Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We recently stumbled upon this heartwarming Ron Paul family video from 2007 and thought we’d share it with everybody. Enjoy!


  • You’re a loon.

  • Merry christmas president Paul!

  • Because I’ll remember him, and you’ll remember him. The chain of events that are fixing to transpire are going to change everything. besides, what is more important than remembering Ron Paul is remembering what he represents. Ron Paul is a great person but its his beliefs and opinions that make him so. just as it was with our for fathers. If things continue to transpire the way they are going, people will be forced to wake up. It might be to late to do anything now but change is coming.

  • Okay. Tell me why.

  • I think your wrong about that

  • It’s a Christmas elf!

  • The moment when you realize that Ron Paul will never be remembered by history.
    30 years from now, nobody will remember him except his family.
    What should have been a household name will not be mentioned in a single school textbook.

    Obama will be there.

  • Merry XMas Dr Paul, all the best to you and your family.

  • we certainly need him to!

  • we certainly need him to!

  • The Day of Reckoning is nigh. The Reconstitutionalists vs. The Tyrants.

  • Surfisher

    *”Averting” the Fiscal Cliff — Or, patching the Titanic with bubble gum!*

    Rightly the Democrooks and Republicons knew that Nothing will change while the sheeple can still stuff themselves galore with Bic Macs and Fried Chicken… so, more taxation and no spending cuts will work AGAIN.

    But the moment the sheeple begin to starve, will be the instant all hell breaks loose… and sadly, the Criminals in DC — the non-producing leeches called Politicians — are blindly (or purposefully) working to this End!

    Mark my words — in a year or two, you’ll be fighting your neighbor for a loaf of bread…so sad, that you’ve allowed the Politicians to do that to US.

  • Happy Retirement from Congress Dr. Paul!! Happy New Year. The worst is behind you!

  • Dr Ron Paul, I wish there were a way for me to help you in saveing this country! Its in exstream danger right now!