Ron Paul: Liberty’s Last Stand

On November 14 Ron Paul gave one of the most powerful speeches mankind has ever heard. In just 48 minutes, Ron Paul condensed down his thirty plus years of fighting tyranny into this incredibly important and profound warning that if we don’t turn things around, we are in deep, deep trouble and are going to repeat history.

Alex Jones and his team took the time to illustrate and document some of the facts presented in Ron Paul’s speech. The impressive result is this outstanding video:

  • Learn Political Psychology. It depends on how many people know it at the same time. You could get the masses worshiping the moon if enough people started to believe it. It depends on how it is sold. Ron Paul is more effective without being president because it is evangelism.


  • I should have donated to The Venus Project.

  • With all do respect, fuck Ron Paul. He knew he was going to lose from day one but he kept spreading false hope. He made us all look like idiots I actually believed we could make a difference and he knew damn well it wouldnt. I know the media, Liberals, and the GOP fucked him over but he knew that way before he ran. He let that fucktard Benton run his campaign, he had 30mill but I didnt see one ad in my state, he didnt attack Romney like he should have, Rand will not get the nomination in 2016.

  • Ron Paul true America senator

  • needs back round music

  • the critical analysis is run by the government. They want to convince us that global warming is coming so that we will go into their fema tent and they willl shut the door and we will be stuck in there. I know you are the government trying to make me remove my hat so you can see my important thoughts.

  • Stop the presses: Alex Jones actually makes a video worth watching. Ron Paul is proven right once more.

  • Instead of using your head in an argument you resort to calling names. Unfortunately a sign of ignorance. I think you should remove your tinfoil hat and take a critical analysis course.

  • Rand Paul voted for the Indefinite Detention of American Citizens without trial as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013! It is time to recall him right now!: ipetitions . com/petition/recall-rand-paulr­ecallrandpaul

  • Reagan was a horrible President.

  • Reagan was a horrible President.

  • woww yeah because he said that, dont listen to this guy. he lied about a guy going to support ron paul, wanna sue him guize?

  • I dont think discrimination against women (in the specific areas we’re talking about) should ever be legalized unless I get proof that their lives, in general, will be improved by it.

    My comments were really to point out one of the primary reasons why libertarians are not more accepted by Americans. I mean, its ridiculous that a party could support discrimination against people and also be supported by the very people they think discrimination should be legalized against.

  • who is john galt?

  • Discrimination laws in employment apply to companies of a certain size or more. So its legal for smaller businesses, such as those that are family owned, to discriminate. As far as I understand, the cases concerning men being denied waiter jobs because they’re men were all settled out of court. Hooters would probably have lost if they didnt settle.

    The way I see it is that legal discrimination against women in hiring and certain other areas is bad for the country. So we should not legalize it!

  • But I would also say that, at the present, I wouldn’t support a movement in that direction. There are many systemic issues facing non-white communities. Uprooting the fundamental racism in the system itself should have priority.

  • I’d argue many people believe that, they just don’t want to admit it, until specific scenarios are addressed. Would you want me, a white male, working as a waiter at Hooter’s? Is it coincidence some Mexican restaurants are 100% Latino staffed?

    The way I see it, as long as public goods & services are equally available, #MOST# in the private sector should be able to operate as they wish. Transparency should be required, so we can say “Hey, they discriminate, and we won’t support their business.”

  • Perhaps the person who left the noxious comment did so do discredit Libertarians? They are called Agent Provocatuers. David Icke and Jesse Ventura, to a point, put people off of Libertarians by talking the truth about the banks and then talking about ‘shape shifting lizards’ or ‘no 9/11 bombers weren’t prosecuted’. We need to run a tighter ship and avoid overstatements. Freedom is a great message but tyrants can promise you something they have taken off of others by force. We can’t – although you get to keep your tax! A 35% payrise should be an easy sell…

  • fuck you alex jones, stupid zionist faggot. And take off your tin foil hats and go outsides you dumb alex jones fans

  • He is a prophet!!!