Ron Paul: Chuck Hagel & John Brennan Will Carry Out Obama’s Foreign Policy

by Ron Paul

President Obama announced his choices for key national security posts this past week, and there has been both celebration and gnashing of teeth in Washington and around the country. There is widespread belief that either or both of these nominees will have an immediate and profound effect on US policy. However, this belief is really just a mistaken over-emphasis on personnel over policy. We should not forget that cabinet secretaries serve the president, and not the other way around.

Many who object to our continued foreign policy of endless war and empire overseas feel encouraged by Obama’s choice of Senator Hagel to head the Defense Department. Hagel has shown some admirable willingness to advise caution overseas. He is seen as unenthusiastic over the prospects of a US war on Iran, which is certainly to be welcomed. But let us not forget that he did vote for the war against Iraq, he has expressed support for multi-lateral sanctions on Iran, and last year he wrote in the Washington Post that, on Iran, he supports “keeping all options on the table, including the use of military force.”

Nevertheless because he does represent a more moderate voice in foreign policy than the neo-conservatives can tolerate, they are dragging his name through the mud. In choosing Hagel, then, we can hope the president is signaling that he will pursue a less aggressive foreign policy in his second term. But we cannot count on it.

At the same time, the president has chosen John Brennan as Central Intelligence Agency director — a man who is considered the author of Obama’s destructive drone warfare policy, and who as such has been in charge of the president’s secret “kill list” that has already claimed the lives of three American citizens. He claimed in 2011 that there were no collateral deaths from the US drone attacks on Pakistan, which is simply not believable. We also should not forget that as then-CIA director George Tenet’s right hand man during the Bush presidency, Brennan was certainly involved in the manufactured intelligence and lies that led the US to attack Iraq.

The real problem is in placing too much emphasis on the person the president hires to carry out his foreign and defense policy, as it ignores that policy itself. If the president has decided to continue or even expand US military action overseas through more covert warfare and use of special operations forces, which seems to be the case, it will matter little who he chooses to carry out those policies. If the president decides to continue to provide support to rebels in Syria who have dubious ties to Islamic extremists, to continue to meddle in the internal affairs of countless countries overseas, to continue to refuse to even talk with Iran without preconditions, and so on, we will not see a return to foreign policy sanity no matter who occupies what position in the president’s cabinet.

So we should be optimistic that the president may see the wisdom in pursuing a foreign policy that is truly in our national interest, but we should always keep an eye on the policies over the personnel.


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    French Canadian, Still not letting me post about Ben Swann. Look up what they are doing to him and contact his boss in support. Go to his FB site called Full Disclosure to see why many people are trying to get him fired.

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  • That is a ridiculous way to try and discredit Ron Paul. You’re statement is a formal fallacy. Just because Ron Paul believes the same theory as other people, does not mean that he has the same intelligence level of those other people. Ron Paul is an incredibly intelligent individual.

  • …don’t forget “America’s Funniest Home Videos” to YouTube…or is that devolution?…

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    Fourth comment on Maddow…lol


    I meant: Democide: Government Killed Over 260 Million in the 20th Century, … killed more than 260 million people in just the last one hundred years.

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    This is my third comment to you on Rachel Maddow.
    I went to see her last video about gun control vs Ron Paul and Alex jones. If you want my opinion, she is one loose crackpot.

    First, Your military is spread all over the world, so how could they fight you?
    Second, all active military and veterans who calls on the Alex Jones Show, say that they would stand with the public and turn their back on the government, because they swore an oat to be faithfull to the Constitution. Gun ‘s ban are unconstitutional, period.
    Plus, hundred of millions Americans armed, are much more than your total military personnal. And the soldiers wouldn’t come in your house to confiscate your guns with nukes… she is such a stupid stupid, stupid lady that Maddow. Now I know why Alex doesn’t like her.

    This loose crackpot shoul read a bit of history and realise theat DEMOCIDE (death by government) are the biggest killers ever… over 93 millions death not including war deaths.

    Here is the clip I’ve just watched:

    Rachel Maddow Vs Alex Jones & Ron Paul “Guns stop government tyranny”

    Robin, let me know if you read my comments. You ask me questions, but you never come back to me after my answer.

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    Post Scriptum:

    Don’t worry if you go on Alex’s site and it doesn’t work. It is always crashing these days, too many people on it. Since the interview with Piers Morgan, I think he doubled his audience. I beleive evry Americans is listening to his show…lol. So try again, it does come back… he hired a few new technicians to cope with the continous overflow of people on his site.

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    I don’t know much about Rachel Maddow. I’ve never listened to her show, except when she had Ron Paul on. It seems, she was kind of nice to him. But Alex Jones don’t seem to like her very much… so I really don’t know. Can’t answer you on this.
    I hope you are following and the Alex Jones Show these days. It is awsome. This is where the WAR is on. Alex is really fighting hard the Gun ban and he has amazing guests.

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  • The measure of a person’s intelligence goes far beyond his ability to accept the ‘Theory of Evolution’. While I disagree with Mr. Paul on this issue, that doesn’t mean his IQ is low or that his understanding of economics or political theory is wrong.

  • (Ron Paul denies the theory of evolution) I dont understand why tho the poof is all around us black n white TVs – to flat screens , computers , music . everywhere i look i see it… cars , houses , our youth . Bill O’Reilly LOL

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    When things get so much worse and years go by, people will look back at history and regret not listening to this man.

  • Patriot1

    Like Dr. Paul, I also believe in just war theory and the non-aggression principle. In other words, war is only justified if the liberties of the people are directly threatened. War is to be waged only as a last resort and in self-defense. This bogus “war on terror” does not meet the criteria, in fact it is outright murder! The Bible says not to strive with your neighbor without cause, but these acts of aggression in foreign countries violate that principle, they are totally contrary to the word of God. I’ve met many people from Middle Eastern countries, and most of them are decent, peaceful people. They want the same things we want, to work, raise families, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and live in peace. When the US government drops bombs and uses cowardly drone attacks on people who have done us no harm, they make enemies they normally wouldn’t make. 9/11 was definitely the result of blowback as Dr. Paul correctly stated.

  • Ron Paul denies the theory of evolution. If that denotes “brains”, then George Bush, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Bill O’Reilly, Michele Bachmann, John Hagee, et al. are Mr. Paul’s intellectual equals.

  • Ron Paul denies the theory of evolution. If that denotes “brains”, then George Bush, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Bill O’Reilly, Michele Bachmann, John Hagee, et al. are Mr. Paul’s intellectual equals.

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    French Canadian,
    What are your thoughts on Rachel Maddow?

  • David K. Meller

    The importance of continuing to build an independent peace movement cannot be overstated. This call for an America First, anti-imperialist, and free trade foreign policy must be large enough and diverse enough to be heard in DC. The White House and Congress must realize that we will not be distracted by personnel over policy, and that badly defective policies must be changed, not merely particular bureaucrats.

    Efforts to “educate” these particular bureaucrats, and the politicians whom they serve should not be disregarded. This can be done only if we continue to work the “grass roots”, and highlight how peace is in the interest of almost all ordinary Americans, however much it is detested by criminal elites in Wall Street and DC!


  • Please research “scientific theory”. Other scientific theories include The Theory of:Gravity,Atoms,Germs, and Plate Tectonics.The Theory of Evolution is on an equal footing with these theories.It is accepted as fact by an overwhelming majority in the scientific community.It hasn’t been disproven since its inception,over 150 years ago.If you were to disprove this SCIENTIFIC theory,you would be the most famous human on the planet and win a Nobel Prize to boot.So,please,enlighten me…

    • allen johnson

      The theory of evolution is not the same as those other theories because it does not have enough evidence behind it. And also even those theories that you brought up are still being debated and tested for example in hansford scientists have spent over 17 years testing the theory of gravity. And their are also many scientists against the theory of relativity. And yet you think that evolution (something much harder to prove) is true just because a lot of scientists agree with it? Throughout history the smartest scientists of their time had theories which everyone even more than evolution believed. And yet many of these man were proven wrong. So to say that evolution is automatically true and cant be dis-proven is idiotic. That is not real science. I am not saying evolution is automatically fake however I am not ignorant or dumb enough to say it cant be dis-proven. What makes us so much better than the people before us? They had real advanced civilizations and if you read their writings and understand their achievements you would realize how truly smart they were and once again if they could be wrong so can we.

      Most people when it comes evolution are just followers too afraid to question it thinking because its written in their public school books it must be true. The real scientists are those that are not afraid to question and test all of these theories regardless if others attack them.

      Why are you so against people having an opinion against evolution? if they believe in evolution what will that do for them or you? what if their right and evolution is wrong which is always possibility?