Ron Paul: America Is Not the King of the World


Neil Cavuto: There are frequent calls for America’s military to start intervening, should it? Ron Paul, the former Republican Congressman and presidential candidate, says no, be careful, be very careful. Congressman, what do you think of this?

Ron Paul: I think it would be foolish, I think what we have been doing for so many years has been very foolish. I think that they ought to try to understand what blowback is all about and what the CIA has talked about and what Michael Scheuer has demonstrated so often in his work in the CIA. It’s just way too much, it hurts us to no end. One of the points I made when I gave my last little talk on the House floor, was that one of the trends that we’re probably facing was violent anti-Americanism, and it’s engulfing the world, and I think this is what’s happening over there. We have a mess in Egypt now, and we don’t know exactly what we’re supposed to be doing in Syria, and we end up supporting the bad guys. And even Hillary had an expression for it: “How did we know the bad guys were going to get these things?” And I think what’s happening in Mali right now with these hostages spun off from us getting involved in Libya and getting rid of Gaddafi. So one thing leads to another, and I just think that all these problems that we have make my case very clear, that we should have followed the Founders’ advice of staying out of entangling alliances and staying out of the internal affairs of other nations, mind our own business and save a dollar now and then, because we’re flat out broke.

Neil Cavuto: Well, the argument you get back, as you know, Congressman, is that we’ll regret that, because we essentially give the bad guys free run. Now the argument against what they were just claiming is that, well, terrorist are not idiots, they can pack up and leave. So if things get dicey for them in Afghanistan or Pakistan, apparently they move to Mali or Algeria or what have you. But they seem to be pretty good at movement. So I guess the bigger question is, should we do anything about that, or do we just let them brazenly grow unobstructed.

Ron Paul: Well, what we have to decide is why we have the problem. If we come down on the side that it’s spontaneous and they hate Americans, there’s Al-Qaida that kill us and they don’t like our prosperity and they don’t like our freedoms, maybe we should keep chasing them. But if the problem of these threats towards us and the disruptions is because we’re involved, then the answer is to be less involved.

Neil Cavuto: But what if it’s a little bit more than that, Congressman? I know you and I had a chat about this before; what if they really do hate us, they hate everything we stand for, and they really are all about … whatever our overtures towards the Muslim community are like, that they’re all about disgruntles, they just can’t stand us, they want us dead.

Ron Paul: Well, they might ask the same question, what if we didn’t hate Muslims? I mean, we have to build up a lot of hatred for us to go 6,000 miles away and kill people with drones, and this is where the conflict is coming. We have to beat the drums of war and this hatred that we have to go over and do these things. And then, all of a sudden, we have an epidemic of suicides of American soldiers who come back feeling, “What am I doing over here shooting these drone missiles, and little kids are dying and innocent people dying”. And now more people die from suicide, our soldiers are committing suicides. So I think it’s a failed policy, it doesn’t accomplish anything, and we don’t understand it. As long as we don’t want to look … we’re either in denial or we don’t want to understand it. But the CIA actually helps us on this to explain why there is retaliation, and if we don’t accept that, this is going to get much worse. And there are predictions that right now just because they haven’t hit us here at home, doesn’t mean that they’re starting to like us anymore. I think the problem is growing, it’s going to get a lot worse as long as we think we’re the king of the world.

Neil Cavuto: Ron Paul, thank you very much, I think.

  • Christian N

    Hi Ron

    Sorry my bad eng. but you shall knoe im a man of 34 yeres old, from DENMAK.

    I have in the last 3 weeks look at youtube vidios. from aeria 51- ufo- to us historry the 300 kommety.( the 300 men rull the world) free market… i think us stand behind so meny thinks. Was 9-11, sandy huuk and the boston boms in side jobs? did the fbis and cia stod behind it?? what of all the wars you startet in us. where is your pruf??? im just a normal danish gay how try the undestand war we all not can live in harmoni and free thate whitout som fure will get all the monny, at that way the start a war. for selling weppens and hunger in the world. i see you clip for us prestensi post i like what you was saying. But du the normal amarikan know the indside of the contry. i hope you vill see this comment and rite to me on my email. [email protected]

    i like usa i love your drem but am only ask something , i knoe i dont get alle the anser. im just consern of your pepol taht have so menny laws like Denmark i fell the goverment tred us like dogs and no brins… im a smart gay, i dont have the prof. but im hurman.
    Christan N. Odense. Denmak
    ps what do you think of the media´s rool in the and the power thy got? i think is scerry???

  • “Why you people always know things that the majority doesn’t know?”

    Some people research things themselves others blindly parrot what the CNN lady told them.

  • [Cont.] And they did a very good job of deceiving not only non-muslims, but even muslims, about what Islam actually is. Those extremist madrassah schools were funded and started by American government.

    It’s just a puppet game.