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On May 13, 2011, Ron Paul announced that he is running for President!

The announcement resulted in a media storm of unprecedented proportions.

  • Nate Dray

    Dear Dr. Paul,
    Please seek the Presidency of the USA in 2012. There is an unprecedented level of disorder and gridlock at the Federal level. A sincere peaceful revolution and housecleaning is long overdue. We don’t expect miracles. Just realistic and sincere efforts to save the USA from complete economic and social ruin.


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  • Jeremy

    Dr. Paul,

    I really hope you run for President. You are needed very badly, when our towns have to take full family’s in one house hold because of inflation. I am doing everything i possible can to ensure you get your votes, as of millions of other true americans. I know i could live with out a government at all. But others are not ready for a life without leadership. Thats why you are the best choice for President make things right on our homeland!

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  • John

    Congressman Paul,

    I voted for you in the Republican primary in 2008 and I will gladly vote for you again. I was appalled at the way the party treated you and I want to thank you for never abandoning your core principles in order to get elected. You’re the kind of leader this country needs. Thank you so much for your service to this country throughout your life.

    An Okie

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  • Brett Istre


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  • Luis

    I do hope he becomes the next president.

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  • Dar

    One of the biggest obstacles that Ron Paul has in winning the nomination is the common assumption among Republicans that military spending cannot be cut.

    That assumption is meeting a challenge.

    Ret. Army Col. Douglas Macgregor has written two new articles in Foreign Policy that outline a serious case for noninterventionism and radical restructuring of the US military to accommodate a huge reduction in military spending. There is a serious and positive response.

    This is very exciting. Ron Paul ideas are taking hold very quickly.

    Now, there is much that we might not agree about what Macgregor is proposing; he is specific in some areas and that opens him up for criticism. That is OK, we can hammer out details. The important thing is the shift in thinking that even allows a discussion of Macgregor’s ideas.

    Let’s continue the push for Ron Paul 2012.

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  • James Kang

    If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination for 2012, I give up on humanity.

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    • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

      In one sense (philosophical), humanity is certainly not worth betting on. Most people are dumber than a box of hammers, (and about as concerned with their own life or death). But there are a lot of smart people who are not involved with politics right now, because they would prefer to remain “off the radar”.

      They are our primary hope of expanding individual freedom, if the Ron Paul revolution remains hide-bound and “plugged in” to the losing paradigm of “all faith in one politician’s unlikely election” rather than “all confidence in a well-planned and diverse (but coordinated) set of simultaneous actions”.

      Most people will spend their whole lives unquestioningly working for the federal reserve, and the propagandists they employ in congress. Your politicians all serve the DEA (and other prohibitionists) and the Federal Reserve. Of those two, the politicians act as though neither is negotiable, but when the slaves really get mad at their abject shitty enslavement, the Federal Reserve will give the word, and the racist, tyrannical drug war will gradually be repealed, allowing a false sense of accomplishment to the freedom movement, and its libertine allies.

      But the Federal Reserve system’s control over all of our labor? …That’s not negotiable.

      Now, if you were all at your local courthouse, EVERY SINGLE MONDAY MORNING, handing out jury rights fliers. …If you really cared that the racist drug war was still in full-tilt, bankrupting America. If you really wanted to prevent one more single poor black kid from having his future destroyed for no good reason. If you were really ready to defend the black market from the US. government, and their criminal police…

      THEN, AND ONLY THEN, could you say that you were of the same abolitionist stuff that Lysander Spooner, Frederick Douglas, John Brown, and Freeborn John Lilburne were made of.

      …But you’re not.

      So, don’t lose hope in humanity. There are all different levels of dedication. You yourself are far less dedicated than I am, and I am far less dedicated than people who are above me in the heirarchy of true resistance.

      Merely voting for another upright primate does not even put you on the scale of resistance. …But it might let you delude yourself that you’re “resisting”.

      A congressman named Ron Paul once agreed with the implications of my message, on videotape:
      As he explains, in great detail at the link above, suffrage alone does not make a democratically-chosen Constitutional Republic. For an even deeper explanation, please visit: http://www.democracydefined.org

      “Proper (Randomly-selected!) Juries” + “Free and Open Elections” = “A democratically-elected, Constitutional Republic” AKA “a western democracy”.

      Do you want liberty? Do you really, really, really want a free market? If so, you have to defend individual freedom directly. Voting for individual freedom will not bring individual freedom into existence, for the following reasons:

      1) The Major Parties have control over campaign contributions. There’s a dollar amount necessary to access each horribly-uneducated voter. Ron Paul can’t afford that, unless he thinks far outside the box. So far, no good. (He’s handed control of the C4L to his family. And he still suggests that people run as Republican, which confuses the heck out of most fence-sitters. Moreover, Paul himself isn’t consistently in favor of the individual rights of women or immigrants. Ooops! It’s one for all, and all for one. Any amount of religion, religious thinking, or any other kind of delusion will be maximally-exploited by the enemy. They are really, really, really strategically intelligent.)

      2) Libertarians are abjectly stupid, when it comes to politically engaging their enemy, the state. (“It’s like herding cats.”) Politics is a collectivist game. But libertarians hate political organizers. They hate them, so they do not incentivize them, and cannot speak their language. They view them as a necessary evil, to be gotten out of the way, as soon as possible. This is the message they send to those who conduct retail politics on their behalf: “Thanks a lot for the ballot access, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.” (They do not say this: “Thank you so much for the ballot access. Since you’re personally libertarian, what amount extra would we have to pay you to organize entire state legislative districts while you were gathering signatures? Could you gather demographic data and supporters for a database at the same time? What would a deal like that even look like? …What can you guarantee us?”)

      3) The Republican Party is full of tyrants. The Libertarian Party is empty of people unwilling to proudly wear a nonconformist label. Unlike the abolitionists who were the backbone of the early Republican Party, most Republicans don’t mind being connected to a party that is vile, repugnant, and racist to the core. So long as this doesn’t bother them, the Federal Reserve has a clear message from its feedback arm: “We’re safe! They haven’t even abandoned the R-collectivist party that we completely control! They haven’t abandoned this bloated corpse of a political party even though we totally own and control its primary processes nine ways to sunday! These stupid house slaves are COMFORTABLE paying us 95% of the money they will make in their lifetimes, so long as we keep reassuring them they will have better lives than people in Bangkok, Egypt, and Qingdao! In fact, there’s no level of degradation too low for them! We could literally turn them into human centipedes, ass-to-mouth configuration, and they wouldn’t walk (crawl) out on us!”

      —Now then, here’s some strategic questions for the planners of the now-unlikely “Ron Paul Rebellion”:

      If I’m paid only to put someone on the ballot, am I also paid to risk taking a bullet from government-organized crime (government) in Chicago, where I cannot legally even carry a gun for self-defense? …No, I’m not. What cities have over 3,000,000 people who all have a family member or friend in prison or in the penal system? A: Chicago, Los Angelos, Detroit, etc… What cities could see an “overnight” (one or two years in-between elections) organization against the state, in any minority neighborhood? Before you answer, please watch the following entire video from a former US Marshall (working for the DEA), who was literally told to avoid drug enforcement in white neighborhoods, even though he knew that that’s where the drugs were headed! …It’s a smoking gun. The Marshall’s name is Matt Fogg. The story he tells is confirmation that the drug war, which started out racist, has only gotten more racist over time:
      –The drug war is a tool of the police state to destroy its enemies, and to disenfranchise voting demographics that could be turned against tyranny.

      What evidence do I have that drug prohibition started out racist?

      …We’ve been marketing liberty to entirely the wrong people. We’ve been marketing to comfortable white suburban people. A small percentage of whom are able to grasp the theory of individual freedom, but none of whom are able to be motivated out of their recliners by theory. White religious suburbanites ARE the problem. (Frederick Douglas remarked at how easy it was to brainwash religious people into supporting slavery: make them complicit, and then blame the victim. That’s the winning formula!) Religious whites are perfectly content to give up all of their rights, if they can only be protected from the hobgoblin of social nonconformity and diversity. …The problem doesn’t ever want to “solve itself”.

      After all, the problem is incentivized by the people who hold ALL of the power in our political system: the bankers.

      …So who really does want more freedom?

      …People serving long prison sentences want more freedom. People who are victims of targeted prohibition want more freedom. People who have family members in jail want more freedom. People who have been the victims of one long train of social injustice want more freedom. –Not now, they don’t, but they’re at least open to the message. They’re emotionally-driven by the injustices they’ve seen. As George Orwell said: “If there is any hope, it lies in the proles…”

      …But they are completely inconsistent in their desire for individual freedom. They have been twisted and turned by the Democratic Party playing to their victimization, and telling them that their victimizer will reward them (with welfare) for being good, servile victims. The individualists in these neighborhoods? They rebel, and are sent to prison, establishing an American underclass. The prison profiteers dramatically benefit from this underclass:

      The Fed has us exactly where they want us. They have us fighting poor brown people who don’t speak the language! They have us fighting the people who are organizing for more civil liberties.

      When you will defend the rights of the modern versions of Pablo Escobar and also Marc Emery, and you will show up to his trial and risk arrest by informing his jury of their rights, then we’ll win. …And not one minute before.

      In order for America to be free, the U.S. public must be willing to kill redcoats. They must be willing to kill police men, who are doing the same exact jobs that Hitler’s SS did: “keeping the (surplus) order”. Until you’re willing to kill your local police for violating your neighbor’s individual rights, don’t expect to get more free. Until you’re willing to take a stand against mala prohibita, don’t expect to be more free.

      But gee, Jake, that’s pretty radical! The police in my neighborhood aren’t that bad! Sure, on a saturday night, they occasionally crack some nigger’s skull with their nightclubs and sent him to a 14 year prison sentence, but that no-college nigger was going to sell my daughter pot, and he got her pregnant! Well, there you have it: you’ve now been divided and conquered. And your daughter that you allegedly care about so much will die a slave of your Federal Reserve masters that neither she nor you will ever even meet. You’re a slave, safely on the plantation. When it came to fighting your overseer, they kept you in line by threatening to free the other slaves, but keep you working. This mentality explains the complaint: “But why do I have to pay taxes and work hard, if those damn drug dealers are making a fortune by breaking the law?”

      If we are ever going to cast off our Federal Reserve overseers, we will all need to be unified against them. Organization cannot happen with unity. Unity cannot happen without “not guilty” verdicts. After all, people who go to jail are disenfranchised, and resent the people who sent them there. How powerful would the freedom movement be if drug kingpins paid for political organization of WE, THE JURY, entirely circumventing the traitorous McCain and Feingold’s destruction of free political speech?

      Until we are organized, the public won’t even be aware of what Ron Paul’s message really is. The media mostly butchers his message with their total lack of comprehension, and the rest of the general public is even less philosophically-aware than the media is. If we couch things in polite terms, the public will never be aware of our message. We can’t pull any punches.

      This site phrases things in a way that goes a million miles in the inner city:
      This site fills in the historical details, for those who want proof they are right:

      It is totally immoral to strip poor drug-using blacks of their college loans, while giving state-backed college loans to drug-using whites. It is immoral to wage the drug war, using military tactics against poor black neighborhoods, while avoiding white neighborhoods. It is immoral to cull blacks who believe in property-rights and self-reliance from black neighborhoods, while avoiding white neighborhoods. It is immoral to target white dissidents, like the Branch Davidians, militia members, and other libertarian whites, for tax evasion while ignoring far greater tax evasion and criminal theft from people like Timothy Geithner, Charlie Rangel, and the other political classes (who are paid 80% of their salaries after 20 years of work, until they die!).

      Our government is so immoral it defies the imagination. But you’re not out protesting in the streets! It doesn’t look like Egypt here! Why not?

      …Because you’re either comfortable (and don’t care about freedom enough to risk your relative freedom) or because you’re poor and hustling to pay your many debts (not enough comin’ in to take care what’s got to go out). Either way, without a 100% consistent dedication to the ideas of individual liberty, the Federal Reserve has you exactly where they want you: servile and safely enslaved.

      Be a threat.

      Send a strong message to all of your family and friends: “We’re not friends anymore if you are ever called for jury duty, and don’t get seated, and fail to vote “not guilty” for any victimless crime offense. If you don’t take your chance to nullify mala prohibita, then don’t bother to ever talk with me again: you’re out of my family, because you can’t be friends with my overseer and remain friends with me.”

      Do not “turn the other cheek”. Do not be mentally weak. Do not give in to abusive power that claims to own your own body! Do not cooperate with the police one bit, until absolutely all mala prohibita is repealed.

      …If you do any of the above, don’t talk to me. I don’t want your business, I don’t want your money, I don’t want your friendship.

      Now, I’ve said some things above that could be misconstrued as advice to not vote for Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Jesse Ventura, Wayne Root, or whatever libertarian is on the ballot in November of 2012. That’s not my intention. Ron Paul is a wonderful human being. He’s a politician who votes the right way, and that’s as rare and wonderful as stumbling over an unclaimed, solid gold brick.

      Definitely vote for small-L libertarians or Rothbardian anarcho-capitalists, like Ron Paul.

      …But just know that that’s –at best– 25% of any plan that has a chance of making the USA into a free country.

      Know that –so long as juries are improperly-selected, uninformed, and obedient– tyranny is not only ‘alive and well’ in America, it literally commands America.

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  • Darren

    I think Dr. Paul should approach Allen West about him running as Ron’s VP. That would be an awesome ticket. They disagree a little on foreign policy, but I think that they would balance each other out. What do you guys think?

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    • Rachel


      I don’t know, sounds good.. what he is saying.. about our money. I dislike having to working hard and so much of my money is taken from me. I can’t keep living pay check to pay check. :( its hard – like right now interest is killing me, if I pay 100.00 only 20 dollars go to the principle.
      We need to wake up and move forward to the future not stand still and look in the past.

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    • Tim Martin

      I think this would be a wonderful idea. Mr. West is a fantastic speaker and a true American.

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  • http://www.commercialmoneytv.com Tom Bowman

    So when’s the money bomb? We’ve ready.

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  • PJMac

    For those if you who think running RP as a 3rd party candidate is the answer then one must look back to Ross Perot. He damaged the 2 parties so bad during the 92 and 94 election(18%)/debates that the 2 parties got together and in effect banned all 3rd party candidates from participating in all national debates. So Ron Paul needs to stay right where he is and let his truth be heard. All the hard headed Dems and Reps will possibly soften as they digest the truth instead of regurgitate the LIES.

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  • Chris Boyadjian

    Hey Dr. Paul,

    I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I agree full-heartedly with your message and your policies. I intend to vote for you and donate when possible, so please run!

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  • http://ronpaul.com ed

    I don’t see any damn links to send money!!!!

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  • j. black

    What can i do to help make Paul/Ventura 2012 a reality?

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  • j. black

    Run, Run, Run, and take jesse with you! I am from minnesota but now live on the west coast. I have been a business owner most of my life, and i am currently a freelance graphic designer my wife is a professional onsite photographer also freelance, we have worked a long time to get were we are at, but would walk away in a second to work on a campaign for you and jesse that is the first ticket i have ever even dreamed of that inspired me. I belive you 2 are possibly the only 2 honest people in politics who say and do what you belive in. I hate to quote movie lines but here i feel it is appropriate ” Uncompromising men are easy to admire.” I would like to add “and follow” obama fans maybe loud but there are alot more people laying silent because they dont trust anyone “lesser of two evils” has been the choice for far to long. I belive you and jesse could rise above that. “A scholar and a warrior” I’m in!

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  • Shawn

    Rep. Ron Paul:
    Please consider running in 2012. Without you, our kids future looks pretty bleak. They will be paying on a debt they’ll never be able to get paid off in their lifetime. We hope there’s a future for our children and grandchildren. We hope you’ll allow us the opportunity to vote for you, to restore this country, for them.
    Thank you.

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  • sam long

    If you run president ill register to vote and you will have MY VERY FIRST VOTE EVER ..before this i had no reason to…to be honest i just didn’t care to know whats going on in politics…now i see the light and your my torch

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  • Johnny P.

    Well Mr. Paul you have a huge grass roots following which is more than a start. I for one will give you my vote. I hope you run again as I am tired of choosing the lesser of two evils every four years. I wish you luck.

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  • JR

    I support you all the way RP, just as I did in 2008. Unfortionately you were not even a choice in my area, that needs to change! Please run so that we can:
    -End the Wars!
    -End the Fed!
    -End the Wastely War on Drugs!
    -End the IRS

    Start America Again!

    Thank You

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  • JJ

    Obama has misallocated public money by diverting resources to:
    1) Engineers
    2) Healthcare Workers

    Engineers have not produced anything revolutionary as the computer in the 1990s. The Ipad is just a laptop with no keyboard. There is nothing special about that, just a short term fad.

    Overpaid healthcare workers are like a tax on the overall economy. Surgery that cost $100k in the United states cost 1/15 elsewhere around the world. So many jobs are lost because of high healthcare expenditures. It is a opportunistic tax on the entire population.

    Because of these misallocations of funds, it deprives the general population of funds which can be used to develop new products or create new business or jobs. What we will see in the future is that there will be NO MORE silicon valley or private capital available to business in the US because they will have to compete with innovation from China/India and the capital will flow out of the country since projects over here produce returns that are not comparable to the ones found in China/India.

    These misallocations hurt the long term prospects of the domestic economy and we will see high unemployment just as in France. Obama should reduce healthcare cost by cutting salary in half and develop a committee to create policies that will control cost while improving standard of care. The engineers in the US are overpaid and underworked. Not all of them are the caliber of Steve Jobs.

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    • jm

      There may not have been any inventions/discoveries that have had the impact that the personal computer has, but we have progressed a lot. Compare the technology from the early 90’s to today. With all the progress made how can you say that engineers are underworked and overpaid? Think of the basic things such the social networking, youtube, and iPods. Not to mention the endless amounts of discoveries that we don’t hear about because they are the beginning of a revolutionary breakthrough. For example, the recent discoveries in genetics which will lead to many more cures.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cWKLPylpJA&feature=player_embedded Nathan


    Over 50% of Republicans are NOT excited about any of the current candidates! That’s Ron Paul’s gap to fill!

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  • Kip Day

    I think Ron Paul is a leader this country needs. BUT! we have to do some of the heavy lifting and work ourselves, some of this mess is our own fault we have let ourselves be lulled into a false sense of security. We have been giving up our freedoms for years and sitting on our asses watching it happen. If Ron Paul is ever elected then we as Americans are going to have to make some tough choices to get this country back on track. And he is going to have to have HONEST HARD WORKING PEOPLE TO STAND BEHIND HIM. Not people that are going to railroad him every chance they get. I am not rich, I work 3 jobs to keep a roof over my family’s head. I am tired of seeing this country being pissed away by big coorperations, crooked CEO’s and dishonest polititians, I will never ever vote for a Republican or Democrat again, they have had their chance and have done nothing but run this country in the ground. It is time for change, and a good start is getting Ron Paul elected as President. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND LIBERTY.

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  • Aj

    The single thing we can do together to drastically correct the path that our nation has been put on, is elect Ron Paul for office of United States President.

    A much greater man than me once said, ‘I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny upon the minds of man’.

    If these simple words do not cause chills to run down your spine and up your arms… You are lost and all is for naught.


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  • Louis Alter

    Hey there people. Started a group on fb called Ron Paul 2012: Take the Country back to the People. Need more support so we can get Dr. Paul’s message to the people of America

    Louis Alter

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  • Gabe

    To me, a Ron Paul/Gary Johnson ticket is starting make a lot more sense. I initially thought Ron Paul/Rand Paul ticket, which I would also be happy with, but now that Gary Johnson just announced, a Paul/Johnson ticket looks more likely. Who knows what will happen? I just know that I will be voting for Ron Paul, even if I have to write his name in on the ballet.

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  • JJ

    I will vote for no one other than Jesse Ventura for president. I’m 27 years old and never voted, but I feel like so many people are dissatisfied with the two party system, the greed, the corruption, and inequality that has resulted from them being in power. I feel that the time has come for change and I believe only Jesse Ventura has the power and will of the people to push forward the change. The independent party needs someone strong that can stand against Obama. The republicans are no competition.

    Ron Paul, you have my approval for VP.

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    • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

      Pop quiz: What are the names of the minor parties in the USA that have 50 states of ballot access, or close to it?

      If you don’t know this, you don’t know enough to enter a discussion about who should carry the ideas of liberty to the ballot in 2012. Do you care at all?

      “the independent party” Duhhrrr. DUHHR!

      The Libertarian Party
      The Constitution Party
      The Green Party
      The Reform Party

      —These are examples of third parties in the USA that might gain ballot access in all 50 states. There is no “independent party” or “Independence Party”. Individuals can be placed on the ballot as independents, but then, IF/WHEN they lose the general election, their cause is no more: start over from zero. It results in no ballot access, and no unified movement. The same is true of failed Republican Party runs for libertarian candidates: unless there’s a strong C4L or something like that left after the election, most of the people who vote Johnson or Paul will be assimilated into the uncritical borg after the election.

      …We need to be smarter than that.

      Ventura and/or Paul should run as Libertarian. That way, if Johnson loses, the LP could be blamed, and the Republican Party could no longer run collectivist candidates without fearing a rout at the polls.

      I have high hopes that Johnson, Ventura, and Paul will work together.

      Ideally, Ventura won’t do something harebrained, and run as an independent, thus removing the LP from the ballot in 2016, and eating away at Johnson’s vote totals. Some of the things Ventura has said have really annoyed me. Like “I can’t get ballot access, or I’d run.” (Larry King Live) All he needs to do is call up Mark Hinkle, the LP chairman or myself, and he’d know in 15 minutes what he needs to do to win the LP nomination, and have 28 states of ballot access under his belt automatically, with the remaining 22 easy to accomplish with his name recognition. (Paul raised $32,000,000 in one election cycle. Ventura could easily do that as well. I’m hoping Johnson accomplishes something like that, too.)


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  • Carrie

    Rep. Ron Paul:
    Please consider running in 2012. Without you, our kids future looks pretty bleak. They will be paying on a debt they’ll never be able to get paid off in their lifetime. We hope there’s a future for our children and grandchildren. We hope you’ll allow us the opportunity to vote for you, to restore this country, for them.
    Thank you.

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  • casey b.

    I am going to love to watch the debate between Paul & Obama! As soon as Obama figures out he is being totally outclassed & that Dr.Paul is beating him with honesty and true Christian & American values (which go against everything Obama stands for), Obama will either crumble or go into a tirade that will reveal his true self to the whole world!!! It is going to be grrreat!
    So with that said please run DR.Paul we need you more then ever!

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  • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

    Paul Ryan is off the list. So is Palin. Sorry, no mainstream politicians need apply. If Paul runs with a mainslime politician like Ryan, you can bet the bankers would make sure that he “had an accident” to give them back control of the office. Control without the appearance of control is their motto. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe themselves to be free.” -Goethe Only Ventura is paying attention to this sad fact of reality.

    The only people who are acceptable are the ones who call themselves libertarians.

    Ron Paul
    Jesse Ventura
    Gary Johnson
    Wayne Root
    John Stossel
    Judge Napolitano
    Tom Woods

    So far, only the top four have expressed an interest in running. –_But those are the kind of people our country needs. A lot of people have criticized Root because he used to be pro-war. People change. The Cato Institute’s analysis changed his mind on that issue.

    I’m for anyone who has publicly stated that they wish to abolish the federal reserve, or allow free competition in currency. I’m for anyone who stands for jury supremacy to the other 3 branches of government (true “power to the people”).


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  • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

    OK, in typical libertarian fashion, two strong contenders enter the race in the final hour of the last day. They get mad at each other, pull out guns and shoot each others’ feet off (Think Aaron Russo vs. Gary Nolan at the 2004 LP Convention).

    Then, a totally unelectable candidate enters at the last minute (Michael Badnarik at the 2004 Convention), with no campaign financing, and no realistic plan for getting elected. The two “front runners” have damaged each other so badly they have set the state for this man to win. He gives a rousing speech, and the libertarians rebel against “politics as usual” (you know, voting for someone who has a chance of actually doing some good). In the microcosm of libertarianism, the convention then votes for this distant third candidate with no ability to bring the message to the general public, where it is needed.

    What are some ways of getting around this sad fact of reality, that libertarians are not good at collectivist games like politics?

    1) For the candidate: Start early, campaign strong, pay attention to feedback from those who know what the hell they’re talking about. (Gary Johnson is doing this. Wayne Root is doing this. Jesse Ventura is doing this.)
    2) For the electorate: Reward those who make a really good effort to avoid a GIANT, LAST-MINUTE TRAIN WRECK.
    3) Reward those whose plan includes the whole picture. For instance, if Johnson runs in either party (Libertarian or Republican) will Ron Paul throw his weight behind him? Will he battle him in a primary?

    There’s no reason why these things can’t already be figured out. And they SHOULD BE figured out NOW. The one free gift the tyrants give to us is breathing time between elections when they aren’t doing anything. Organizing people nationwide requires early, early, early action, when the media isn’t on your side.

    Yet, every single election cycle, the Libertarian candidate acts as if he didn’t know he wasn’t going to get any media. He’s the fat boy without a belt, running towards the bus that’s trying to pull out into traffic. It’s the most pathetic sight I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and it repeats, like clockwork, every 4 years, on last-minute schedule.

    Do you want freedom?


    To some extent, C4L is doing this, so I can’t really fault them. They have a fairly open and intelligent structure to their organization, so grass-roots order can emerge. Good.

    Now, let’s hope the leadership picks a winner, so our grand kids aren’t wearing collars and serving drinks to the Pope’s banker friends in the nude.

    True leadership never stops fighting. At very least, true leadership start the election fight early.

    Could Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Jesse Ventura, or Wayne Root start an organization that paid people to engage in jury rights action outside of courthouses? Sure they could. Could this organization have a board of directors that made money and didn’t claim a 501(c)3-4, so it wasn’t bound by draconian limits on free speech? Heck, could they all simply do business as sovereign individuals in a free association? YES. Would that make whoever was smart enough to do so a rising star both in and outside of election years? YES.

    Now, I don’t even expect tactics that intelligent. I have practically given up all hope of anyone having such a far-reaching and intellectual approach that truly returns power to the people.

    But it is possible, and our children are going to have the shittiest lives of anyone on earth if we don’t start displaying that kind of tactical intelligence.

    …Have a nice day.

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  • sam from ireland

    wat if the whole 2012 end of the world scenario was in fact the end of globalism and a ‘new beginning’ when ron paul was finally elected and put those greedy bankers out to grass!!!!!!!!!!! Ron Paul needs ordinary americans now more than ever.

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  • Dar

    What are the Ron Paul 2012 colors? My neighbor wants to paint the roof of his van the day of the announcement and wants to know what paint to get.

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  • Jeremy Miles

    I see Ron Paul as the founding father of the second American revolution! Please support Ron Paul and save our country from big government and the fall of freedom!

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  • Robert Lemons

    America need an alternative from the two main parties

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  • Jameson

    I am a 20 year old canadian whose government gives me very little option. I even WANT Ron Paul for 2012!!! This is more than just national!
    We must vote and protect Ron Paul!

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  • Tricia Johnson

    I have been reading about Ron Paul on the internet. If he is telling us the truth about what he would do if elected President this is the man I want for President. I believed Obama when he talked and all he told us was lies. I am so sorry now that I did not vote for Ron Paul. He has my vote in 2012 if he will run.

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