Ron Paul’s New Year’s Message to Congress: Follow the Constitution

by Ron Paul

As I prepare to retire from Congress I’d like to suggest a few New Year’s resolutions for my colleagues to consider. For the sake of liberty, peace and prosperity I certainly hope more members of Congress consider the strict libertarian-constitutional approach to government in 2013.

In just a few days, Congress will solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They should read Article 1 Section 8 and the Bill of Rights before taking such a serious oath. Most legislation violates key provisions of the Constitution in very basic ways, and if members can’t bring themselves to say “no” in the face of pressure from the special interests, they have broken trust with their constituents and violated their oath. Congress does not exist to serve the special interests. It exists to protect the rule of law.

I also urge my colleagues to end unconstitutional wars overseas. Stop the drone strikes. Stop the covert activities and the meddling in the internal affairs of other nations. Strive to observe good faith and justice towards all nations, as George Washington admonished. We are only making more enemies, wasting lives and bankrupting ourselves with the neoconservative interventionist mindset that endorses preemptive war that now dominates both parties.

All foreign aid should end, which is blatantly unconstitutional. While it may be a relatively small part of our federal budget, for many countries it is a large part of theirs and it creates perverse incentives for both our friends and enemies. There is no way members of Congress can know or understand the political, economic, legal and social realities in the many nations to which they send taxpayers’ dollars.

Congress needs to stop accumulating more debt. U.S. debt monetized by the Federal Reserve is the true threat to our national security. Revisiting the parameters of Article 1 Section 8 would be a good start.

Congress should resolve to respect personal liberty and free markets. Learn more about the free market and how it regulates commerce and produces greater prosperity ever than any legislation or regulation.

Understand that economic freedom is freedom. Resolve not to get in the way of voluntary contracts between consenting adults. Stop bailing out failed yet politically connected companies and industries. Stop forcing people to engage in commerce when they don’t want to, and stop prohibiting them from buying and selling when they want to. Stop trying to legislate your ideas of fairness. Protect property rights. Protect the individual. That is enough.

There are many more resolutions I would like to see my colleagues in Congress adopt, but respect for the Constitution and the oath of office should be at the core of every single member’s of Congress due in 2013.


  • Thank you Dr. Paul! We will miss you in Congress but we know you will still be there for us.

  • Fuck all the scumbags like Nancy Pelosi, Timothy Geithner, and many others who have contributed to bad government in the first place. Just look up their background and you’ll see that they pretty much have no business working in government in the first place especially with the kinds of majors they decided to study in. A fucking B.A. in “Government and Asian Studies” for Christ’s sake! Good luck Ron Paul and keep fighting the douchebags who want to spit all over the Constitution for themselves.

  • i wish you would not retire however you gotta do what you gotta do. THANK YOU so much for standing for me and all Americans. MUCH LOVE!!!!!

  • The Congress of United States does follow the constitution of Israel.
    Just ask AIPAC

    • French Canadian


      I don’t think so. Israel have armed guards schools.

  • He needs to retire from this madness, his son will take over.

  • Ron should not retire. Right now we need him way more than ever.

  • From South Central Los Angeles
    Thank You Dr. Ron Paul even liberal districts there are libertarians who support you and your ideas of free markets and personal responsibility.


  • Could there be a PAUL /KUCINICH BID FOR PRESIDENT in 2016? Would make a awesome third party run.

  • We are still behind RON PAUL.

  • ╰⊰✿*•..Serve America.. and NOT Israel or the PRIVATE bankers.. Peace☆*• and Love♥*• for the World✿*•.. Ameen..•*✿╮

  • Ron Paul is THE MOST HONEST PERSON IN AMERICA! We need your voice Ron weather you are president or not. You speak for a nation!!!

  • Ron Paul is THE MOST HONEST PERSON IN AMERICA! We need your voice Ron weather you are president or not. You speak for a nation!!!

  • It is a deep shame that there are not more individuals within the Legislative, Executive and Judicable branches of my federal government who are like my Representative Dr. Ron Paul. I shall indeed miss him within my federal government . The path for the rest is I see as paws for the special interest groups and not for the people they are supposed to represent like Dr. Paul has done over the past 30 or so years.

  • Thank you, Ron Paul for your wisdom and courage.

  • Dr. Ron Paul is the man! It’s a shame the main stream media made him out to be a kook. He has the answers and now he’s retiring. I am afraid he was our last hope to save the nation. I hope not, only time will tell. Thank you Dr. Paul.

  • thanks Dr. Paul. your words and work is very well appreciated and honored. we are very lucky to have someone like you fighting for our rights

  • Thank You Dr. Paul for all you have done !! We will keep the Liberty movement Alive ! Enjoy your retirement and Happy New Year ! God bless you and your family and thank you again.

  • Restore Glass-Steagall Pass HR 1489 now!!!

  • Thanks Dr. Paul.