Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth

Enjoy this all-time classic from May 2007!

  • Guilliani, a giant fool, who knows good and well about the dynamics of 9/11, and why it was caused and wants to play crowd advocate. A shill doing what he knows best. Public diversion.

  • That is an appeal to authority fallacy. Knowledge is accessible to all, regardless of pedigree. Correctness/incorrectness subsists in the content of the argument. Nothing more or less.

  • Well Ron Paul is no economics major either so I don’t know why you’re following him either, unless you’re using a double standard and you WANT to believe the bullshit he espouses. He’s a gynecologist. Seems to me you’d have to be pretty fucking stupid to get your economics from a gynecologist instead of a man with a Masters degree in Business and ran a small business for over 20 years. Yep, you’re biased. Btw, Im finishing up a four year degree this semester so I have a proper education.


  • Please get a proper education in economics before you start spitting out a load of toss.

  • How stupid can usa’s journalists be!! If that discusion was in scandinavia..everybody would understand what r. Paul ment.
    USA dont think their government is a discust for african,asian,europian nations.. Redicules!
    Ceap on ur idiotic international politic.. I would kill that fucking president of usa if i could!!
    Im not a muslim!

  • unfortunately we don’t have a Ron Paul her in Brazil

  • I can reference my dad, he has a Masters in Business from the University of Arizona. He can teach a macro-economics course, and he largely rejects the school of Austrian Economics, as well as most people in the Economics department of major Universities.

  • these guys are so ignorant, simply blind

  • Learn about money you cocksucker.

  • fuck Sean hannity

  • DAM everytime i see ron getting his point across the reporter says were out of time and cuts him off , fuk the news

  • Ron Paul 2016!

  • I strongly dislike my country.

  • ron paul is a very smart man americans should listen to what he’s saying .

  • Why should I have to travel all the way to Thailand to have sex with a child prostitute? Its time we get the Big Brother government out of our lives.

  • Ron Paul makes it seem like implementation of the gold standard would solve all of societies ills. Theres like $10 trillion in gold in this country and the GDP is $16 trillion. I gather Ron Paul wants the US to have a much smaller economy than it does now, to implement his gold standard, since as of now it would be impossible to back up every dollar with gold.
    Hey you think your dollars are toilet paper since you don’t have a commodity backing them up, send them over to me then.

  • You’re right, we don’t need this nanny state government. I can test my own food for botulism!
    I also agree with Ron Paul that its a terrible affront to liberty that restaurants have to serve black people.
    If the government would just disappear, we would all act responsibly and everyone would be able to get along.
    By the you’re a very arrogant person.

  • We still have booms and busts (have you watched the news recently?).
    It seems your history knowledge has betrayed you yet again,friend. The booms and busts under gold standard were caused by government charted banks and fractional reserve banking (also they all lasted like 1 or 2 years). The BEGINNING of the GD happened during the gold standard, true, but it happened after the FED. You know, having a gold standard doesn’t prevent central banks from printing money, it just makes it harder.

  • So then how come there were so many booms and busts when we did have the gold standard? How come the Great Depression occured under the implementation of the gold standard? It doesn’t work man, the Fed has been in place for over 100 years and we’ve had a strong economy in years despite that. Reason we got a weak economy now isn’t because of the Fed, its because of weak demand for products and services due to stagnant wages and a great wealth disparity between the poor and the rich.

  • Also, numbers of dollars is a perfect way to measure debt, because it’s paid in dollars (crazy right?). Do you have a better way?