Ron Paul: Liberty’s Last Stand

On November 14 Ron Paul gave one of the most powerful speeches mankind has ever heard. In just 48 minutes, Ron Paul condensed down his thirty plus years of fighting tyranny into this incredibly important and profound warning that if we don’t turn things around, we are in deep, deep trouble and are going to repeat history.

Alex Jones and his team took the time to illustrate and document some of the facts presented in Ron Paul’s speech. The impressive result is this outstanding video:

  • Ron Paul is John Adams reincarnated.


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  • What I liked about Reagan was his message and his essence. But through actions he did do wrongs and mistakes. But I guess you could say the same about Obama, people like his because his speaks good and preaches a message many people like. But like every president (Besides a few, ex. JFK) they just become puppets of the bankers.

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  • is this true did we really lose congress and are we really losing all our rights?

  • We don’t rise Alone, We rise as One.

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  • Alot of the troops need to wake up aswell, i noticed alot of the troops out there support the war they wan’t it to go on they want to be puppets and being brainwashed, but when you loose a leg or arm and get home you wont support it no more will ya please wake up those people never did you anything this is another humanbeing telling you “Hey i dont like them please go fight for my riches” and you blinded say “Sure Mr Bush anything to make you rich i’ll risk my life for you here i go.” Peace..

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