Ron Paul: Liberty’s Last Stand

On November 14 Ron Paul gave one of the most powerful speeches mankind has ever heard. In just 48 minutes, Ron Paul condensed down his thirty plus years of fighting tyranny into this incredibly important and profound warning that if we don’t turn things around, we are in deep, deep trouble and are going to repeat history.

Alex Jones and his team took the time to illustrate and document some of the facts presented in Ron Paul’s speech. The impressive result is this outstanding video:

  • He is a prophet!!!

  • Ron Paul is a true Patriot. He reminds of the late Senator Byrd of WV. Great men and supporters of the Constitution. Ron Paul should be King!

  • As much as I love Ron Paul, I hate to see a guy like Alex Jones speak of him. Alex Jones has been proven a shitload of times of spreading false facts and rumors. Heres one I even remember, earlier this year AJ said Immortal Technique was going on a tour to support Ron Paul. I googled it a week later and found nothing but people questioning what AJ said. Fucking embarresing for Ron Paul supporters.

  • no one really cares about ethnics it is about money and total control , and if i do that with a jew an arab a kazach an asian or what ever , who cares theres is enough to share , we the useless eaters the 95% of this planet are the ones who are a problem to them and that´s why i would cover myself ,thats a mix of different people high enough and mighty enough

  • but the worst of all the nzi doctors they where all taken over to the US and found a new live in america , with their studies they where pure gold nuggets , the ordinary man had to die ofr face another horror destiny but the highest ranks where boought to amerika , i wont waste my time on names , off course i know that the USA is the 4th reich , i have studied patriot act i ii the NDAA and section 1031 i very well know whats going on , thise ethnic thing is just a gatekeeper


  • 6 mill jews got killed during the war,15 mill germ. where slaughtered after the war.
    do you know hemingway (today he would be considered as a psychopath) he wrote about the pleasure he felt killing civilians,everything it was a hell of a hunting fun,15 mill. compared to 6 mill and the war was over,the railways to the conc. camps could have been bombarded easily but nothing like that happened the death machinery worked until the last min with the help of very mighty americans ,

  • this details you do not hear , you do not hear that a german king in bulgaria protected the jews and all other “inferior” races , the thank was kill em all ,my grandma told me when the germans where there everything was in order and correct no rapping no criminality , when the russians came, stinky dirty without discipline, they had 5 watches on every arm and fucked every female who could not climb up on a tree in 4 sec.

  • you know i hate nazi´s my grandpa was general to the marine airfoce , he refused to go into exile , Zar Boris offered all his officers o go with him . my granpa stood in bulgaria and after 4 yeas ( thats the time they need for a new elite ) the door bell rang and finis,
    the bulgarians did not left even one jew over to the nazis / SS that is a fact , no one out of bulgaria was chased and hunted , we protected our jews , gipsies and everyone else who was on the death list .

  • i see two fronts here the seek the truther and the truth seeker , every time nice , we should make up a ” truth seeker & seek the truth Bar ” i would place a boxing ring in the center . i guess there will be no boring nights

  • the reseach unit for climate change was hacked ( 2008 i think so it may be 2009 too , i am not s sure ) but what i am sure about are the things i have read and the simple fact that co2 causes no warming it is the opposite , further the planet had a cool down of 1 degree celsius in the last 13 years, where is your warming , here in germany we have snow for the first time in many years , i mean clean white snow and the summer was more like an autumn

  • you may be right , since i saw what his son did and how he reacted to that i lost my trust in ron paul ,

  • I need to stop watching this! They are tracking all of US! lucking the blackberry still secured.

  • For a man who rides a bicycle to stay fit and helped expose Bush Sr. as the head of CIA, at the same time leader of the drug lord (25 y.a) and the only man had the balls to go against the Federal Reserve/Central banking in this 21st century is in fact a NWO employee or employer?

    I think i had lost most of my brain cells.

  • The truth is in the facts, and the fact is apparent in everyday life, even us as individuals we have this urge too have more and make more, this stigma affects us on individual levels yet it’s the same thing happening on a larger scale now and since the beginning of human, it should be no suprise, we are facing our addiction, our demon, our test to overcome. This is a complicated issue and the only solution is unity and for you and me to wake the fuck up and for humanity too get organize

  • Ron Paul inspires me due to what he stands firmly for, and it is our time too carry the torch… together, we owe it to ourselves and our children. This man faced so many contradicting factors and still stands strong! Because he knows truth and understands what is worth fighting for.

  • Brainwashed???? I already know the guys you are talking about are bought and paid for tools. Am I brainwashed because I don’t believe all the crap Alex Jones talks about the NWO boogeyman and the bilderburgers? I don’t understand what you are talking about!

  • Yeah and you support dickheads like George NWO Soros.

    so fuck you!

  • Because global warming if nothing but a fraud.

  • Because global warming if nothing but a fraud.

  • Ok watch this video /watch?v=y9o2eGm5TCs Its a critique of Ron Paul from a Tea Party supporter, tell me what you think. Global warming is a fraud??? Whats the scientific consensus on that Sir??? Big Oil, the Koch brothers are the biggest spreaders of anti-climate change disinfo, to keep their profits running. Anti Cap and trade conspiracies, etc. ‘Right to Work’ laws do what? You sure about that?