Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth

Enjoy this all-time classic from May 2007!

  • America, I envy you this man and his visions. Too bad that in order for them to materialize, one would need huge savings during transitional phase from one system to another. This is unlikely to happen due to all the parasites with their agendas. As usual with any simple truth, it’s both shockingly simple and counter-intuitive, but Mr. Paul knows what he’s talking about. I hope at least some of his ideas will materialize during my lifetime.

  • That sounds good… A bit vague though, where do I start lol? Are there any examples you can refer me to?

  • The man who tells the truth is always going to be the loser, unfortunately. This man was telling the whole truth the bastards were trying to make him look bad

  • forget leaders, look up history

  • Ron Paul got it right!


  • True… But after the dust settles, Ron Paul can lead us lol. I think it’s secretly what he wants, a complete shift in power. He admits to needing to see a change in the country’s philosophy regarding many matters and a revolution could bring those changes about.

  • Very true, however the whole system is rigged and Ron Paul would never be allowed to come to power because he intends to cut all the corruptness in America such as the CIA and wars in the middle-east.

  • Funny, if intelligence and common sense reigned, and we had a lot fewer sheep, every candidate presenting him/herself to us would sound very much like Ron.

  • Ron Paul isn’t running for president again. He’s retiring from Congress and won’t make another run in 2016. Face it, then man representing the libertarian movement has retired. Now you’re without a leader, much like the fragmented GOP.

  • how come you people are cutting every statement he makes down so it end up sounding fucking stupid instead of listen to mans real arguments.. so stupid.. you need people like ron.. instead of playing on peoples feelings about 9/11 for an exsample..

  • If every voter watched the debates, Ron Paul might win.

  • Thumbs up for Guilherme Ferreira Ulguim !

  • “War on Terror” is a euphemism for “Perpetual War”. It’s pushed by the powerful arms industry lobbyist so that they can make more money for themselves – the very face of the military-industrial complex.

  • Chris Wallace had his flat saggy ass handed to him on a sivler plate!

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  • hahaha
    no i think i will prefer revolution

  • I understand why Ron Paul quit congress. I think its an INCREDIBLE achievement to have been talking to people like this for so many years. They are so fucking dumb. How does Ron Paul do it? How can he take all this dumb bullshit and still keep debating with those children?

  • Guiliani has an imaginative attachment to the 9/11 ordeal given that he needs to sympathize for the city which he mayor’d and is encapsulated from the whole story to begin with… while he doesn’t realize how linear his train of thought is as he speaks from an external observer, that being Ron Paul, who basically says that those bad guys have been oppressed for quite some time and that we need to look at our own hands… I was baffled people cheer’d for Gulianni, who only speaks out of emotion..

  • dumbass on the left

  • he can still be our un-elected President as long as you keep on spreading his message. Do not give up. Keep on telling anyone that will listen. That is how we will get more and more Dr Paul supporters into government positions.