323 responses to “Ron Paul: Seeking Total Security Leads to a Totalitarian Society”

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  2. Chad Thornton

    police are the only ones dumb enough to shoot into a croud of people

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  3. talkasec

    I wrote in Ron Paul.

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  4. Scooter

    Even lefties, whom love organizations such as
    “united nations” organization on drugs and crime
    publish these figure for homicide rates for all the countries of the world.


    The USA is so far down LOW, on the list, that statically speaking, the lanza gun killings simply are not a factor. Your chances of be shark attacked before becoming are victim of an AR-15 at the hands of s crazed lanza type, are considerably larger. Obama know this (the left keeps telling us he is a genius).

    Another lefty ideal: Every rich left winger, has a private swimming pool.
    Oops. Reality check, a swimming pool is approximately 100 times, more likely to take the life of a family member, than having a gun in the home. 100X.

    Lets do one of Albert Einstein’s favorite pastimes. He love thought experiments.
    Lets snap our fingers, and evaporate every “military looking” weapon , in private ownership in the USA.

    What will happen next… just days after that happens. if one just thinks a bit on the subject.

    1) The left whom had told you, that it was ok, to keep your old revolver six shooter, as legally owned, will now want that also. Come on lefties.. This game of gun-grab-by-gov has been going on so many years, that even an 18 year old now days can figure that out.

    2) Crime will rise. and Homicides will rise. What, how can that be? That’s because, this is an uncivil society. This is not 1800 when it was civil. It’s that AR-15 possibly being in a home, that keeps humans, that are of a n evil nature, from busting in. The lady with a 38 revolver (an equalizer device) shows how real that formula works. Than man that broke into that house expected an unarmed woman.

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  5. hazdude222

    What, like policemen who hit NINE bystanders while trying to shoot a criminal? They get more gun training than 99% of gun owners. Imagine if everyone who was walking by at the time owned a gun and decided to be a hero and take a shot at the criminal, there would be complete carnage.

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