Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth

Enjoy this all-time classic from May 2007!

  • I’m scared Ron, there’s so many of them

  • We need solutions… to know what we want as wel as what we don’t want.

    I would recommend anybody to watch this video fully:

    Search on g. edward griffin for more additional information. (he is not the only one talking about these subjects, but i find him the most clearest)

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul KO’s Shalom Bernanke (King Fed)

    Enjoy this priceless video — and spread it like wildfire!

    Best moment.

    Ron: Is Gold money?
    Shalom: Aah… No.
    Ron: Than why central banks hold it (gold)?
    Shalom: Aah…it (gold) is called reserves.

    LOL — If Gold is NOT money, then why should International and our Central Banks hold Gold in vaults, and not just throw it in a river…?!

  • We need to learn from our freedom fighters RON PAUL, RAND PAUL, GARY JOHNSON, ANDREW NEPOLITANO, JUSTIN AMISH.


  • I feel and understand your frustration but Canada sucks tremendous cock.

    Ask me how I know.

  • Well said.

  • kiddy jilliani, took out the big red white and blue cock out of his mouth and Ron Paul shoved it back in….

  • Liberty is fought for. It isn’t free. And we NEED to keep fighting.

    The Battle has only just begun.

  • I agree.That’s one but there are some factors that can corrupt some people and the difficulty of corrupting a person is different in each individual.

    Some would actually becomes corrupted just because the want to gain the power, some won’t.

    You and I will never know, but that doesn’t mean everyone would be. That’s why I said some.

  • Simply by being rich? No, I don’t think so. But the temptations of the power that comes with wealth.

  • Rand Paul 2016. We need an electable man, enough for OTHERS to vote for him.

  • Good idea, but naive at the same time. Some of us would eventually become corrupted as well.

  • Ron Paul 2015 Canada

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul, freed of the encumbrance of running for office, IS NOW DEVOTING HIS TIME to Educate the People (and especially the young generation that will be our Future in a few years) that the Rights of the Individual, the US Citizen, are NEVER to be transgressed upon by any Unconstitutional “Laws, Rules and Regulations” that may be enacted by ANYONE in Office!

    That Wars the White House starts without Congressional approval are not only Unconstitutional, but have bankrupted us! That our Money is funny paper printed by a Private, Never Audited, organization that is NOT part of the US Treasury Department (the only LAWFUL AGENCY ALLOWED BY THE US CONSTITUTION TO ISSUE VALID US Dollars) — the Federal Reserve Board!

    And the list of our Citizens sufferings goes on!

    Ron Paul will now have a greater impact in saving America then ever before! Expect great things from this Greatest American in the months to follow — and in the next few years — expect that HIS Liberty Movement will Finally END the Tyranny that the Centralized Federal Government has tried to impose on We, the People!

    In this latest interview (11-30-2012), Ron Paul logically dissects the problems of our nation — and gives apodictic solutions to the Intentional Mess the Criminals that have taken Control of the US Government have plunged us into!

    Must watch 10 minutes video — spread it like Wildfire!

  • robin

    OFF TOPIC: As a parent who homeschools, a relative who also homeschools brought this to my attention that this week our representatives will be voting on the UN Americans Disabilities Act once again undermining our sovereignty. Many people are trying to do away with homeschooling or try to control it. We know why. Don’t want people like Ben Swann of Reality check exposing the truth and thinking outside of the group mind. He was homeschooled. Please contact your representatives and say we already have laws in place and do not want to relinquish control to the UN.

    • Surfisher

      robin — we MUST exit the UN…and also have them kicked out of New York.

      UN is the second worst Anti-American organization…so must be ENDED, by We, the People!

      • French Canadian

        I agree Surfisher!

  • 911 was an inside job to have perpetual war on terror. Watch the interview with Aaron russo. He tells the truth.

  • Good point. Things that make you go, “hmmmmmm.”

  • I think all the Ron Paul supporters should all be the next millionaires and politicians for the future, following Paul’s ideology and making the future a better place.

  • Well the actual election was in 2008, but the primaries started in early 2007, it’s called “you decide 2008” cuz the election was going to be in 2008

  • This country took 1000 steps backward by nominating Romney over Paul. Paul is the best candidate this country has seen.