Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth

Enjoy this all-time classic from May 2007!

  • Ron Paul also wants to reduce top corporate tax from 35% to 15%, when American corporations are ALREADY abusing the system, such as GE who pay 0% American taxes. He also wants to extend the Bush tax cuts permanently, but these very same tax cuts have been proven to substantially widen the gap between the rich and the poor. Again, Ron Paul sometimes does good things, more so than the average Congressman, such as voting against the PATRIOT act, but some of this other policies are outright insane.

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  • Just silly. Not the actual newsletter.

  • Ron Paul is a great speaker, I won’t deny that. The issues he speaks about SEEM to make sense. But if you look deeper into what he actually believes as a human being, and what he actually wants to push as legislation, you’ll see that his policies are absolutely insane. Please do not vote for this man- and please demand more honestly out of him. Ron Paul has the potential to be a great politician – but he must first claim rightful responsibility for his colorful past.

  • 1984-1995: Paul claims the newsletters strictly address financial policies of his campaign. This is an outright lie: The newsletters are highly racist and anti-gay. In one paragraph, Paul calls MLK a pedophile.
    1996-2001: The controversial nature of the newsletters reaches the public eye. The campaign continues to support some aspects of the newsletters, but outright denies others.
    2001-present: Paul claims that he himself never wrote the newsletters. Only a decade ago he was claiming he did.

  • Your statements are a sign that you haven’t actually done any research into the man.


  • Personal attacks – the sign that someone is clearly backed into a corner. That’s great. First off, I don’t associate with any political party. I’m a rationally thinking human being, and both main political ideologies as well as Ron Paul’s policies are highly irrational.



  • Dude you are stupid as fuck, no he has not. He has stated time and time and time again that HE HIMSELF may not like abortion but he supports the state rights to choose. He thinks that it should not be a federally funded thing to give out abortions either. He does not dance around he answers them you just can not keep up.

  • Then pull out the fucking newsletter you fucking loser. Show some proof rather then making up your own quotes. I find it VERY hard to see Ron Paul being hateful in any way to blacks, gays or anyone. Your just a left wing propagandist.

  • there are people awake over the pond aswell man, i followed the 2012 election just to see what wud happen then u had obama against that cocksucker romney….. once they take your guns youre fucked!

  • Here’s a few other things Paul has said: “We are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men, it is hardly irrational.” “Do not allow the [AIDS] patient to eat in a restaurant.” “Is it any coincidence that the AIDS epidemic developed after they came “out of the closet,” & started hyper-promiscuous sodomy?” All this was said in the newsletters and it has been proven time and time again that he did in fact write these very statements.

  • Taking them out of context? How, exactly? Paul did not say “Alright guys, here’s a joke: abortion is a barbaric procedure.” No. He outright believes it. And Ron Paul doesn’t want this issue to be decided by the states: He himself has put forth the Sanctity of Life Act four times, which clearly defines life beginning at conception at the FEDERAL level. Paul has also clearly made racist, homophobic comments but has yet to address them besides dancing around the newsletters issue during debates.

  • Because I am not ignoring those facts, you are just simply taking them out of context and making false assumptions.

    HE himself may be against abortions but he is for states rights to choose to legalize abortion or not. And most states would do so. When he says social pressures, he means that it is better that we keep each other in line through all wanting to be good people in general rather then have a government do it for us. And he is talking about the inner city government formed crime.

  • damn if he became president are country would so much better off

  • Paul has firmly stated he is pro-life. He believes abortion to be a “barbaric procedure.” He stated in his 1984 newsletters that a “gay lobby” suppressed the truth about AIDS. “Homosexuals, not to speak of the rest of society, were far better off when social pressure forced them to hide their activities,” says Paul. Paul also speaks of the supposed “criminal tendencies” of blacks in these same newsletters. How can you choose to ignore these facts?

  • How can people be so fucking brainwashed… if iraq imposed sanctions on the USA and bombed their country they would raze every building in there they would’ve killed millions of civilians in retaliation, and somehow the deaths of over 100,000 muslims by American hands is no excuse or reason for 9/11!?
    For fucks sake, you have to be one beligerant motherfucker to think the American bombings and attacks from Vietnam to Iraq were anything in any way excuseable or explaineable.

  • Ron Paul does support a women’s right to choose you fool. The department of education is a complete failure and can be replaced with a much more effective school system. Federal student loans make college as expensive as it is. Corporate regulation is how monopolies are formed. He supports non government funded stem cell research. He is not anti gay. He supports the defense of any religion. He believes the internet should be free from government control.

  • Ron Paul believes women should not have a choice on abortion, wants to eliminate the Dept. of Education, wants to eliminate federal student loans, wants to eliminate corporate regulation, opposes stem-cell research, is anti-gay, opposes the separation of church and state, and supports corporate control of the internet. This man is insane- but how pathetic is it that he was the least insane of all presidential candidates of 2008?

  • fat commentator is a douchefuck, ‘you would eliminate the Dept of homeland sec. in the middle of a war?’ YES YOU STUPID FUCK IT HASNT STOPPED THE WAR ON TERROR, besides when are we NOT in the the middle of a war???

  • Giuliani was using demagoguery, thats how he got idiots in the room to clap.