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These amazing songs were created by enthusiastic supporters of Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign for the presidency.

Click the play button, sit back and enjoy! The songs load automatically.

Current Playlist:

  1. Ronvolution–The Song of Ron Paul (Cory Schofield)
  2. I’m a Ron Paul Girl (Chloe Wead)
  3. Iowa’s Choice: Liberty or Death (Smiley Chris)
  4. What If Ron Paul was President 2012? (Rise, Consise, Krookid)
  5. We’ve Got Ron Paul (Steve Dore)
  6. Calling America (Peter Duffield)
  7. The Light of Revolution (Jordan Page)
  8. Ron Paul Punk Rock Anthem (Humboldt Lagoon)
  9. Restore America Theme (Colin Elliott)
  10. Ron Paul Free (Carolyn Karger)
  11. Ron Paul – The Downtown Song (John Jones)
  12. Bombs (The Ron Paul Song) (Golden State)

Post your suggestions for additions to the Music 2012 Playlist below.

Also check out the music of the 2008 campaign.



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