Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth

Enjoy this all-time classic from May 2007!

  • this country will wake up when they see russian, chinese, and british troops walking down mainstreet demanding guns. heres some pointers people they wont kick this off yet so get prepared. start running atleast 5 miles a day. learn woodland survival. become an expert with a bow or crossbow as well as throwing knives. go camping a week at a time but take nothing but a 4inch pocketknife. become a survivor and practice with mansized targets. prepare for this, its coming.

  • No ones ever gonna wake the fuck up. Not till every freedom we have is stripped and by then. It’ll be too late

  • For far too long has people been sheep. So many years wasted from the potential of this great country. The main problem has never been the people. It is always those who ruled or administered nations. Always. SPREAD THE IDEAS OF LIBERTY AND EQUALITY ON THE INTERNET?!!!

  • Dr. Paul destroyed Hannity.

  • wow 1180 disliked this video..what does that tell you

  • Is Giuliani stupid or what? What kind of question was that? If I go and bomb some other country, what they gonna do? Thats tough one…perhaps they will not fucking like me. Imagine that!
    Anyway its even worst since 911 was false flag.

  • I often cry watching these Ron Paul vids. A man of principle swimming against the current and tide of the mainstream his whole life. Courageously speaking the truth where truth is treason. Inspiring and influencing intellect, thought, logic, reason, freedom, peace, and prosperity. Though he didn’t become our President he was heard. By the people. The spirit of freedom and the founding fathers lives through this man and he has bravely carried and spread this spirit to a new generation.


  • I’m surprised Sean Hannity dresses in a suit, since it would be much more appropriate for him to dress in a loincloth.

  • I have to respectfully disagree. Our increasing debt and dying dollar are the greatest threats to our national security as Americans.

    Obama knows how to keep this system running on its dying leg, whereas Paul wants address it realistically. Only time will tell if the safety you feel from Obama was just a temporary sense of false security.

    In all honesty, I would rather you be correct. But after years of research, I believe entirely in Ron Paul’s message and will prepare accordingly.

  • Stop exaggerating. Why are you even scared? If you’re scared of being attacked, it’s your government’s fault. That fear is what Ron Paul would have taken away.

  • I’m jealous of anyone who’s got a chance to see Ron Paul. He is the celebrity that I look up to that I wish to meet. If only I could shake his hand.

  • i’m on your side, ¬†reason why Giuliani was overrated on his few word was because he’s just another puppet of the iraq war and media propaganda, Ron’s Bluntness might’ve not hit the mark at the time of this debate but is a matter of time people will begin to get the Point.

  • “even though Obama is the most right-leaning “liberal” president we’ve seen in ages. ”

    I wish that were true.

  • Yeah, please present the ACTUAL newsletter.

  • I think I would feel less safe with Paul as president than Obama, even though Obama is the most right-leaning “liberal” president we’ve seen in ages.

  • Our true president!!!!

  • Our true president!!!!

  • I love this guy!!!!

  • I love this guy!!!!

  • Paul is dumber than a rock.