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Ron Paul Is Still In The Presidential Race!

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Ron Paul Has Not Suspended His Campaign

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Ron Paul: End the Fed and Restore Sound Money

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by Ron Paul Last week I held a hearing to examine the various proposals that have been put forth both to mend and to end the Fed. The purpose was to spur a vigorous and long-lasting discussion about the Fed’s problems, hopefully leading to concrete actions to rein in the Fed. First, it is important […]

Ron Paul: The Campaign for Liberty Will Continue to Grow Stronger until We Finally Win!

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2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul issued the following statement to supporters and the general public concerning the continuation of his historic bid for the GOP nomination. The statement tees up forthcoming information the campaign will release concerning its fruitful delegate-attainment strategy still occurring at delegate-selection events such as state conventions ahead of the Republican […]

Poll: Who Should Be Ron Paul’s Vice-President?

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If Ron Paul wins the Republican primaries and becomes the GOP nominee, who should he choose as his running mate for Vice-President in the general election? [poll id="79"] »crosslinked« Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

Ron Paul Wins 11 States, Establishment Media Remains Silent

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