Ron Paul: Stop Illegal Immigration Without Creating a Police State!

by Ron Paul

Whenever the federal government decides to reform something we can be fairly sure that the problem is about to get worse, especially if they call the plan bi-partisan. The bi-partisan immigration reform proposal launched last week in the US Senate will be no different.

The new plan, introduced by Sens. McCain and Schumer, would provide a path to citizenship for many of those in the United States illegally. This would only begin after the borders are deemed secure and applicants have paid fees for their illegal entry. They must also pay back taxes on their earnings while working here without government permission. Those on a path to citizenship would be subject to background checks and would be monitored while in the US.

The devil is in the details, and the details of the McCain plan are deeply disturbing. To secure the borders he is calling for a massive increase in drones flying over US territory, spying on US citizens along the border – and presumably within the 100 mile “border zone” over which Department of Homeland Security claims jurisdiction. What if these drones detect suspicious activity unrelated to illegal immigration? Imagine the implications for the federal government’s disastrous war on drugs. Imagine what’s left of the Fourth Amendment completely tossed into the trashcan. The “privatized” prison system in the US that now benefits from the war on drugs and illegal immigration will no doubt look forward to booming business thanks to the army of drones overhead.

Additionally, the McCain/Schumer plan calls for a nationwide, mandatory E-Verify program, which forces employers to act as federal immigration agents, and forces American citizens to prove to the government that they are allowed to work. E-Verify is an East Germany-like program that creates a massive federal database of every American citizen and notes whether or not they are permitted to work.

As Cato Institute privacy expert Jim Harper noted of e-Verify, potentially tens of thousands of American citizens would come up as a false positive for illegal status, denying them the right to work and forcing them to prove to the government that they are not here illegally. He writes, “If E-Verify goes national, get used to hearing that Orwellian term: ‘non-confirmation.’”

Harper rightly notes that E-Verify is in fact a national ID card, writing last week that, “the system must biometrically identify everyone who works—you, me, and every working American you know. There is no way to do internal enforcement of immigration law without a biometric national identity system.”

Much of the most recent immigration problem of the 2000s was actually created by the federal government. The easy money policy of the Federal Reserve blew up the housing bubble and created enormous demand for labor. This artificial demand was filled largely by workers who crossed into the US illegally. Within a year of the housing market crash in 2008, an estimated one million illegal workers left the United States for Mexico and beyond. Net illegal immigration into the United States last year had fallen to zero.

As I noted in my most recent book, Liberty Defined, much of our immigration problems would be eliminated were the federal government to simply return to sound money practices and end the welfare incentive for individuals to come to the US illegally. Afterward, what remains of the problem would mostly be solved with a far more generous and flexible guest worker program. Whatever the case, turning the US into a police state in order to fight a hyped up illegal immigration “crisis” is a bad deal for us all.


  • French Canadian


    Great and profound speech by Dr. Benjamin Carson’s. I don’t know how Obama could stand listening to it all… lol. It was about everything that Obama is against. Freedom, liberty, God, etc. I wonder if Dr Carson knew he was lecturing Obama on all his wrong doing… or was it just a coincidence and that he didn’t really know who Obama is.

    I also enjoyed the story about the birds that is mother cooked… lol… and the story about the marine destroyer and the Light House…lol

    Obama was looking like he was going to faint when Dr Carson started talking about the debt, taxes and banks. And I was sure he would faint when Carson related to the Baltimore fight, and how Americans managed to keep the flag up and wawing, after the long battle.

    I hope this got Obama thinking twice before trying to enslave Americans.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed that video. Thanks for sharing it with me.

    • robin

      French Canadian..A wonderful speaker, but a doctor who is compassionate and down to earth. Very unusual for a surgeon. Some of us think he might just be the next doctor in the liberty movement. Who knows? A very thoughtful and intelligent man. Oh, I think he knows about Obama but is smart enough to do it in a way that Obama knows and we know what he means. I particularly liked the part about being politically correct. I find this aspect so disturbing when discussing about what Israel is doing in Palestine, or that AIPAC has too much power over our congressional leaders and foreign policy. That our congressional leaders are allowed to be dual citizens with Israel. Whoever questions Israel or what the media bias on this issue, is quickly labeled. I believe that is what he was referring to in his speech about being politically correct as a way to table the discussion. I thought you would appreciate what he had to say. He certainly made his point and certainly got a lot of people’s attention.

  • Hello Mr Ron Paul, Im not American but a Albanian who live in Sweden. i think you are the best politician ever. good person with big heart,who love Peace in the world, patriot,very inteligent and perfect for president!!! GOD Blease you and all American who have vote for you. i hope one day you can be the president of USA because we gonna have peace and justice in the world 🙂

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    Your thoughts on this speech by Dr. Benjamin Carson’s at a prayer breakfast. Obama/Biden were in attendance. Notice the body language of Obama, Michele and Biden..

    • robin

      French Canadian…Correction..I did not listen to the intro. It is not Biden.

  • Sounds like their own domestic problem to me. Again, our citizens welcome LEGAL immigrants. Once LEGAL immigrants are here, they can apply to be AMERICAN CITIZENS and help this nation to the promise land. Only politicians give a damn about ILLEGALS, and that’s only because it’s politically correct to do so.

  • The Irish, who left behind a land of famine; the Germans, who fled persecution; the Scandinavians, who arrived eager to pioneer out west; the Polish; the Russians; the Italians; the Chinese; the Japanese; the West Indians; the huddled masses who came through Ellis Island on one coast and Angel Island on the other you know, all those folks, before they were us, they were them..have a nice day rocky..

  • hahahahhaa so just because you have a gun you can abuse and have the right to own lands or even your life, please man is NO different, then and now..who gave us the right to come here a STEAL the native american land and ALSO the Mexican land, who? and on top of that they create rule against what they DID, of course on when is convenient..and please if you are not native American you have no saying in this..

  • Native Americans didn’t have laws governing the migration to their land. Even if they did, they didn’t have enough fire power to stop the European invasion. Europeans established their own government system. Europeans didn’t use Native American welfare or health care system. Bottom line is that if you want to come here, then have to balls to fight for the resources, don’t just be a leech and use the sympathy card to be a part of us. BTW: American citizens welcome LEGAL immigration.

  • French Canadian

    Robin, (in case you missed it).

    Your husband is right, it only takes 5% of the population to create change. Alex keeps saying that all the times.

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  • tell me the different please..

  • Are you one of those idiots who compares the situation to the European vs Native American?

  • OH….. sorry about that, just a misunderstanding.

  • a lot of folks forget that most of us used to be them.. you know, all those folks, before they were us, they were them..including you…

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  • robin

    French Canadian,
    Thank you for the info. I appreciate the info. you provide. It appears the information I provided regarding global warming and Agenda 21 to the aerospace engineer I’ve been talking with has made her stop and think. Now the question is whether she will be able to step outside her indoctrination? I’m talking to more and more people who are finally waking up. My husband reminds me it only takes 5% of the population to create change. Do you know anything about water filters you can recommend? Looking for one that would work well if are water source becomes interrupted in the event of a natural disaster, or some other event.

  • No I was talking about this retarded youtube user Named IAMHEWHOAM, and then saying that he probaly doesn’t like Ron Paul because the youtube user IAMHEWHOAM probably doesn’t like World Peace.

  • French Canadian


    I’ve watched Rupert Sheldrake at EU 2013—”Science Set Free” (Part 1) and (Part 2). Very interesting. It is amazing that you’ve posted this, because yesterday, something very similar was the object of the Alex Jones show.

    Here is the video :

    “Alex welcomes journalist and editor of Paul Joseph Watson to discuss the nature of reality as top research has shown it may be a giant computer simulation.”

    The Nature of Reality

    And here is the article done by Mike Adams:

    Yet more evidence emerges that our universe is a grand simulation created by an intelligent designer

  • French Canadian


    Since you’re all in on Agenda 21, I think this interview done yesterday by Melissa (a crew member of Infowars Nighty News) would really interest you:

    Mother Arrested For Refusing Smart Meter Speaks Out

  • French Canadian


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