Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth

Enjoy this all-time classic from May 2007!

  • I’m sorry buddy but gold lost its value for a bunch of reasons, one of them being monetary policy *gasp*. And the US economy hasn’t been much better with a central bank, if anything it’s been worse. The dollar lost 95% of its value since the creation of the Fed ( that’s bad BTW). Why do you fear private issuing of money? What catastrophe happened that makes you feel like that?


  • Numbers of dollars is a poor way to measure debt. How did we have such a strong economy in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s despite having a total dead weight Fed and centralized US bank? Why do you think having 50 individual banks for each state is more “efficient” than one centralized federal bank? Seems you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. Ron Paul wants to tie the US dollar to gold, GLD just lost $11 per share in value the other day, oh yea that;ll make the economy REAL stable.

  • An economic superpower with a 16 trillion dollar debt. By the way, the US was an economic superpower before the Fed. You should study some history.

  • Yeah I guess so…

  • I agree with all those things you listed, but because those are the liberal ideals he supports, thats why he got shafted.

    John Huntsman was the only decent candidate the Republicans had, some of Ron Pauls ideas were good but some were just plain loony like reverting the country over to the gold standard and abolishing the government having a centralized bank (I guess being an economic superpower isn’t in Ron Pauls best interest)

  • I sense the sarcasm & I agree with you. Privatizing the police would be a horrible idea. Scraping the federal income tax is also a terrible idea. I think we should raise taxes for those making over $180,000 a year, & I support raising the minimum wage as well. However, I agree with Ron on foreign policy, and the war on drugs. I also support his opposition of the PATRIOT act. Out of all the GOP candidates, I think he was the most deserving candidate, and he got shafted because he told the truth.

  • Did you know that the greatest period of economic growth in American history was during a time when there was absolutely no federal income tax?

  • Ive been following american politics with a keen interest and it makes me sad. Just to confront the ideas put across in some of the legislation that is currently enforced. So sad.

  • Ive been following american politics with a keen interest and it makes me sad. Just to confront the ideas put across in some of the legislation that is currently enforced. So sad.

  • ha, the crowd loved the 9/11 statement! and it didn’t even phase Ron Paul. his chance is done, but hope for rand. Stand with Rand people!

  • Putting someone in circumstances where they have to use and pay for services and them saying because they use them they cant criticize them is FUCKED UP.

  • I got some Libertarian ideas for Ron Paul. We should privatize THE POLICE. If people are too poor to pay them, than they probably had nothing worth stealing anyways!

    No one ever gave to Ron Paul, so no one should expect him to give anything back. Well, except for his public education, his SS check he collects, and those public roads he drives on.

    Americans just need to trust the magic of the free market, that everything will work out just fine. Thats why its magic!

  • Fucking faggot as hannity sucks cock hes retarded how does he not understand that fucking a around with other people for so long there eventually going to retaliate

  • If you look at all the guys in charge of the money in America they all worked for Goldman Sach at high levels, this is madness, this includes Paulson, Geithner and Kashkari – Why can’t people see how wrong this is – I just don’t get how people cannot see that this is a Banking takeover of America.

  • Poor Ron Paul, hes in a room full of children that just want to wear suits and say nothing intelligent.

  • This must be George Bush’s account

  • 01:57 Giggety

  • Get over 911! It may be personal for many people but that can’t justify going over other countries with bombers. If you kill my family member I will come after you. Glad I didn’t waste my time voting in 2012 after RP dropped out.

  • The people are our own security

  • hannity is an idiot. talking about “moral obligations”. as if the United States is supposed to be some country that governs all other countries to make sure that they are being “moral”. only a blind fool would believe that all of the wars that the US has been a part of were based on “moral obligations”.