Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth

Enjoy this all-time classic from May 2007!

  • I REALLY REALLY hope you americans will be able to overcome your Police + Army. I have my doubts.
    You just have to look at the tank-like Homeland security vehicles. This gonna be really messy.
    But IF you succeed, People over here in europe will get hope and uprise, and free themselfes too.

  • i think by then life as we know it will be completely different, seriously. I think Obama is the last president, i predict we as americans will stand up real soon as we’re in our boiling point. And then from there shit will have hit the fan and all hell will brake lose, world wide “Humanity V.S The New World Order” thats what i’m labeling it.

  • too bad he will be 80 in 2016. :/
    He was the last Chance for the USA to become a great Nation again.
    Sadly Banks and the Military-industrial complex sealed the faith of the US.
    RIP you once great Nation.

  • I think by that time he might be a little too old to run.

  • It does my head in how Faux News won’t let Ron Paul answer anything… I’m sure when they asked him about standing aside while people are murdered and raped he was going to bring up: the Congo, Uganda and Rwanda but Faux News won’t let him speak because they know he is speaking the truth. I’m from the UK and I would love it if Ron Paul became president.

  • I think, Ron Paul believes that the US caused 9/11 but would not say it directly, because I doubt that would go down well in the votes and cause a huge shitstorm. But the points he was making were all pointing to the idea that yes, the US caused 9/11

    My opinion.


  • you sir are a hero to me and the rest of this nation

  • Ever notice whenever they ask Ron Paul a question it is in a form of a joke at his expense.
    Whole thing seems rigged to me.

  • Ever notice whenever they ask Ron Paul a question it is in a form of a joke at his expense.
    Whole thing seems rigged to me.

  • Here is the example. Ex. Big bully wants kids lunch money, Big bully knows better not to take first hit so he forces (allows) the kid to take first swing. Once the scrawny kid takes the first swing and about Knocks him out, the bully then retaliates in a far more aggressive fashion. The Big bully knows he did not swing first so he thinks he has his way out free. The big bully (The US) then proceeds to get his friends to curb stomp the kid and steal more than just his lunch money! BAM! 9/11!

  • Mark BossMan! I love you brother! First off thank you for your efforts and service. Second off there needs to be a broader, wider range of perspective on the attacks of the WTC’s and the Pentagon.I adore Jesse Ventura and his outlooks on 9/11 and how it was a huge cover up. I will give an example on how I think it happened.


  • sorry I meant leave them in a minefield

  • or dump them in Chernobyl

  • decapitate every one of them sons of the devil and display their heads on pikes for the rest of humanity to see…

  • True.. If the manipulating and power hungry politicians want petrodolla warfare. Let them do he fighting. Why should anybody on either side loose lifes due to the dick pulling of “the elite”… I say f*ck ’em

  • When you know better, you do better.

  • i fucking love hannity’s inquisition on paul at the end “so mr paul do you think America has no moral obligation to help out countries that are being raped pillaged gassed blah blah blah blah”..hey sean the answer is a resounding fucking NOOOO!..let these goddamned countries help themselves..nobody helps US!!..we need to stop wiping the ass of the world and worry more about making ourselves as great as we used to be!..we’re still the best but we can be better

  • ladies and gentleworms presenting ron paul the man who SHOULDVE been president!!..look what we’re stuck with instead..God help us

  • yeah right GHOULiani “lived through the 9/11 attacks” lmao..the guy happened to be the mayor at the time and maybe spent about 2 days total on the ground post attack gimme a fucking break man!.. take your bulbous headed crypt keeper looking ass and go attend somemore dress parties in drag