Ron Paul: Liberty’s Last Stand

On November 14 Ron Paul gave one of the most powerful speeches mankind has ever heard. In just 48 minutes, Ron Paul condensed down his thirty plus years of fighting tyranny into this incredibly important and profound warning that if we don’t turn things around, we are in deep, deep trouble and are going to repeat history.

Alex Jones and his team took the time to illustrate and document some of the facts presented in Ron Paul’s speech. The impressive result is this outstanding video:

  • dude calm down government is the reflection of the people. focus on education bro the fight has only begun 🙂

  • well what do u mean? i agree with ron paul when he says washington is the reflection of our country… dude we need to focus on educating people about the truth, you know what I mean?


  • glad to know you guys are here. stay connected! my understanding is that ron paul simply didnt want his supporters to become violent and i dont think he was really gonna win by the end.

  • Yeah well I suppose its partly my fault for being naive and having false expectations about the world. Oh well, all nations rise and fall maybe its just our turn, hopefully we are not brought back to the dark ages hopefully something greater will emerge from the ashes. The system may not even need to be overthrown it may very well overthrow itself and when that happens we need to be ready to provide an alternative. These globalists arent immortal, perhaps Paul knows something we dont.

  • No sir. We`re all in the same boat.

  • The only thing that makes me laugh (sadly) is that Americans believed for a second they EVEN HAD A CHOICE. Under a monetary system, and while the banks still stand, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A CHOICE. The choice of two: Bank Approved Candidate A or Bank Approved Candidate B, is not a choice at all. Tear it down.

  • Am I the only one who feels betrayed?

  • I didn`t mean anything bad. I was just sayin`.

  • Mitt Romney took contributions from overseas which is a FEDERAL OFFENSE, Ron Paul didnt say shit…why?! Ron Paul is controlled opposition and hes a fucking Freemason smh.

  • Actually I dont watch tv wtf are you talking about?! Im just pissed I volunteered and donated more then I could afford and Benton goes and buys a Mansion with OUR FUCKING MONEY! Ron Paul is completely incompetent sure he was fucked over but it didnt have to go down the way it did he refused to take his gloves of and as a result America is fucked. That $30million could have went to better use. The system is broken we cant vote these fuckers out, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson were just playing a role.

  • If he runs again EVERYONE WILL NOT ROB PAUL hopefully when Obama is out everyone will be awakened

  • It is important to keep in mind Ron Paul is supported and has received donations by the Koch bothers.

  • What do you mean anti-occupation?

  • Absolute shame that Obama gets awarded his prize just by saying something people like even though he never delivered on much of what he says and certainly has shot us far away from a world of peace and cohesion.

    On the other hand Ron Paul anti-war as a candidate entirely, ant-war on drugs, anti-occupation. Calls for government transparency and protections of civilian liberties both foreign and domestic.

    What does he get? A bunch of ignorant idiots calling him a racist religious nut.

  • Obama kept his job but it`s not over yet.

  • False hope? You watch a lot of TV don`t you?

  • this man is a part of the origin of the true america ,the american people should really listen to him or fascism is just around the corner.

  • Surfisher

    Barack Hussein Obama is our president…?

    How low has our Nation sunk to have someone, that can’t even put two words together without a teleprompter, usurp the White House residency?!

    This clown is not fit to run the night-shift at a 7-11 store….

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  • this video is being censored on some accounts

  • Did you even read my comment? I said thats one random example from this year concerning Ron Paul. I could give you countless other examples that wouldnt even fit into a youtube comment. You fail so hard, get on my level nigga.