Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We recently stumbled upon this heartwarming Ron Paul family video from 2007 and thought we’d share it with everybody. Enjoy!


  • I love him.

  • French Canadian

    Everybody should listen to this incredible interview done with Stewart Rhodes today.

    The interview starts at: 1:14:59

    Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (12-19-12) Stewart Rhodes

  • watch his speaches on youtube for free jackass

  • Merry Christmas, you fuckin’ jackass!

  • The party begins at midnight, as the Armageddon starts on Friday! LOL

  • You’re nuts.

  • He is still the best.

  • >2008
    You wish the economy was as good as it was back then.

  • Why do you charge $50,000 to speak to a crowd of people? Sellout.

  • 2008 lol hahaha

  • 2008 lol hahaha

  • i’m politically offended, xD

  • Wendy

    Somehow, we must find that spirit of optimism for this New Year. It begins and ends with Love! The love we have for ourselves, each other and the liberty that allows us to show it, live it, and teach it. Dr. Paul you are forever my hero, and I might add, the true gentle wizard, Gandolf!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    …and I do get your updates.

  • Because your party says so?

  • Not everyone celebrates Christmas, he knows this, so he is wishing EVERYBODY a happy holidays, not just addressing Christians.

  • The Pauls are such a wonderfully wealthy family. Not in a necessarily materialistic sense, but in a sense of whole-heartedness and beauty. I hope I one day raise a family with that many smiling young faces.
    Thank you, Dr. Paul. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  • we will fight also for you Freedom, dear disturbed friend.

  • You are a groveling slave. And you hate freedom. Hence, you dislike Ron Paul.

  • He’s my President, not that murderous, lying scumbag in DC. Al the best to you Dr. Paul, a hero to all true Americans.

  • Christopher Milliser

    Ron Paul thank you for standing firm on civil liberty and the constitution. Merry Christmas Ron Paul. A Happy New Year as well.