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On May 13, 2011, Ron Paul announced that he is running for President!

The announcement resulted in a media storm of unprecedented proportions.

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  1. Brent

    What Ron needs to do if he wants to run is mollify some of the biggest objections to his being President. One such complaint-a favorite of the left is his age. We know leftists can be bigots-we already see they want to reduce medical care and give a pill to a person based on age alone (no mitigating good health factors considered). I have seen people grow old at age 40 while noting articulate people in their 90’s. Who better than a doctor to determine his fitness for President? Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney both had more risk than Ron as while they were younger, they suffered serious heart issues.
    I suggest that if Ron wants to run, he should emphasize to the country that he is still in good health. If he is capable, he should be known by the media to be jogging, exercising or doing whatever fitness suits his condition-to the best of his ability. I know many older people can still function very well on into very late years. One inspiration of mine has been singer Gordon Lightfoot who had a blood vessel rupture and went into a six-week coma and a tracheotomy at age 64, came out of it and finished an album and is touring even today.
    The world desperately needs the wisdom of older Americans that are of sound mind.

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  2. Martin

    Hi support Ron PAUL from Sweden, love this guy. Bring us and you peace, REAL PEACE. You are a legend indeed.


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  3. Matthew Taylor

    I have always agreed with Ron Paul. That is a remarkably difficult statement to make about anyone.

    If the American media weren’t being funded by the very people it should be investigating; Ron Paul would get a chance to have a debate with the presidential candidates and would surely sweep the American public off their feet.

    I myself am Canadian but I know the importance of the USA’s role in the world. It’s current direction is nothing short of totalitarianism and complete disregard for the people and the constitution.

    Please run for president in 2012. Stop at nothing to get the time and respect you deserve from the media. Let no person in a position of power deny your rights. Not only as an American, But as a human. And any human with the will to save the world, also has the power.

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  4. Luke

    Ive always considered myself conservative, ive always watched Foxnews because they were identified as conservative. But they seem to stack so many people on there, that just seem wrong, Rove, Huckabee, Hannity etc..etc.. Ive heard of Ron Paul before, but never listened to him, never really had the chance. But ive spent the last 2 days, watching him on youtube. This man is truly brilliant, not Obama tseudo brilliant, nothing but a professor. But seriously brilliant. From more than just a booksmart standpoint, but from a common sense and do the right thing standpoint. How can we allow these ”Republicans” to stone wall him? We cannot allow them to shut him out. Get him on stage with Obama and its over. I just dont see how the country could deny his worthyness. Elect Ron Paul 2012.

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  5. MrDrawingguy

    Someone please get this to Obama before he starts WW3!!
    “I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas. ” – Ron Paul 2012!!!

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  6. m

    I would like to say thank you for being a proud republican, and standing up for what being a republican truly means.

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      The Republican Party was corrupted since Dishonest Abe came into office. He lied about the Confederacy’s motivations for secession, he suspended the writ of habeas corpus etc.

      Now, “Republicans” are taking Lincoln’s tyrannical lead. That is why I support the Libertarian Party, they are doing what true Republicans, like you, are doing.

      Thanks, TRUE Republican!

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      1. Erik Tangen

        The republican party at the time of Lincoln was the more progressive party similar to todays democrats and the democrats at the time were the party of white supremacy and wanted to maintain slavery. The south was mostly in support of democrats up until the the 50’s and 60’s when they began to pass civil rights legislation.

        Although today both parties are just so self-righteous and egotistical they refuse to look at things from a logical standpoint. We cant afford to feed and house all of the poor (democrats) and we cant run a modern nation based on the old testament of the bible (republicans)

        I also like to think of myself as more of a libertarian :)

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  7. Sam Yang

    Finally, an honest politician.

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      Before Ron Paul, I didn’t even know that was possible… in the United States. I am honest here!

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    Dear Dr. Paul,
    I am a big of you, Ron Paul. I have a Ron Paul wallpaper even! So I hope that you, Ron Paul, will run but not under the Republicans but the Libertarians. For I am a Libertarian Party member and your ideas fit with my party!

    Not only do you need to be president, but a national hero with his own holiday. Now, on every April 2 it shall be Ron Paul Day. I hope that my holiday will take the Ron Paul world by storm.


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  9. Ed M

    Run, Ron, run!

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  10. Ben

    Here are some Ron Paul Wallpaper’s I made. Enjoy!


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      Thanks, I am using one of your wallpapers. I need to change my wallpapers more often.

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    2. MrDrawingguy

      Hey brother, those are really nice!

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  11. Jase Stefanski

    Please Run and do everything you can to convince Mike Huckabee to be your running mate. You two will win and be the best chance we have to get this country back on track.

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  12. Dar

    I have an idea that might have a tiny influence on Paul’s decision to run. I think it would making running more fun for him and for us. It might make it more effective.

    In the last campaign we were giddy and exuberant, we found ideas we liked and we found comrades.

    However, in my mind, there was a rudeness that emerged. Why not an extreme courtesy to all individuals? Why not smiles? Why not a song rather than a chant? (A song like some in Les Miz would get some hearts pumping.)

    We can start today. As one wears a Ron Paul shirt (and it is the season to start if one is not), he can let his natural cheerfulness and helpfulness emerge. If you are handicapped with crankiness, then accept encouragement to smiling.

    If we are a blessing to those around us, people will give Paulian ideas a second look.


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  13. Jacob

    I’ve never had a substantial trust of any candidate or president in the past, I’m only 19 but Dr. Paul’s views on personal liberty and a complete overhaul of the current monetary system in place in the United States fascinates me. A non-interventionist foreign policy, limited Federal involvement, a welfare state restructure and an end to the drug war through legalization have become virtues I’m proud to stand by. I’ve always had a rather dreary outlook in regards to American politics, largely because nearly every candidate has succumb to corruption and has been “more of the same”, while at the same time claiming to be so dissimilar.

    That being said, I feel Ron Paul is the most brilliant man to ever grace Congress and I would give nearly anything to see him run again in 2012; the power of the internet and the youth vote is more influential than ever, most notably the uprising in Egypt, which I pray turns out as peaceful as possible. If you’re reading this Mr. Paul, a thousand times over please fulfill your duty as the protector of liberty and as a true American patriot by running once more in 2012. As a side note, I would highly recommend one of Dr. Paul’s books, “The Revolution: A Manifesto”, I’m currently into my second reading of it at the moment; my choice was to either study for my psychology exam tomorrow morning or to read one of his works, needless to say I’m probably going to fail.

    Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano 2012!

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  14. matt

    “Dr. Ron Paul” will be on my ballot in 2012. If the mainstream media won’t cover him, WE will. Because of the internet we are able to find the truth and stop being fed the garbage that they think we want or need to know…. besides I’m sure that a few smart “internet marketers” could reach more people than cnn and fox combined.

    Spread the word that we WILL have liberty in 2012!!!

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  15. Thomas Hellauer

    Ron, if you are reading this somehow please understand that you are quite possibly our last hope before everything goes to hell. You are an inspiration and a breath of fresh air from the politicians of today. We need you!

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    1. Aaron Ferguson

      If Paul doesnt save us it will be up to us american citicens to take back what was ours!

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  16. Michael Angelo

    I am only 17 and a half, however I’m turning 18 in June, and Im graduating from high school. In 2012, ill be 19 and be able to vote. and I will vote my first time for Ron Paul for 2012. Not only are paul’s policies great, but he believes in minimized government regulations and giving the freedom we the people deserve in the first place. It is time AMERICA to vote someone in who is TRUE to the people of this country, Ron, if you see this please make a run for the elections in 2012, you are our last hope.

    Sincerely with all my respect,

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  17. RedFlag D. Dragon

    What does Ron Paul say about Hundreds of Pyramids all over the world. Aliens, Area 51, JFK assassination, Lincoln Assassination, Spirits, Knights Templars, The Freemason, Extradimensional Beings, The last launch of space program, Nibiru, Rothschild, The New World Order.

    I want to know the thoughts of Ron Paul about these issues because this is the only way to know if he is a puppet or not.

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      NWO is bulls***. There is no secret plot and there is only a few people who actually want a NWO.

      Ron Paul, if there a NWO that will destroy us all, is to anti-conformist to be a puppet. He protests the MSM, eduction system and pretty much everything conformist.

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  18. Britton George

    Mr. Paul,
    I’m writing to say that I will vote for you if you run in 2012. When I voted in ’08 I was going to vote for you but wasn’t entirely sure so I voted for Chuck Baldwin instead as a write-in vote. Rest assured now that I know who you are and what you stand for you that I will be voting for you to claim the White House in 2012. This country needs fresh thinking and perspective and you sir are the man for the job. I support the removal of the DHS, TSA, Federal Reserve, IRS, FEMA, and the Department of Education. Those programs/departments in my mind are what is killing this country and is a waste of tax payer money. I would love nothing more to see you smash all those and return the country to its rightful meaning of For the People and By the People. I thank you for your time and good luck in everything you do. God Speed :)

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  19. Arden Brooks

    Mr. Paul,

    You are the last hope and candidate left in America, for America, by America, from America. If you do not run – there will be no America.

    Please. For all of us Americans.

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  20. David Cappella

    I’m a 20 year old college student studying economics and political science. Ron Paul takes America’s founding Lockean principles as the key basis for his political framework: the individual’s freedom (conscious purpose) above all else. Add to this his sound Austrian school economic policies and his wise non-interventionalist foreign policy (a foreign policy which makes a lot more sense in an increasingly multi-polar world with no single country or several countries having a monopoly on power).

    In a word, if Paul was elected he would help lead the U.S. into the 21st century and allow it to reclaim its proper role politically, economically, and internationally. That’s why I would vote for him in an instant if I ever got the chance.

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  21. Dennis Midgett

    I can only hope and pray that Ron Paul runs and wins. This is called “TOUGH LOVE” for America. The leaders of this country so badly need a paradigm shift that I truly believe in my heart that America’s best days (sorry) are behind her and it’s too late to be turned around. That’s just my opinion I could be wrong. I pray I am.

    Dennis Midgett
    Harlingen, Texas

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  22. SayNo2NWO

    I’m a socialy liberal fiscal conservative but MOSTLY just a concerned American….Dr. Paul… win or loose… YOU ARE MY PRESIDENT!!!!

    I’d like every one if they don’t do this already… to be checking google for news related to Dr. Paul…. commment on the stories, especially the HATE peices…and lets discuss liberty there so that the ignorant may be enlightened!

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  23. Andrew Wiseley


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  24. Jose Zapater

    This man will run, win, and people around the world will cry of joy and happiness, you can start to invest in anything made in the USA like classic cars, franchises, Harleys etc… let’s role again dudes.

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  25. Tim McGinnis

    I voted for Ron Paul in the last election and would do the same again! I wrote in his name on the ballot, knowing it would be a “wasted vote” but the least I could do to show the Gov. that I would vote for someone that wasn’t even in the running, rather than the poor choice of candidates I had.

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  26. Terry Curtis

    OK I finally get it! The truth hurts. Its time to deal with it all. I wish I would have believed you, but now I get it.

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  27. Priscilla Bolen

    Finally someone we need in the white house!!!! Please run for President!!

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  28. Lisa Browning

    Ron Paul, we need you, you would be without a doubt be the best president that we have ever had!! You are honest, strait forward, and a genius. You have insight that others don’t have, and don’t care to posses. America needs you, the world needs you!!!!! Please run.. I am going to vounteer my time to campaign for you. I will write you in if you don’t run, because I WILL NOT vote for anyone else…

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  29. Paul Browning

    I really want ron paul to run, I think he would without doubt WIN !!!! that is if the polls are not rigged like fox news! If he loves this country, people, and constitution like i know he does, then he should run. The people and country really need you ron paul our liberties and lives are at stake here! I will write you in myself if you dont run. GOD BLESS YOU RON PAUL!!!!!! please run.

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  30. Ron

    I won’t be voting unless Ron Paul runs. Ron Paul 2012!

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  31. Mark Winters

    I have firmly decided to vote for NO OTHER CANDIDATE than Dr. Paul in 2012… regardless of whether or not he runs, or makes it to the general. I’ll write him in if I have to.

    In 2007-08 I was a neo-con. I supported the war and interventionist policies. I thought this way out of ignorance and tradition. The economic crisis made me question everything and opened my mind. Now, I am a Libertarian. I was so wrong about Dr. Paul. He is our last and only hope in my -now thoroughly studied- opinion.

    Please run, Dr. Paul… I’m sorry that we need you, it will be a huge sacrifice for you and your family, and potentially dangerous to you, but, we need you!

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  32. Kyle Creager

    Please run for president Mr. Paul! I have been waiting for 20 years to be able to vote for a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT. The disgusting fact is, that I, and most people like me have had to vote for the lesser of two evils for quite some time. I didn’t even vote in the last election of 2008 because the choices were horrible. I couldn’t bring myself to spend a vote for someone who didn’t have the best interest of OUR people and OUR country in mind. I’m tired of the same old, same old. The time for spending our country into oblivion while the people struggle to get by has to end. WE should be enjoying the fruits of our labor, not the Washington fat cats and bankers.

    Our laws, economy, and governing in general, have been twisted and perverted far beyond the provisions of the constitution that our founding fathers laid out for our great country. Our founding fathers had some of the most brilliant minds in history. They were NOT wrong!
    Please restore OUR people and OUR country to the glory that our founding fathers intended!

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  33. Philip B Kirschner

    To Whom It May Concern;
    The government released a nasty little inflation rate surprise yesterday. Prices increased .4% in January, which was 33.3% higher than the expected .3% increase. It should come as no surprise to anyone who fills up at a gas station or shops in a grocery store that prices are on a tear. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report said, “Increases in indexes for energy commodities and for food accounted for over two thirds of the all items increase. The indexes for gasoline and fuel oil both increased in January, continuing their recent strong upward trend. The index for food at home posted its largest increase in over two years with all six major grocery store food group indexes rising,
    According to the latest report from economist John Williams at Shadowstats.com, consumer prices in January rose to 9.1% annually if inflation was computed the way BLS did it in 1980. ( Shadowstats.com methodology strips all accounting gimmicks out of the equation.) Consumer prices (CPI) are not the only thing rising. According to Shadowstats.com, producer prices (PPI) are also staging steep increases. Williams says, “The monthly PPI finished goods increase reflected the Fed’s dollar-debasement-induced upside pressures on gasoline prices, although subdued reporting of food inflation continued to run counter to anecdotal evidence of Fed-induced spikes there. The 0.5% “core” PPI inflation rate for January (up from an unrevised 0.2% in December) also was an upside surprise for the markets, as the effects of higher oil prices spread into broader areas of economic activity.”
    To offset the bad news on inflation, retail sales gains reported this week seem to show consumers are still keeping the economy going. Here’s the way it was reported at Marketwatch.com, “Sales at U.S. retail stores rose in January for the seventh straight month, but the increase was the lowest since last summer, government data showed Tuesday. . . .Retailers’ sales rose 0.3% last month as consumers spent more on gasoline, autos and online goods, the Commerce Department reported. It was the smallest increase since last July, however.” As many people in the alternative media have been warning, this is the government’s distorted way of reporting inflation as growth. In reality, there was no increase in sales at all last month. Inflation in prices of .4% more than cancels out .3% sales growth. This is clearly a setback for the economy and not a step forward.
    It’s apparent the your membership tends to paint a much rosier picture than reality. And, if your members don’t like a topic, even if it is tremendously newsworthy and true, they simply ignore it. How else could a story not get coverage, where everything sold in America went up in price by nearly 2% since Christmas! Do you think this information came from some crazy website in the blogosphere? No way! It came from the “Billion Prices Project” (BPP) at MIT Sloan School of Management, and it is totally legitimate science. According to the MIT website, “ data is collected every day from online retailers using a software that scans the underlying code in public webpages and stores the relevant price information in a database. The resulting dataset contains daily prices on the full array of products sold by these retailers. . . . It is updated on a daily basis and leveraged to estimate annual and monthly inflation. This index is not designed to forecast official inflation announcements, but to provide real-time information on major inflation trends.”
    Phil Davis from Philstockworld.com wrote his own story about the parabolic short term spike in prices that the BPP revealed. Davis said in a post this week, “Yet the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America tells us over and over and over again that it is not happening. He tells us that inflation was down in 2010 from 2.4% in 2009 to 1.2% last year and that he sees no inflation. In fact, he is basing his mathematical models on it and directing our nation’s policies on this basis and he is conducting the most dangerous monetary experiment in the history of the Universe – ALL BASED ON HIS PREMISE THAT INFLATION DOES NOT EXIST!
    We all know here in the real world that inflation is alive and well. The sad thing is until the Fed stops its money printing, prices of just about everything we consume will increase. Inflation is guaranteed to hurt the people worst who can afford it the least. Yet, Ron Paul one of the only politicians with the experience and desire to change are thrown by the wayside. Is your membership really independent of the government, or does your membership report the truth without editorial bias by your owners and government. It’s Fox from the right or MSNBC from the left. Those of you who are in charge of the message are wondering why you are losing viewers? Because, we don’t believe you anymore, and that is why the administration and congress wants to give the president the power of a kill switch for the internet.
    Philip B Kirschner
    Disabled American who is scared..

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  34. Hebert Moran

    I don’t believe in voting. Heck, I don’t even believe in democracy. But I’d be more than willing to suck it up and vote for this man if ever got the shot (it’d be my first time voting, I just turned 18). Ron Paul isn’t the greatest libertarian mind out there, but he certainly is one of the most resilient. This man has been through a lot of ridicule to get to where he’s at, and he’s still one of the humblest most sincere speakers I’ve ever heard.
    Ron Paul has both balls and a spine. Indeed, it’s quite the achievement that such a character has been able to survive D.C’s tempting perks. Ron Paul has been in office longer than most Fox news anchors have been alive! If he wanted to, he could have become an exploiting texas neo-con by now. But he didn’t! Ron Paul is an Iron Horse of principle – he’s as consistent as it will ever get in the breed we call “Politicians”. Ron Paul is true all the way through; or at least much, much more true than any other politician in D.C.
    I won’t lie to you, I still don’t think Ron Paul alone is gonna be able to “save” this country from the potential ugly future ahead, but I’m willing to give him a shot. No doubt about it

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  35. lyn gonzales

    please run for president!!!!!! you seem to be one of the only political men/woman that know what america needs and deserves!!! we the people deserve to have our rights preserved your the only candidate that has their s*it together!!! we are the people for the people i think if we as a country come together and get the right man in the right posotion all the bs would stop and we might acually get our s*it toegther!!! we cant will all the present and most of the past presidents!!!out with the federal goverment in with the people for the people !!!!please run we need a real man to run the country and stop all the poverty,genicide,and lack of the goverment caring for the oepole after all we pay for everything why shouldnt we be free!!!

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