Ron Paul: Liberty’s Last Stand

On November 14 Ron Paul gave one of the most powerful speeches mankind has ever heard. In just 48 minutes, Ron Paul condensed down his thirty plus years of fighting tyranny into this incredibly important and profound warning that if we don’t turn things around, we are in deep, deep trouble and are going to repeat history.

Alex Jones and his team took the time to illustrate and document some of the facts presented in Ron Paul’s speech. The impressive result is this outstanding video:

  • Netanyahu’s meeting with Obama on 3.5.12
    Was SPECIFICALLY referring to Irans PERCEPTION
    of the U.S. and Israel.
    Netanyahu was NOT proclaiming Israel or the US as satan.

  • InfoWars had the right idea with this video, but they missed out on some golden opportunities to elaborate on a few kew points. They should have provided more articles/documentation and less suggestive images/videos. It was pretty, but lacked the greatness it could have been and Alex Jones so vehemently promised in the beginning. To hear him lavish this production with praises you’d think they laced the video with gold. Instead they just put a nice bow on it.


  • and he wrote his own speech.

  • Its Ron Paul’s Opus for Liberty

  • Long live Dr. Ron Paul.

  • I’m not a religious person, so I don’t agree with most of what Alex Jones says. But he knows what he is talking about when he is talking about Ron Paul.

  • Ron Paul should be the president , Obama is a fucking retarded socialist with his head up his own ass.

  • inform everyone about this!


  • look it up ….. Netanyahu to Obama – “You are the Great Satan and we are the little Satan”!
    and this……… Israel Satans War Against God Obama Serving Satan

  • Yes, unfortunately. What a bad move.

  • RON PAUL 2008 CHANGE YOUR NAME TO rON pAUL 2013-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Jones is a retarded psychopath, its sad that Ron Paul even accepts his invites to his show, its discredits Paul.

  • Common sense and logic is missing in this country. I can honestly say that in 2007, Ron paul changed my entire way of thinkng…about everything.

    I proudly voted for him in 2008.
    May the R3VOLUTION Continue…

  • Alex Jones when you address the nation you should wear an American flag pin on your suit jacket.

  • Alex is a true Texan, he should wear a Bolo Tie lol plus its easier.

  • Agreed. but the fact that most don’t desire to learn why america is so bad is sad. I loved it when he said “america needs an intellectual awakening”

  • Answer: Dept. of Education (UNESCO) and Bernays-designed TV.

  • We don’t need ‘most people’. Most people are not involved in politics or decision-making. Just a small percent is needed.

  • It’s a pity most people will never understand Ron Paul’s message