Ron Paul: The Internet Is Our Last Chance to Awaken America


Alex Jones: Well, it’s our first visit with Ron Paul in 2013, he is now the former Congressman. The first time I interviewed him, he was running for Congress again, I guess that was back in 1995 – 1996. He’d been in Congress once before as a Libertarian, and, of course, he went back as a Republican. He has been our greatest defender of liberty, he’s loved and admired worldwide, and he’s got big announcements coming up soon; I’ve heard the humors, and I’ll see if he’ll give us any hints. But he joins us, obviously, to talk about the fiscal cliff that he says we’ve already gone over a long time ago, and what’s happening with that; the Sandy Hook shooting; the announcements of the NSA openly spying on us. It’s like everything Ron Paul talked about 15 years ago, and got called a conspiracy theorist, is now just out in the open. Former Congressman and really the ombudsman of liberty worldwide, thank you so much for spending time with us.

Ron Paul: It’s good to be with you.

Alex Jones: Did you have a good Christmas?

Ron Paul: Yep, very good, the family got here, and we had a lot of fun, and didn’t solve any world problems.

Alex Jones: I need to learn how to unplug as well. Wow, you heard what I threw out there, sir, where would you like to start first?

Ron Paul: Well, the things that I’ve talked about are mostly about the general deterioration of our individual freedoms and our liberties and our rights. But I think the big thing, as I wound down my career, and dealt with financial issues and the economy, is that I think both major parties and most members of the Congress are in total denial as to what the real problem is. Because they think it’s just the budget, they feel, “Well, if we change this number and raise taxes and cut spending, or pretend to cut spending, that will solve the problem”. And I think it’s much bigger than that, I think first off, the country is bankrupt, we’re insolvent, we can’t pay the bills, and they won’t admit it. We have these obligations of 220 trillion dollars of national debt, 16 trillion dollars worth of foreign debt, we’re the biggest foreign debtor nation ever. And that is ignored, and they talk about what they’re going to do with tinkering with the tax code, and they talk about cuts which aren’t cut. It’s just all deceit and trying to fool the people into believing that they can tinker with the budget. But I think the problem is that government is too big, they don’t follow the constitution, they don’t know what the role of government ought to be in a free society, and they don’t admit we’re bankrupt. And, often times they ask, “Are we going to go over the cliff?” Well, in many ways, we’re over the cliff, in that we’re not going to retrace ourselves.

If you’re over a cliff, you just don’t have a chance to climb back up, and we really don’t. We’re not going to have enough people in Congress in the next go-around. We have better people now, and we’re going to have some people speaking for us, but we can’t go back and all of a sudden balance our budget, remove the regulations, and protect our liberties, all we have to do is listen to our President about what his plans are. But the Republicans aren’t doing a whole lot more, because we’re facing a situation where it took a hundred years for our governments and our schools to indoctrinate our people into accepting the idea that the role of government ought to be to take care of us, that they can provide perfect safety and make sure nobody falls through the net, and take care of people and the whole world. And I think we have to address the issue of what should the role of government be. The founders made an attempt at it, they wrote a constitution, we don’t obey it. And, to me, if we would accept the notion that the role of government is to protect our freedoms, to provide national defense for us, provide a sound currency, and to protect our liberties, there would be no warfare-state and there would be no welfare-state. And nobody wants to address that issue. All there’s all this talk, but neither Republicans nor Democrats, would even suggest about cutting the militarism. The only talk was, “Should we increase the military expenditures by 18% or 20%?” The people who wanted 18% were castigated for slashing national defense, and were called unpatriotic. So that is where the mess is. I see the mess that we’re in as a problem in education, a consequence of a hundred years of control of many generations and indoctrinating them into bad economic policy and bad foreign policy.

Alex Jones: Congressman, you’ve talked about globalism and the Bilderberg Group and people like that, but it’s now in the Financial Times of London, it’s in hundreds of papers – we thought we’d pull some up and put them on screen – where they announced global government by the 6 mega banks. And I listened to Bloomberg Financial on XM Radio, and they brag that they’ve conquered Europe with debt, they’ve signed the Europeans on to derivatives, they’ve got them dependent on socialism. But most of the debt is actually the central bank’s debt that is really private. And now I see them wrecking us, Congressman, on purpose, to make us debt slaves, while also making us dependent. I mean, surely they know the facts. Even the Congressional Budgetary Office, as you know, 3 or 4 years ago said we were bankrupt. Now, all these other government economist have admitted this – you’re not just somebody who’s studied economics, you’re also a medical doctor, so it’s kind of like a patient that’s got cancer all over their body. This is already a done deal. So what’s your take on my statement that we’ve been maneuvered into wreck and ruin by loan-sharks. I think it’s important to not just say that they’re a bunch of buffoons in DC; Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and others, in my research, are just mafia organizations that want us as basically debt slaves on a share-cropping planting plantation.

Ron Paul: I think that’s partially true, but it’s also involves indoctrination through education. It’s just not 10 or 15 people who get together and all of a sudden they can change people’s minds. People endorse Keynesianism, they endorse the Federal Reserve, they endorse us being the policeman of the world and that we should have these wars in the Middle East. So they have been indoctrinated. And yes, there are a few who are going to benefit, but, you know, I can’t read into their mind, I don’t know if they sit back and say, “You know what, we’re going to bankrupt the country and cause this chaos”. I think they try to get away with manipulating and maneuvering and benefiting themselves with both power and money, and philosophically it doesn’t work out, so they have to react, so they take advantage of it. It’s sort of like taking advantage, don’t let a major crisis go to waste. I mean, they create the problems, they think they’re going to get away with it, and then when the crisis hits, they make use of it and say, “That’s what we had to do”. They’re motivated by money and power, and they have the kind of control. I don’t think they’re smart enough to, on a daily basis, say, “We’re going to do A and B is going to be resolved”, I think they’re mostly unintended consequences that occur, and they react. I’d like to get people to react differently.

Alex Jones: I agree with you that at the mid-level, and even the upper-levels, obviously, it’s just a corrupt system that people have been born into now. But I’m talking about the 112 point plan that got leaked by the World Bank when Joseph Stiglitz the Nobel Prize winner in economics, resigned in 2002. It talked about how they manipulated third-world countries into bankruptcy to take control, and it discussed doing it to the West. So, at Bilderberg, from our sources, but also at Devos, I’ve got Herman Van Rompuy, head of the EU saying, “We’re going to use the financial crisis to bring in the New World Order.

Ron Paul: Well, that may be, and I don’t know every individual who makes these plans. But I do know that I meet a lot of people who believe … you take a guy like Bernanke, I think Bernanke actually believes that junk. I think he really believes that he’s been sent here by the creator to make sure we never have a great depression, which we had before because we didn’t print the money fast enough. And it goes much further than this, because he has invested a lifetime into proving this ideology. I think he’s wrong, he’s determined to prove he’s right. So he creates trillions and trillions of dollars, and then these people that you’re talking about know what’s going on and they line up and they get involved and they learn how to manipulate the system for political reasons. We know that our President has an agenda, and it’s very, very clear, so he works his agenda with the system that exists.

Alex Jones: I agree with you, there’re different factions who only care about themselves, and together they cause the perfect storm. And you’re saying, “He thinks he’s right, you think you’re right”. Sir, I watched the speech you gave in 2003 at McKinney Roughs right outside Austin, and you laid out everything that was going to happen; how they’d use the drones here, how they’d have the NSA spy on us, how they would use the PATRIOT Act on the citizens, how when they collapse things, they would use that to take full control, how the derivatives bubble would work. It’s like you were a prophet, but you’re not, you were in the committees and you studied history and you knew what was going to happen. You said the stimulus wouldn’t work, you said all these things wouldn’t work, you said the Republicans would vote to raise taxes. One dollar of cuts for every 41 dollars in spending increases, 77% of Americans with tax increases on payroll. I mean, what’s happened is we’ve been eased into this tyranny, and now you’re here saying, “Well, we’ll see who’s going to be proven right”. You’ve been proven right, Congressman, toot your own horn.

Ron Paul: Well, I will keep tooting my horn about what I believe in, because I think there are those who do exactly what you’re talking about. I remember very clearly George Bush Senior, when the WTO came in, said that now so much of these plans are out in the open. And I think George Bush put them out in the open when he said in a major ad in the New York Times or something, that we’ve put on the third leg of the New World Order. Before that, you couldn’t say ‘New World Order’ out loud or you were a complete idiot or nut job. But he put it out and he said, “Now we have the WTO, we have the IMF and we have the World Bank”. And I think yes, but they have a philosophical belief that world government is good, and some of them believe it because they think world government, just like world communism, is good. And some people who joined communism were sincere, they thought it was good. But others are driven by power, they’re driven by wealth and control and they’re psychopathic and they want to use force against people. So I think they feed on each other, that’s what I think happens. But I think all governments reflect popular opinion.

Alex Jones: I agree with you, I’ve heard you say it over and over again: this is happening because we’ve become lazy, decedent slobs. I work 18 hours a day on some days, but I’ll be honest, compared to my dad, or someone like his dad who grew up on farms, they enjoyed working, they can fix anything. I could call my dad at 3 in the morning, and he would come help him. And I’m worried because I’m a shadow of my dad, and he’s a shadow of his dad. I’m not teaching my kids to work that hard. I think we really are degenerating, and I’m not romanticizing old-timers, I just know that people used to be closer to the ground, more street-smart and harder working, more independent, and not as decedent. And there is a feedback loop of decadence now that’s almost important to escape.

Ron Paul: Well, I know exactly what you’re talking about, and I would agree with you to a great deal, but I also look for the positive things. Because if I look at the young people that come out to my rallies, I see young people who are very dedicated, they’re very principled, they’re idealistic, and they’re not decadent when it comes to computers and the internet, they’re pretty darn smart. And I don’t know the technology, but I know how valuable it is, and I’m able to use it and get other people to help me. So, in that sense, I become the optimist, because technology so far in all of our history has always been used to enhance the power of the state and to kill people. This is one time, if we’re smart enough, that we ought to be able to use this technology and spread information. You do it all the time, you know about the technology. We’re spreading this message, so I get to be optimistic that all we have to do is continue this, and that is why in my farewell speech, the most dangerous trend that we have to stop is the threat to our civil liberties, our ability to resist. How many people are going to be arrested and put in secret prisons, and how often are we going to be able to maintain our first amendment rights and our second amendment rights. It’s the protection of civil liberties that’s most important. But, the best way to do it is to awaken the generation, and we have the tool for it, and it’s the internet. And we have a very responsive young group. And what happens is the establishment beats this out of us, they do it with every generation to make you feel like you’re a bad guy because you think freedom is good. Now, our job, and we have these tools, is to make sure that this whole new generation knows that freedom, their instincts, are right, we’re all natural believers in liberty, we’re all libertarian in the sense that we want to be left alone. But they’re beating this out of us by our system, the movies, the schools, the government, all these things. So I see a tremendous opportunity and I hope I’m not totally deceiving myself, but I’ll keep working with the assumption that we can change people’s minds.

Alex Jones: Yes, sir. And, to be clear, I was speaking in generalities, just like you did you powerful farewell address from Congress that’s gone so viral out there, thank God, thanks the big sites that posted it, it had millions and millions of views just on the internet alone. Obviously there are the liberty-loving people who are a growing minority. But it’s pretty much the [leaf from the chaff], people are either getting totally mind-blowing and are accepting any level of corruption, or they’re getting more and more active. And we have to take heart, as you’ve said, because 5% started and won the revolutionary war. Well, we’re trying to win an info-war, we’ve got more like 25% to 30% now that are awake, all we got to do is wake up others, and we’re going to take the country back. So there’s a race by the authoritarians to take over, but there’s good factions, and people need to know that.

Ron Paul: Yes, you’re absolutely right, and the thing that’s on our side is that not only has our message grown in popularity and we’ve been able to spread it, but the opportunity is the absolute failure of their system. About communism, you don’t hear people come out and say, “You know, I’m a communist, so I think communism is going to take over the world”. Communism failed, it fell apart, the Soviet System doesn’t exist. But Keynesianism, the planned economy, welfarism, inflationism is failing.

Alex Jones: It’s failed over and over again and they keep saying capitalism has failed.

Ron Paul: That’s a big challenge, we have to make sure we don’t get blamed. It isn’t capitalism that’s failed, we haven’t even really even tried total free markets, and that’s what we should force on them.

Alex Jones: I agree with you. Moving quickly through the other points, I’ve been told a little bit here and a little bit there from different folks that you’ve got three big things that are going to be announced soon. A) Can you give us any sneak peak? and B) When will this announcement come?

Ron Paul: Well, there are a lot of things I’ve been talking about and planning for. They’re not quite ready, but there’s a possibility I’ll be able to do some programming on the internet, not on regular TV. And if that works out, I think we can get a big audience for what we’re doing. I’m going to be very interested in promoting home-schooling, because I talk about education all the time, and I think the public school system is failing. And it isn’t just the rich people that are doing the home schooling, but I think average people and even poor people can salvage their children from the system by home-schooling. And I’m also going to be touring the colleges, soon I will be starting that, so I’ll continue to do that. So I have a lot of things that I can do, but they’re not all confirmed yet.

Alex Jones: That’s right. I heard about a Ron Paul theatrical release, Ron Paul TV, and something else I heard is been planned.

Ron Paul: And what is that?

Alex Jones: Well, I want to make sure, little birds tell me this and that, but I keep my ear to the ground. All I know is its very exciting. And I’m not taking this moment to bash Glenn Beck, I’ve tried to be nice to him, but he says he’s now the leader of the Libertarian movement.

Ron Paul: Yes, I saw that, I ought to check him out, I wonder what he believes in.

Alex Jones: Yes, because he told me that your supporters 4 years ago were going to blow us up with bombs in Oklahoma City, and then he keeps saying that we shouldn’t get in the government’s face. My problem with Glenn Beck is, he says I’m dangerous I basically shouldn’t be on the air, Piers Morgan basically says that as well, and now he tells me that he’s my leader, that he’s now going to become Ron Paul and Alex Jones, I guess mixed. Do you have any comments on that?

Ron Paul: Not too many, because I don’t know exactly what he’s talking about. All I can do is speak for myself; what I believe in, and what I’m trying to do. And I’ve been pretty much upfront on what the principles are and in which direction we should go. And I think I do one thing differently than others, and that is that I try to stick to ideas rather than personalities. And, of course, we’ve already mentioned the President and I mentioned George Bush. But, over the years, I basically don’t attack the individuals, I don’t generally attack Bernanke.

Alex Jones: Sure, but you did call him a demagogue when he said that your supporters wanted to blow up buildings.

Ron Paul: Yes, that’s for sure. But generally speaking, I don’t do the personality thing. Matter of fact, if you do the personality thing, you get a lot more attention, but I didn’t want to distract. They’ll try to entice me to say what we should do with Bernanke, how should we punish him. But remember what our Governor said we should do with him. I might agree with it, I might even say things on that way, but most of the time, I’ll go and say it’s the system, it’s the system of the Federal Reserve, and that is what I want to concentrate on. Some people will concentrate on different things, they’ll have different tactics and different viewpoints, and I think that’s fine.

Alex Jones: I think Glenn Beck does a lot of great work and he’s got better and better. I don’t in-flight, on my show you never hear me talking about other people that are in the Liberty Movement. He said I made up the 1.6 million bullets, even though that’s on AP and Reuters as direct federal purchases. I’m making up the police state, I’m making up NSA spies, your supporters want to blow buildings up. I mean, he is trying to gate-keep, and I’m just warning you that unless you join with [inaudible], Dr. Paul, he’s going to stab you in the back. And I’m only saying that kind of like a chart when you’re coming into a bay in a boat, I’m just marking the chart, Dr. Paul, but you’re a smart guy, you know that. We’ve only got about 6, 7 minutes left, in closing, Sandy Hook and now the Fienstein Bill and others to make us physically turn them in, not just go back and reregister with the ATF at their pleasure. Now they want to just open what they decide, law abiding citizens turning their guns in. What is your take on that, and are you concerned about a purge or persecution of gun-owners?

Ron Paul: Well, I’m concerned about their inconsistency, they want to get rid of the guns because somebody used a gun and did some violence. But I think we all know that more people are getting killed with hammers and fists and knives, so they’re not very consistent. They see an opportunity, and they want to get rid of the guns. Some people believe they’re dangerous and want to get rid of them, and other people want to get rid of them because they know that guns can resist the government tyranny, and some people like the idea that governments become tyrants and they should run things. As long as the government kills children, it’s okay, so they want to protect that. You know, all that scandal and outcry, much of it was justified, because seeing kids getting killed is a horror. But at the same time, how many of those people who are saying, “Okay, this is an excuse to take away the rights of people who use guns to defend their family”, are shouting and screaming about the children that our drones are killing on a daily basis? Because they’re Muslim kids and of a different color and are overseas and nobody has to line them up and shoot them, we can do it by directing drones from this country, that doesn’t even count. So that’s what their whole goal is, to distract us from some of the horrors that governments perpetuate and the way they destroy our liberties and they perpetuate the violence. I mean, compared to the violence that governments have perpetuated on the people, versus what the people do to each other, there’s no contest.

Alex Jones: Historically, government is the number 1 killer. As you know from university studies out of Hawaii and others, 292 million people were killed in the 20th century that are non-military combatants. We have a red alert, sir, that just came out while you were on with us on [inaudible], Weekly Standard, AP, you name it: White House threatens executive action to physically confiscate the firearms. Biden has now given a speech, sir, they’ve got a bunch of state representatives and federal representatives. I’ve literally got over ten articles, and they’re all calling for executive orders, and Obama is saying now that he’ll do everything in his power, including executive orders. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we feared. Congressman, constitutionally, that’s beyond the constitutional crisis. As a constitutional expert, sir, if he signs an order ordering us to return our guns, what does that mean?

Ron Paul: Well, it should go without saying that he’s gone way too far, and it also goes without saying that he’s acting with the use of illegal violence, and he becomes the violent person to say that. And this is not new, he’s been doing this, you can see his environmental record. If Congress moves to slow, he says, “Well, I’ll write and executive order”. But he didn’t invent the executive orders and the signing orders.

Alex Jones: But it’s accelerating and getting dictatorial. What do we do if Obama orders us to turn our guns in, doesn’t that make him a dictator if just he says, “I’ll do whatever I want”?

Ron Paul: Well, it certainly is a dictatorial move on us. If the American people had been a little bit better versed, maybe they wouldn’t have re-elected him. So I do not say that he is a dictator like some of the 20th century dictators that killed 290 million people. But these are dictatorial moves, they’re very, very dangerous, and people say to me, “Why are you worried about the military arresting American citizens with the National Defense Authorization Act because only 1 or 2 people were involved?” Yes, but the principle is a 100% once you establish a principle. So what he’s doing is he’s perpetuating a principle of putting more power into the presidency, and it’s very, very dangerous.

Alex Jones: Setting the precedent under the NDAA. We’re almost out of time, sir, will you turn in your semi-autos?

Ron Paul: Well, I might not even have anything to turn in, for that purpose, but I don’t think the American people will. I’ve always assumed that the line in the sand may well be drawn if the federal agent marches in unannounced and says, “Give me your gun and give me your gold”, I don’t think that we’ll do that. I think the American people will highly resent and resist.

Alex Jones: Do you feel I was right then telling Piers Morgan that if they try to confiscate the guns, it will start 1776 Part II?

Ron Paul: Well, I don’t know if I’d put them in the same words, but I think I said something very similar to what you’re saying.

Alex Jones: Well, God bless you, sir, I hope we can get you back again in a month. What are any other websites that are important, just

Ron Paul: There’s that, and we’ll be listing some new things there because we’re making some other WebPages. I’m going to have a home page. Unfortunately, I didn’t have, so I’m going to have to have That will be coming up, but it’s not ready yet.

Alex Jones: Alright, big announcements coming soon. We’ll talk to you, and say hi to the family. God bless you, sir.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

Alex Jones: It’s great to talk to that man.


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    Dr. Paul, you are our true champion of liberty, and the life you have and are leading is the validation. Gods bless you sir! Richard A. Sukup, P. E. President/ Magnolia Global Energy Ltd.

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    We asked ron paul supporter Mark Willis, Maine’s Republican National Committeeman to step up and challenge Reince Priebus during the January 25th RNC Officers Election during their Winter Meeting in Charolotte, NC. (Jan. 23rd – Jan.26th). Mark replied to us saying: “Let me begin by saying that I am honored to find my name on the short list as a potential candidate next to two great statesmen, Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Jim DeMint. As we all know, these two men have fought the good fight for years on Capitol Hill – lower taxes, less spending, and an overall decentralized Federal Government that would actually abide by the Constitution. Sadly, they seem to be two outgoing voices in the wilderness of an out of control Federal Government with few replacements on the horizon. Men perhaps of a different age – principled leaders are hard to come by these days.Therefore, after much deliberation and discussion with my wife Violet, I let Bryan know that due to the fact that no one has stepped up to the plate, I would in fact run for Chairman of the RNC, provided I would receive, in writing, the support of at least 2 RNC members in 3 states (minimum of 6 persons) in order to satisfy the RNC nomination requirements. The election takes place on Friday, January 25th, 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina.” Since that time we have been working hard to do just that! We have already helped to secure a National RLC Endorsement of Mark Willis’s candidacy and have pushed this story onto the National radar!( Visit our Media Page for full coverage! ) Mark has already done interviews with Nationally Syndicated talk show host Jerry Doyle, Award winning news journalist at Ben Swann and a number of morning radio interviews. The message is getting out and some of the responses are coming in from the hard work that is being done on the ground. At this time we currently have 2 states that have been willing to stand up and nominate Mark Willis for RNC Chair. Maine and Nevada. This means 2 more RNC members from 1 more state is needed to satisfy the nomination requirements. Have you reached out to your states RNC members yet? If you are not sure who they are in your state here is a great starting point: The RNC Election of Officers takes place Jan. 25th from 11-6pm (tentative). We must have the support of 3 states with at least 2 RNC members (State Chair, National Committeeman/woman) written support in order to satisfy the nomination requirements:

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  • wRONg Paul is a fuckin’ homo.

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