Ron Paul on Chris Kyle: Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

Ron Paul posted the following Twitter update earlier today:

Update: Ron Paul posted the following clarification on Facebook:

As a veteran, I certainly recognize that this weekend’s violence and killing of Chris Kyle were a tragic and sad event. My condolences and prayers go out to Mr. Kyle’s family. Unconstitutional and unnecessary wars have endless unintended consequences. A policy of non-violence, as Christ preached, would have prevented this and similar tragedies. -REP

From Wikipedia:

Live by the sword, die by the sword

The phrase is found in the Christian Book of Revelation, 13:10: “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” (Rev.13:10 KJV)

Commonly, the expression is understood to mean, “You can expect to become a victim of whatever means you use to get what you want.”

A proverb in the Gospel of Matthew, verse 26:52, describes a disciple (identified in the Gospel of John as Simon Peter) drawing a sword to defend against the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, but is rebuked by Jesus, who tells him to sheath the weapon:

Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword (Matthew 26:52, King James Version)

This exchange looms large in progressive Christian theories of violence and power.

  • Brandon

    I highly doubt Ron Paul put that. He has been predictable for more than 30 years. Why would people suspect him of saying this. How ignorant of the moron who called him a washed up politician. No man has had the courage and integrity as Ron Paul has had. You need to do your research and realize the only politician that had your best interest in mind , was Ron Paul.

    • kunsunoke

      Why would he have issued a rebuttal if he hadn’t written the Tweet to begin with?

      Step up, Lew Rockwell, time to take another bullet for the boss!


  • john

    Why is it that every american that goes to war is declared a hero? A true hero stands up to corrupt governments that invade people countries by refusing to participate in their wars. Treating PTSD with a trip to the range seems odd. Perhaps this man didn’t “have it coming” because of his potentially misguided attempt to help his fellow man but you have to consider that he had it coming for participating in america truly heinous wars. I mean 150 heads is a lot to weight to put on your soul. Then to sensationalize it by writing a book, its pretty clear this guy was not a hero and that the nickname given to him “the devil” is appropriate. Plus a sniper to boot the only combat position less heroic then that is a drone pilot. C’mon people give your head a shake.

    • Charles

      You are an idiot!

    • Adam

      A sniper is the only job in the military less heroic than a drone pilot?

      So it’s pretty safe to say that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, correct? Have you ever served John? I can only assume no, in which case, you should probably shut your fucking mouth in regards to what is “heroic” and what is not.

      I knew you Ron Paul idiots were a bunch of fucking dumbass kooks but you have taken it to a completely different level. Ironic how everyone knows what an idiot Ron Paul is for opening his mouth in this situation and you have more or less followed suit.

      • Dave

        Too funny. In one statement you ask John if he served because his comment was invalid if he didn’t, yet Dr Paul served and his statement is invalid. I’ve come to expect this rhetoric from someone who must resort to name calling though.

        • kunsunoke

          Doktor Paul served – as a flight surgeon (a non-combatant). His statement was derogatory, crass and disgusting towards the deceased, which is what most of the flack is coming from. Basically everything we’ve come to expect from Paul after two scorched-earth primary campaigns.

          Though, come to think of it, I don’t recall herr Doktor saying anything negative about Teddy Kennedy. In fact he was pretty respectful.

  • French Canadian

    Murdered Navy SEAL Was Obama Gun Control Foe (+Video)


    “Murdered Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, gunned down at point-blank range in Texas this past weekend, was emerging as a prominent gun control critic – working to place armed guards in schools in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre.

    “I’ve talked to a bunch of cops and secret service guys and they aren’t going to go to anyone’s house, especially if they have guns they don’t want to be knocking on doors,” said the best-selling author of “American Sniper”.

    Kyle added that his company, Craft International, was involved in working with schools in Texas to hire armed guards and off-duty police officers as a response to the Sandy Hook shootings. The company was also carrying out screenings and gun safety training for teachers and school officials who expressed a desire to have firearms in school.

    Kyle was set to host a “Civilian Training Event” at Rough Creek Lodge gun range, the same location where he was shot dead, an event scheduled for March 1-3, according to the company’s website.”

  • Tim

    Ron Paul,

    You’re a cowardly, washed-up politician lacking any substance. Your words in response to the murder of Chris Kyle are not only disgusting, but they also reflect your ignorance and irrelevance to actual progress in protecting American freedom. Degrading a BRAVE Man who TRULY dedicated his life to America, proves that you are nothing more than loss lips disguised as a public servent. Shame on you. You are a disgrace to Texas & the rest of America.

  • Thomas

    He never said that Chris Kyle had it coming. The title of this article misrepresents Dr. Paul’s tweet at best – if it was even him.

    John – He didn’t live by the sword because our government hired him to do it. He made that decision to kill those people. Every time he pulled that trigger he made that decision. No one held a gun to his head saying do it or else. Am I saying this is right or wrong? No, but I’m saying there’s always a choice.

    Char – He also never said people with PSTD can’t go to the range. He said treating PSTD at the gun range doesn’t make sense.

    Richard Tyler – I guess you represent the entire military body and all law enforcement agencies now? Your comments are idiotic at best. You don’t USE a gun for your job. You HAVE a gun to protect yourself and the citizens of the United States while DOING your job which we pay for you to do.

    You people sure do know how to make up all sorts of shit that was never said.

  • Jan

    Hard to fathom if Ron Paul would say something like this. Perhaps it was not a good idea to put a loaded gun in the hands of someone still suffering from PTSD, but “had it coming” is certainly cold and doesn’t sound like Ron Paul to me, unless I don’t know him as well as I think I might. But this goes to show vividly again, it’s not the gun that needs to be controlled, it’s the people, the crazy people who kill others with guns. Chris Kyle should have been more careful about who he took to the gun range. He obviously did not know this guy well enough to try to counsel him in that kind of an environment. It’s a damned shame that someone who saved so many American lives by killing the enemy was killed mercilessly and viciously by someone he was trying to help. That guy obviously is as deranged as the Tucson shooter, the Aurora shooter and the Sandy Hook shooter. And they probably all had one thing in common–being on psychotropic drugs. I’ve heard that ‘tranquilizers’ are handed out like candy over in the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq. THIS is something Congress should look into. It should be investigated.

  • Me

    Am I one of the few who understands? He didn’t say he had it coming! He said live by the sword die by the sword. Geez people. Chris Kyle was a liar about punching out Jesse Ventura so what does that say about him? Grow up people(John) Stop assuming things.

    • kunsunoke

      Evidence of that is what, specifically? Statements from Ventura, or his lawyer?

      Ventura was never a member of SEAL 1, and he never was in combat with that group – so we know he lied about that. What was Chris Kyle’s motivation to lie?

      Ventura was acting like a d-head, as per usual, and Kyle gave him a beatdown. Witness testimony supports Kyle.

      But I digress. Had Doktor not Tweeted he would not have had to issue a clarification on the tweet. So he did say it, at least until he finds a convenient stooge to blame.

      Those of you with similarly misguided foreign policy views (which is to say, progressive and non-reality based ones) probably appreciated the snark, and (as evidenced by a considerable number of posts here) you actually agreed with it. Because, according to Ron Paul, Chris Kyle was a stupid son of a bitch and a tool of the military industrial complex that deserved to die for not swilling the Paulbot Fla-Vor-Aid.

      Those of us who do not practice the Ron Paul faith view this behavior as crass, classless and disgusting. Consider how this reflects upon you as his disciples.

  • Stan

    Simple minded people jumping the ban wagon and obviously they have no real understanding of Ron Paul. SICK!

    • kunsunoke

      Oh, we understand Doktor Paul all too well.

      This is perfectly in character for him.

  • FVSmith

    Mr. Paul; if you uttered this statement about Chris Kyle, then you sir are in the same class as these other liberals are! Pure scum that hasn’t got a brain cell to produce a clear thought! Chris Kyle is a hero! He did what you and thousands of others could never do! Chris Kyle was the best type of a man that America counted on. Even tho your words are scripture, I hope there comes a day when those words prick at your whimpy skin. You no longer have my support or vote!

  • William Kerkstra

    Dr. Paul probably didn’t write this. Even if he did, so what? Is the statement wrong? As a former Marine myself, there is nothing honorable in killing (murdering) 160 people no matter their nationality. Stop defending that person, it’s sick.

    • Retired Soldier

      I don’t know what kind of Marine you claim to have been, but to say a sniper on the battlefield is committing murder is ignorant.

      • Inna

        What do you call it then? Victory? Honor killing?

        Murder : to kill (a human being) unlawfully and with premeditated malice

        So you go to their country, kill their citizens, so they can have freedom?

        Yep…. sounds like murder to me.

        • kunsunoke

          Go to their country as member of recognized military force.

          Kill the citizens’ oppressors and foreign kiddies bent on oppressing the natives through imposition of a totalitarian worldview.

          Foreign kiddies and oppressors are dead – won’t kill Americans. Not murder.


          Also – sniping is a battlefield tactic practiced by both sides.

    • kunsunoke

      That you were/are a Marine and cannot see the difference between murder and death in warfare is more than a little disconcerting.

      That you see no significance in the mixed nationality of the al-Qaeda volunteers (imperialist irregulars fighting for caliph Osama) means you’re unable to discern even the nature of the conflict in the Middle East.

      At this point you might be confusing it with the conflict you have with the cops outside of the Occupy encampment.

      Either way, doesn’t excuse Ron Paul from his no-class, inappropriate and disgusting comments.

  • Luke

    Ron Paul is totally out of line with these comments. I Was a major supporter of Ron Paul. Now he can go to hell

  • Mr. Paul, he did the job he was ordered to do by his commanders. His commanders ordered it because the politicians decided to have a war or three. The politicians decided to have a war or three because there was a trillion or two dollars in profit to be made, and we, the American people, did not have the guts or compassion to stop them from doing it. We whine and complain and moan that “they” don’t listen to us anyway. We have let the reins go slack, and allowed the horse to follow it’s nose. Maybe Mr. Kyle did have it coming. Maybe, Mr. Paul, you also have it coming. Maybe I have it coming. After all, we are the people, and the power of the country rests with us, and us alone. For good, or for evil.

  • Richard Tyler Jr

    You sir, have not only pissed off the entire military, but every law enforcement officer in the country. We all use firearms in our jobs.

    I USED to support you. No longer.

  • Jared

    John is someone who totally missed the point.

    Those with PTSD are known to have a tendency to become violent without much provocation. If you would ask a MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL, “Hey, should I take my friend with PTSD to a firing range”, regardless of your intentions the professional would have said HELL NO! Loud bangs (gun shots) can lead to an anxiety attack which can provoke violent responses (basically replaying what gave them PTSD in the first place [firefights, death, and destruction] where they were in a battle and had to respond BY SHOOTING SOMEONE). So basically, this guy with PTSD was brought into a situation (firing range: lots of gun shots) where he probably mentally (in his head) re-lived the event that gave him PTSD in the first place, then he responded as if he was living that event (some violent battle) by being violent back to the enemy. In his delusional PTSD world, he shot and killed his enemies.

    Chris Kyle was obviously an intelligent individual, but he should have left the treatment of mental health issues to the PROFESSIONALS. Would Kyle want a therapist shooting enemies for him in a battle!? NO!!! Then why was he doing a therapist’s job!? Kyle’s heart was definitely in the right place to help a fellow soldier deal with the grim realities of modern military conflict and it’s aftermath (PTSD), but his actions were severely misguided and it cost him his friend’s life and his own. It is unfortunate, but it was definitely a case of bad judgment on his part.

    RP is a doctor who understands this situation perfectly. I really doubt his account got hacked, if it did it probably would have said something much worse. RP’s comments may seem insensitive but they make perfect sense. His quote about “he who lives by the sword dies by the sword” is pointing to the tragedy of PTSD and many other things that affect soldiers during and after serving in battle zones: they have a tendency for violence and even those that don’t may become victims of it. There is a definite correlation between soldiers and violence outside of battle zones (ex: beat up wives, fight with others, all without much or no provocation), yet our society does little to fix this problem. Many soldiers come home only to treat their civilian lives like a battle zone, but obviously it’s not their fault. RP was likely also pointing out the tragic irony that Kyle, one our greatest soldiers of all time, was killed not by any enemy but by FRATRICIDE! How can we as a nation allow this sort of stuff to happen!? We let it happen every day when the public vastly ignores the existence and pervasiveness of PTSD and when our military/gov and healthcare systems don’t give those who suffer from it the proper treatment to recover from such a terrible ailment.

    If you actually put down your emotions for one second and think about it, RP’s comments are highly intelligent and seem to have the intention of sparking a conversation amongst the American people about yet another huge problem for our society that is going on ignored and untreated. A hallmark of RP is his ability to spark important dialogues within our society. Often they involve events that harbor a lot of emotion, but the emotional response many have only proves how important it is that We as a nation discuss these matters and come to some sort of resolution.

  • judy Weintraub

    even if Ron Paul had this thought, he wouldn’t say it. I’ve been listening to him for a long time. He doesn’t speak in sound bytes and emotional button pushing terms, that’s one of the things that sets him apart. He is thoughtful, he respects and conveys the complexity of issues, and he’s respectful toward individuals. Anyway, that’s my reaction to this.

    • kunsunoke

      Denial doesn’t work here. Ron Paul issued the Tweet. And then he more or less confirmed the contents of same with his “clarification”.

      Basically, according to Ron Paul, Chris Kyle was a tool of the MIC and deserved what was coming to him. So he said about the same things as Ted Rall said about Pat Tillman before Rall realized Tillman was against the Iraq war.

      The tweet no doubt made Ron Paul somewhat popular among a certain segment of the Occutard movement.

  • Xon

    “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword” . . . hmmm, that’s an intriguing turn of phrase. Where did that come from? Oh, that’s right, Jesus.

    And when Jesus said it, he was speaking directly to a disciple who was attempting him from immediate harm. So . . . we may disagree with this pacifist position, but the point of the phrase is not “if you ever fight in a war, then you have it coming when you die.” It’s rather a warning that even good people who get turned into deliverers of violence often fall to a violent fate themselves. It’s sad, and it happens all the time.

    You can actually support the wars and still agree with Ron Paul’s point here. He’s not blaming the victim. He’s just pointing out a phenomenon – warriors have trouble getting away from the war. Again, it happens all the time. People need to stop freaking out. And people on a page dedicated to Ron Paul himself, of all people, shouldn’t be so naive about what he stands for.

  • Armand

    This article needs to be taken down. This title of this article is putting words in Ron Paul’s mouth which he would certainly not give his blessing to.

    • kunsunoke

      Ron Paul tweeted it, then issued a retraction / clarification. He said it. He’s been caught. Lew Rockwell can’t take the blame this time.


      1) 9/11 was perpetrated by Arab scumbag salafist f-tards, not the Mossad. Also, Building 7 was on fire for hours, which has a deleterious effect on tensile and compressive strength of structural steel.
      2) The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a forgery.
      3) Israel has a problem with too many Arab squatters
      4) Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK.

  • Klown

    John shut the hell up. Stop being that guy who wraps every soldier up in an American flag. The nazi Government hired people to do the exact same thing and we dont weep for them. Murder is murder, whether it is protected by the American Flag or not. I dont care if Ron Pauls twitter was hacked or not, I dont support murderers.

    • kunsunoke

      So Chris Kyle was a murderer, then?

      The truth will set you free.

      You might as well admit if you view Chris Kyle the same way as the hippies of the Progressive Left viewed the soldiers coming back from Vietnam. (Which of course did not include Ron Paul – who never served in combat.)

      The funeral was today. Perhaps you could spit on your monitor instead of on Kyle’s coffin.

  • Char

    So Mr. Paul,
    Don’t think you can have PTSD and still go to the range? You don’t get out much, I think. Let’s pole a few thousand military… and see if there are more like my friends, that do, than you think?
    Sure doesn’t sound like you. I hope to goodness you WERE hacked.

  • John

    Mr. Paul you are out of line with your comments about the sniper who was killed. He lived by the sword because our country hired him to do just that! A little research would be in order before you blab on twitter. I’m a conservative & agree with alot of your views, but you need to know when to put a sock in it.