Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth

Enjoy this all-time classic from May 2007!

  • I wonder how Hannity sleeps at night knowing he is nothing but a talking head for the murderous elite?

  • Fuck Rudy, he knew what was gonna happen before it happened. Rudy will change his tune when he fucks up and says the wrong thing and “they” throw him under the bus…..

  • 25,587 Likes 0 Dislikes!!! Absolutely incredible.

  • Ron Paul knows how it is, unfortunately most politicans don’t. We can’t police the globe.


  • jeeez, id love to shoot hannity in the face….

  • I am a soldier even I know when you kill 100,000 civilians people want to retaliate just as we wanted to when they killed a couple thousand I ares, they refuse to accept that bc they know he is right

  • He is the man.

  • If you argue with Ron Paul, you must be an idiot.

  • Ron Paul is da man.. still watching this and learning..

  • I see many comments on here by people who claim to be experts in economics who explain why Ron Paul is wrong. I’m no economics expert but I do find it interesting that Ron Paul accurately predicted the housing bubble and explained in detail why it would happen. He also predicted many other things which came true. Youtube search “Ron Paul accurately predicts the US economic meltdown 10 years ago”.

  • Another MAJORLY flawed premise. RP did not vote for higher taxes,so the debt his is fault.He isnt the czar on tax policy, if only….Taxes HAVE been going up.There is copious ways to raise taxes other than simple income. Since you obviously support Keynesian economics, I hope you’ve never & will never complain about higher prices on anything.Your food, etc. That’s YOUR purchasing power going the wrong way. Oh the stock market? It doesnt keep with the pace of healthcare or educational costs.

  • Ron Paul is the Man

  • Its Ron Paul who never voted for a single tax increase that is in part to blame for the countrys debt. I know Ron Paul’s logic on taxes “The country has too high of a debt to afford anything to help out the poor, but don’t let that get in the way of my tax cut!” or “Stocks are up. I said cut taxes! Stocks are down. I said cut taxes! I just stubbed my toe. I said cut taxes!”

  • giuliano is a deceiver deceiving americans with false sense of patriotism. giuliano is the american clown refusing to admit that american bias & racist policies were responsible for 9/11. Hooooooraaaah to Ron Paul. Blessings & Shalom,

  • Ron Paul as won My respect! Blessings & Shalom,

  • The man predicted America’s economic fall back in 2008, and look at their economy now! They’re more in debt then they have ever been. He’s right that America should go back to the gold standard, because it hasn’t failed once in around five thousand years. Printing money will just destroy the value of the American dollar more! And I’d choose to believe a man who has not been beaten once in an economics debate, over a bloke whos username is “sirscrotum”.

  • I have a Finance degree, so what….. Financial leverage can be a great tool to implement. There’s this thing called debt (financial leverage) that businesses use that they eventually pay off, or actually go broke. (risk vs reward) In the USA there were more natural rights years ago. Being born into debt isnt favorable to anybody having to pay an infinite increasing tax (inflation). The costs always go to the consumer. It only benefits the corporations not the people. Pretty simple.

  • I just asked the guy with a masters in business and can teach an economy 101 course. He said people who want to implement a gold standard generally just have no idea what they’re talking about (Ron Paul). Also the Great Depression occured under the implementation of the gold standard and the economies that dumped the gold standard the fastest were the quickest to recover from the Great Depression.

  • BINGO!

  • smaller economy? did you pass economy 101? Recheck your false premises.