Ron Paul: Liberty’s Last Stand

On November 14 Ron Paul gave one of the most powerful speeches mankind has ever heard. In just 48 minutes, Ron Paul condensed down his thirty plus years of fighting tyranny into this incredibly important and profound warning that if we don’t turn things around, we are in deep, deep trouble and are going to repeat history.

Alex Jones and his team took the time to illustrate and document some of the facts presented in Ron Paul’s speech. The impressive result is this outstanding video:

  • we are all #RonPaul now

  • Ron Paul is a Legend!!!


  • Why would you call yourself a Libertarian, then take the time to bash the best of them & even worse try to make a case for MORE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS? (Which BTW none of the people you mentioned would EVER DO)! It is because men like these were not given a forum for years, or have not been listened too by those Americans who do not know the history of tyranny, that nothing has changed. If citizens cannot understand what is going on they must STUDY, not condemn the very men who speak the truth!

  • why can we say whatever the hell we want? because truth is on OUR side.

  • we can say whatever the fuck we want.

  • That is odd in our society. Violence is wrong unless its the government. Stealing is wrong unless its the government. Debt is wrong unless its the government. And so on. Paul said it well that we project the government having a moral basis so we use the government to justify our faults that an individual couldnt justify. The mob mentality at its peak.

  • Ohh Praise Jesus! Ohhhhhhh Praise Jesus! Jesus died on the cross for you and me so we could get out of here and be in heaven with he. “Everyone now” Ohh Praise Jesus! Ohhhhhhh Praise Jesus!

  • Alex Jones might mean well but his rhetoric is SO BAD that anyone who isn’t a Libertarian is not going to listen to what he has to say. This, unfortunately goes for many Libertarians including Jesse Ventura and Andrew Napolitano.

    If WE LIBERTARIANS want people to listen to us we CAN’T SAY thing like this because it is not based in reality: Private Global government, “they” use us for corruption and oppression, We are ruled by organized crime, New world order, We are under a unelected global gov

  • Who else speaks with this much detail and truth? He explains his reasoning unlike corporate media that deceives you by ignoring the real issues. The truth may sound bad but even when it is bad you are not supposed to ignore it.

  • Wow, 114 view. that’s viral! On this side of youtube.

  • “Democracy is the road to socialism”. -Karl Marx

    It is a hideous witches brew which starts off with a mixture of Capitalism & Socialism (like we have now) but not long after drinking at the fountain of “instant gratification”, one wakes up with; no property, a progressive income tax, austerity & if he/she complains about these, Gulag (NDAA)! Like a frog in the slowly heated pot: Politically Incorrect=Conspiracy Theorist=Insane/Violent=A Threat to Society (to the Regime)=Terrorist! STOP IT NOW!

  • Alex Jones is full of shit! Don’t believe me? Go to my channel and you’ll find out how you can talk to me directly. We need to take this asshole down.

  • Alex I want to say I will address this to this video in from of my class while I am doing a summary of an article about young people preferring bigger government. I am going to explain why they are wrong. Good thing you released he video now. It gave me some ideas.

  • Democracies always self-destruct when a non-productive majority realizes it can vote itself handouts from the productive minority by electing the candidate promising the most benefits. To maintain their power, these candidates must adopt an ever-increasing tax and spend policy to satisfy the ever-increasing desires of the majority. As taxes increase, incentive to produce decreases & many of the once productive drop out, joining the non-productive. Then, upon collapse of the system, DICTATORSHIP.

  • Your a good example of the negative traits of a dysfunctional society. If you can’t grow a brain, kill yourself we need less stupid people in this day and age.

  • “Your children will live under communism.”-Khrushchev

    “On the contrary”, Secretary Benson replied, “My grandchildren will live in freedom as I hope that all people will”.

    Khrushchev retorted:”You Americans are so gullible. No you wont accept Communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up & find that you already have Communism. We wont have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

  • then go away bro. go back to your commie slave state

  • give me liberty or give me death…

  • dude Israel must take a hard line against you Muslims or they will kill every last Jew just like what Mohammad did in Medina where he killed 750 men and sold the woman and children into slavery.

  • Fuck Alex Jones and anyone dumb enough to believe his bullshit.