Ron Paul: No More Covert Wars and Coups in Foreign Lands!

by Ron Paul

Earlier this month we learned that the Obama Administration is significantly expanding the number of covert Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) agents overseas. From just a few hundred DIA agents overseas today, the administration intends to eventually deploy some 1,600 covert agents. The nature of their work will also shift, away from intelligence collection and more toward covert actions. This move signals a major change in how the administration intends to conduct military and paramilitary operations overseas. Unfortunately it is not a shift toward peace, but rather to an even more deadly and disturbing phase in the “war on terror.”

Surely attacks on foreign countries will increase as a result of this move, but more and more the strikes will take place under cover of darkness and outside the knowledge of Congress or the American people. The move also represents a further blurring of the lines between the military and intelligence services, with the CIA becoming more like a secret military unto itself. This is a very troubling development.

In 2010, I said in a speech that there had been a CIA coup in this country. The CIA runs the military, the drone program, and they are in drug trafficking. The CIA is a secretive government all on its own. With this new expanded Defense Intelligence Agency presence overseas it will be even worse. Because the DIA is operationally under control of the Pentagon, direct Congressional oversight of the program will be more difficult. Perhaps this is as intended. The CIA will be training the DIA in its facilities to conduct operations overseas. Much of this will include developing targeting data for the president’s expanding drone warfare program.

Already the president has demonstrated his preference for ever more drone attacks overseas. In Pakistan, for example, President Obama has in his first four years authorized six times more drone strikes than under all eight years of the Bush Administration. Nearly three thousand individuals have been killed by these drones, many of those non-combatants.

President Obama said recently of Israel’s strikes against the Palestinians in Gaza, “No country on Earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.” This announcement by the administration amounts to precisely that: the US intends to rain down ever more missiles on citizens overseas. I believe what the president says about Israel is true everywhere, so what about those overseas who live in fear of our raining missiles? How will they feel about the United States? Is it not possible that we may be inviting more blowback by expanding the covert war overseas? Does that make us safer?

An exhaustive study earlier this year by Stanford and New YorkUniversity law schools found that US drone strikes on Pakistan are “damaging and counterproductive,” potentially creating more terrorists than they kill. Its recommendations of a radical re-appraisal of the program obviously fell on deaf ears in the administration.

Thousands of new DIA spies are to be hired and placed undercover alongside their CIA counterparts to help foment ever more covert wars and coups in foreign lands. Congress is silent. Where will it all end?


  • Everyone please just ignore ju88ff hes just a troll to ron paul.

    Beside I like ron paul, hes the new George Washington in America. I know he lost
    2012 campaign race. No need to worry he still has liberty. RON PAUL 2013

  • Gary Kimes

    It is always interesting to me how many folks look to the ignorance of others when it comes to the issue of covert wars. Folks. Please. What is the meaning of covert? It is not just someone else that is kept ignorant, the other guy, it is all of us IRRESPECTIVE of what side of the political polarization you are on! Until we see what Ron tried hard to show us, that both sides are covertly funded and the goal of the elite is to kill indiscriminately … they could really care less who they are killing and what side has the preferred moral boundary. The reason? The elite are amoral. They want for nothing, fear is outside of them as they have the levers to the currency system.
    So given this as the starting point think about how sickening it is that we let these folks – through their CD puppets – pump up the fear in us to give them what in essence is world sovereignty.
    War in years past was something that was fought over moral distinctions. Today?
    Today not only do we not own such distinctions anymore, we have handed off the government to people it is obvious have been bought and paid for by the fiat elite money to do the bidding of those who could care less about life or death and right or wrong.
    Freedom of conscience was what gave this country a freedom that lasted longer than any other freedom in history. But freedom of conscience has become freedom FROM a conscience and thus there is none of us that should as much as throw a stone until we can collectively see that freedom is not a right, it is a result and earn it back.

  • Bulldog jim

    Can we just throw dc and all the vile corrupt politicians and bureaucrats out of the union and start over? Pretty sure old George would be ashamed to have his name associated with this rats nest.

  • i like these recent ron paul updates- hes letting it all out now. It takes a lot of bravery to have this sort of honest criticism

  • Gordon McElvany

    Sadly, most Americans haven’t a clue, nor do they care about our (foreign policy?). Just let us keep our STUFF. And if that requires killing others, than so be it.

  • People like you are the reason this country is run by morons. Gary Johnson is irrelevant to my statement.

  • the world dont care? Im not american and I will listen to Ron Paul any time he speaks. So he lost and aint president, thats ok, that dont surprise me with how fucked up news and everything is there. He speaks of truth and how to attain peace which millions of people do actually want. bunch of scum.. your a discrace

  • You are right, we didnt have a chance because and listen to this its because the people at the top have people like you by the balls. They only want you to hear what they want. The media is in on it. So yea what chance does America have when we are controlled. So keep sleeping and may that dose their drug keep you feeling good to put down a true American that only wants the best for you. Those other guys dont give a fuck about you.

  • may Ron Paul’s words be heard and adhered to by those in the halls of true power.

  • I have been watching history channel Story of Mankind and have realized wars empire building greed it all has never changed since the beginning of time you have a few brave souls that speak out against it but the majority of humans are idiots always have been always will be. For those in the know the best thing is to try and get out of the system , no debt live simple don’t join the MIC let idiots drown

  • True it is just a money making idea I can see no other reason for this war!

  • True it is just a money making idea I can see no other reason for this war!

  • True and no good will come out of this war!

  • True and no good will come out of this war!

  • Very true! It is very sad America is going the same way as the UK

  • Very true! It is very sad America is going the same way as the UK

  • The world doesn’t care what you people think! You’re all just a bunch of crazy scum that were never amount to anything! Obama is president again like I said he would be. Greatest president EVER!!!

  • Well guys, another four years of more taxes and less freedom! Yeeaaay!

  • Thanks again Dr. Ron Paul for this reminder and message.

  • You a great man Ron Paul. from Canada