Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We recently stumbled upon this heartwarming Ron Paul family video from 2007 and thought we’d share it with everybody. Enjoy!


  • Merry Christmas to you and your family, as well, Doc.

  • If Ron Paul doesn’t end up in the Election of 2016, I wouldn’t go out and vote for any other democrat or republican like last time.

  • right. Ron Paul is tottaly a sell out. that is why he won. wait no he didn’t. he got cheated. media manulated. you know all the stuff you get when you sell out. go climb in the trolls nest you f!!kwit

  • what a f!!king troll.

  • thats coz catholics are a religion, and other targets better

  • you too marry christmas

  • supports Iran Sanctions, thinks republican party is amazing and used aid to blackmail egypt into freeing american citizens engaged in illegal political campaign work

  • wow what a big family . you know. Ron Paul you have inspired me to get into polotics and fix Australia. fix the mess here. or at least try my hardest 😀

  • Ron…wish you were still with us

  • Same to you Dr. Paul… the only worthy man to be president to get cheated out of his job.

  • It wasn’t founded but it become one, majority rules. That’s just a simple fact.

  • rON PAUL: i’ve always loved you, but after your son endorsed Mitt romney for President, I’m disappointed on how you went out like that…..

  • What else would you expect from a politician backed by a Rockefeller funded organization (The John Birch Society)?

    Ron will have a very merry christmas. He probably celebrates this pagan holiday with delight, considering he is a pawn of the Vatican.

    Ron Paul constantly promotes catholics like Tom Woods and Dilorenzo who teach a twisted version of history which favors the Catholic CHurch.

    Remember when the Pope called for a One World Order?

    And Ron Paul has so much respect for him.

  • I just wanted to say Ron, you need to go climb back under the Rockefeller you climbed out from.

    We are on to you and the level of deception you are at. We feel VERY betrayed. And we are VERY VERY ANGRY!

    You quit Feb, 22, 2012. You didn’t run to win. You decided not to attack ROmney because he “threatened” you with a negative ad campaign.

    What the hell do you think Obama would have done had you won the nomination? Run sweet ads?

    Rockefeller funded the JBS. Vatican controlled

  • At the end there, they’re not looking at pictures of family or anything, they’re looking at the pictures of the piles of left over campaign donations they get to pocket,, you know, that 2012 campaign he threw so as the get his son a favor in the system.

  • It wasn’t a Christian Republic.

    This country was founded by Masons, who believed in a “Creator”.

    Don’t pull that nonsense, and get everyone started on the Evangelical wackery…..

  • AAHH! Wonderful! Looking back at a time when there was still a possibility that a hero could be elected President.

  • Merry Christmas and thanks for all that you do, Dr. Paul.

  • A Man that makes me proud to be American.

  • notice he said MERRY CHRISTMAS instead of happy holidays?Ron Paul SHOULD HAVE been elected PRESIDENT-I sincerely believe he was the LAST good politician in Washington.THE ONLY MAN WHO SPOKE TRUTH!!!