Ron Paul: Why I Didn’t Run as an Independent


Interviewer: Ron Paul is packing up his Washington condo this week, preparing to sell it and move back to Texas for good. Paul is retiring from Congress, and last week he gave a farewell address from the House floor, repeating the small-government sermon he first shouted in obscurity, and then injected into the national debate. With his time in Washington DC coming to a close, I sat down with Paul for a kind of ‘exit interview’.

Question: You’ve been here on-and-off since 1976, what would you say the three most damaging special interests are in Washington?

Ron Paul: You know, I see so many, and they’re all the same.

Interviewer: I know, but you much have some that really bother you.

Ron Paul: I think the military-industrial complex is very bad.

Interviewer: That was No.1.

Ron Paul: I don’t know if they should be in order.

Interviewer: Okay, don’t give them in order.

Ron Paul: Another one would be the banking system: how the Federal Reserve works and how it helps big banks. The interest that I would like to see, and that I worked on, was to try to get those people who just want their freedom to take care of themselves, and that’s the one that’s the least influential. Up here, it’s the people who want stuff and who get the benefits by just lobbying for those things that they want.

Interviewer: Another thing you mentioned in your farewell speech is your belief that we need to build coalitions, not necessarily reach compromises. And I wonder if you think your beliefs could be a 51% coalition in your lifetime, or in what timeframe?

Ron Paul: I think if I talk to a crowd of people, no matter which crowd, and say, “Do you believe in the free enterprise system, that people should be able to work and have their earning?” they say, “Yea, I believe that”. And if I asked, “Do you believe that your privacy should be protected, that the government shouldn’t be in your bedroom, that they shouldn’t be spying on you?” people would agree. And, most of the time when I asked, “Do you think we should be the policeman of the world?” they say, “No”. But when it comes to the particulars, they don’t stick with it, and they say, “Yes, but go too far, you want too much freedom”.

Interviewer: Well, this is another thing you touched on in that speech, you said this idea of liberty is popular, has been popular, so why doesn’t it win. It’s kind of a question that you didn’t fully answer in that speech, why do you think it doesn’t win?

Ron Paul: Not a lot of people talk about it, and I did try to explain it in the speech, in that, the concern about freedom was lost because freedom creates so much prosperity, that people get complacent. Then they become materialistic, and all they can deal with is redistribution and they find that with the government, you can make more money by getting a contract from the government than by being a genius and being productive. You know, when I first came here in 1976, I think I was under the impression that if you talk about welfare, you’re talking about those people who won’t work and get food stamps. But I have a very different opinion now. That exists, and it’s not healthy, but that’s minor compared to the food stamps the wealthy get. The wealthy get the contracts and the special deals, and that’s where I think the biggest trouble is.

Interviewer: That’s a way of speaking that most Republicans don’t usually engage in. Your son, the senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, said recently that the Republican Party is in danger of becoming a dinosaur.

Ron Paul: Yea, but I think the whole government and the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are all dinosaurs.

Interviewer: What’s the future of the Republican Party, though?

Ron Paul: Well, the same as the Democratic Party. The principles are dinosaurs. The parties are going to linger because they’re locked in by law. You know, we’re not allowed to compete, the laws are biased against us from competing. And if you go third-party, you can’t get in the debates and you can’t get on ballots.

Interviewer: You talk about the grip of that two-party system, did you seriously consider running as an independent for President in 2012?

Ron Paul: No.

Interviewer: You didn’t consider it because it’s not practical?

Ron Paul: Not practical, absolutely not practical. Because this would have been a good year to have an alternative, and you can’t get much of a showing either on the Libertarian side or the Green side.

Interviewer: So then, how do we get out of this system, what do us see as the answer to this, or do we just keep bumping along with the way things are? You can’t believe that, that would make you too sad.

Ron Paul: No, you go to the campuses, you rally the young people, and you stir up a whole generation of people. Ideas do have consequences, and that’s where the good news is, because the campuses are alive and well with these views and they know the system is bankrupt. And there is this illusion that you can spend endlessly and print endlessly, and there will always be credit out there. And so far so good, but credit can end quickly, the dollar can crash quickly, and a new system will have to be developed.

Interviewer: One last thing, where do you pride yourself?

Ron Paul: Nothing in particular, other than the fact that the people say, “One thing we can say about you is that you are very consistent”, and they say this in a very nice way.

Interviewer: And you’ve changed the discussion in this country, you must be proud of that.

Ron Paul: Yea, that would be nice, time will tell. But what I always get a charge out of is when they’re so nice and they say, “This is good, you’re very consistent”, they must say to themselves, “But I’m always inconsistent”, and that’s wonderful. And they run the show, I never ran anything, I was just bubbling along here when it came to legislation. So the people who, in a way, admit they’re inconsistent, get to run the Legislative System.

Interviewer: Thank you so much for your time, we really appreciate it.

Ron Paul: You’re welcome.


  • Ron Paul, my biggest role model in life.

  • What a guy.

  • funny/sad thought I’ve been thinking today. if thomas jefferson was alive today, he’d be indefinitely detained and waterboarded.

  • God bless Ron Paul! For liberty

  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul was right not to go Independant. What would be the point in this corrupted election system? Just a waste of time , energy and money. The system has to be fixed first for third parties to get a chance to win. As usual, Ron Paul shows us his wisdom.

  • You fail to grasp the difference(s): under communism the State directly owns the “means of production” and promotes its totalitarian ideology as well (official atheism, for example), while under fascism the State is a tool not of a gang of Marxist ideologues but of corporations, hence the term “corporatism”. Fascist states also suppress religion, but they do it under various guises.
    Both are police states and both try to run all aspects of peoples’ lives, but they are not identical.

  • no even close.

  • Thank you, Congressman Paul! You have inspired a whole new generation and God willing, liberty will rise above.

  • Thank you, Congressman Paul! You have inspired a whole new generation and God willing, liberty will rise above.

  • When did he say that? You dont understand the point, which I’m sure is par for the course for you. Dr.Paul’s point is, despite his best efforts to spread the messages of individual liberty and limited government, our country has continued moving down the road to our destruction. Over the last 30 years, Ron Paul has been demanding we hit the brakes, but ultimately, he could not change our course. If thats what you mean by “failure”, then I suppose youre right. But that is certainly not his fault.

  • Surfisher

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  • Thankyou, Dr Paul for your service!

  • Republicans are the real dinosaurs and in danger of becoming obsolete. I don’t think they can ever win another presidential election to be honest. Their only hope is to let the libertarian wing gain more power. As soon the libertarian wing kicks the neo-cons out of power BAM!! Overnight the GOP will pick up the entire anti-war vote, the pro-civil liberties vote and at least half the youth vote. 3 large demographics that right now support democrats by huge margins.

  • I used to be a Neocon.

    I have two words for Ron Paul: I’m sorry.

    I’m sorry for doubting you because of your anti-war stance.

    You’re 100% right about blowback and I’m sorry I didn’t realize that in 2008.

    To Ron Paul supporters: don’t give up on converting your fellow citizens.

    Be respectful, but show them the light. Many of them will come around if you give them a chance.

    Don’t give up on Rand, either. He will help you guys connect to conservatives. Trust me.

    Let’s do this, for liberty.

  • A true patriot and visionary… wish he would have run as an independant though… he should be in the White House right now.

  • I applaud your talents and the things you’ve accomplished with them. Now let’s go to work again and use them on accomplishing more before our star fades and we all end up back in the dirt. Although, that dirt is fertile soil for future generations to bloom from and is only the pits for a certain amount of time.

  • Ron Paul is so genuine it’s difficult to believe he’s been in politics for as long as he has.

  • See—–G Edward Griffin Creature From Jekyll Island A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

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    Jews are about 2% of the U.S. population, yet they have an extremely disproportionate amount of power in the media. And banking. And political lobbying.

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  • Jews want to control the internet the way they control other forms of media.

    Jews are about 2% of the U.S. population, yet they have an extremely disproportionate amount of power in the media. And banking. And political lobbying.

    Even some Jews — including Ben Stein (Hollywood actor / producer) and Joel Stein (LA Times columnist) — have admitted that Jews control most media.

    Many people believe that Jews are very ethnocentric, and then hypocritically use the media to condemn “racism”.