is an imminent danger to America. Its all bullshit politics to invade another country and start war to try and rejuvenate our economy, anyone can see this.

  • All hail Ron Paul!

  • that bullshit 9/11 asshole got thunders of applause

  • Africa has many places of civil wars which rape ,murder and theft is daily thing and US hasn’t done anything or even that the mainstream media mentioned!!
    The most obvious reason that the US went to 1st Iraq war was the” energy”

    I live in Saudi Arabia and I lm surprised of how well ron Paul understand the situation in middle east and specially what caused the 9/11 attack..

  • Fuck Hannity.

  • Ron Paul, another good president we never had!

  • Ron Paul, another good president we never had!

  • Ron Paul, another good president we never had!