Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2016?

Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2016?

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  • Yan

    Yes, Ron Paul should run for president in 2016, I’ve been following his work for years now and I’m a Brazilian, i’ve never lived in the USA, although his work has inspired me across the borders. There is no question whether he should run for presidency or not. He must run for president, in fact I belive that he is is one of the few (and you can count these with only one hand) which can start to take the country out of the pit which it has fallen into.
    The US were an inspiration to all countries across the whole world, but now if you ask me, we are all trying to reverse engineer the cosmic effects that it brought upon us. The occult socialism behind the “democracy”(just search KGB social engineering) , corporations demolishing our freedoms. And the worst is the merging between the two that is happening behind the scenes!


  • Phil

    Yes you should run and keep running until they put you on the Ballot. I would have voted for you, and I will vote for you. Cant we just all write your name on the voting ballot. The candidates that are selected are not who the people want, its who the party leaders want. No one has ever came to my door and asked me who would you like to see run for President?

  • Bob Vondruska

    kay marie said, “You people are really scary nut cases”. No kay marie, it is you (and your ilk) that are the scary nut cases. People like yourself who are too ignorant to make logical choices, and so eager to follow idiot establishment figures right off a cliff like lemmings are the scary ones!

  • kay marie

    You people are really scary nut cases

  • Bob Vondruska

    When I look back at the 2012 election and think about it for what it was (a squandered opportunity), it pisses me off. The thought of people so stupid as to think that Mitt Romney ever even had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning blows my mind. What part of Romney being “unelectable” did these people not understand? The Romney camp and Republican Party thinking (on election day) that Romney was going to win must have been smoking crack. I said it from the beginning that Romney would get trounced if he became the nominee.
    It’s sad that our nation could not see what a great President Ron Paul would have been. Instead, they chose to WASTE THEIR VOTE on a loser like Romney, or enjoy getting further in debt with Obama. Thank God some people can see through the BS!

  • John

    Yes, even though we don’t deserve him.

  • Lauren

    I think Ron Paul should definitely run! I was hoping he would win the 2012 election but of course Obama won *rolls eyes* obama’s going to put this country in RUINS. We need change and Ron Paul is perfect. He influenced me to get into politics and I would hate to see anybody but him win.

  • Kevin L

    yes, but run independent, not with the GOP.

  • sam stephens

    Ron this last election was ground breaking Please dont give up! This next election is yours The Revolution is stronger then ever and is still growing! Please Ron your the only man for the job and We are all behind you!

    – Loyal California RP supporter

    • kyle landrith

      We need a true patriot and free man as president, not some puppet talking head that’s spews happy feel good speeches.

  • Eric Tucker

    Yes absolutly she should run. He is the only one true person who can change the crash course of this country. I love my country but it has fell so far from its principals and truths that I have lost all hope for it. It is not anymore about freedom and liberty but of greed, corruption, and big goverment. America was founded for its people but now the people are the ones who suffer because of our goverments mistakes and the people have to pay the price. I don’t blame him for not running cause he has done above and beyond of a true patriot. But I believe if he is not cheated out the GOP primaries and would have been our president today. We his supports need to go all out for 2016 and spread the truth because the media will not because they fear change…. I just pray America can survive till 2016…………..

  • Ryan

    I hate to say it but 4th time won’t be a charm. It’s obvious Ron Paul can’t win a republican vote. It’s obvious that media outlets perpusely obscure him every time he runs. He’s just not stubborn enough (which is a GOOD thing) to win republican nominee. Come on Ron Paul 3rd Part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jim

    Ron Paul is great, but our world is devolving from greed and violence. Unless there is a spiritual revolution, human civilization is doomed. WE are one. Life (all life – human, animal, plant, air, soils, waters) is beyond price, and we are throwing it away for money which cannot save us or life on our planet. All violence is violence against ONE self. The violent suffer and are dragged into a pit of vileness as surely as their victims. Unless human beings wake up to face their spiritual connection to one another and all living creatures on our planet, we will continue to devolve into the enormous pit which greed and violence have created. Humanity must let go of money and violence, and choose life instead. There is no other way. Life is what matters. Money and violence will destroy everyone and everything, and human civilization will have been a long march in misery and suffering to an ending in massive death that we chose. Our own atmosphere will be lost such as we can observe on the planet Mars. We are running out of time to even choose life, not just human life, all life. We are choosing money and violence over life and love, but both will fail us … utterly. If Ron Paul truly wants a revolution, it will have to be a spiritual one. No other revolution (political or monetary or any type) can save humanity. In the end, the choice is to let go of money and violence, and save ourselves and all life on our planet. There is NO other way. Life (all life, not just human life) and love are a choice as are money and violence. We are running out of time to choose life and love. They are disappearing as I typed this paragraph. It would be hard to come up with a more dishonorable and tragic ending to human civilization, and our jewel of a planet, earth.

  • Cheiro Honlomarr

    My wife and I love Ron Paul and his whole family which includes all who love Liberty. And as a man of 73 years old I believe that Ron has done what he can to excite the New Energy Youth which includes his own Son Rand Paul. I would prefer that Ron Paul would not retire, however, he might consider being available to coach the New Energy people. Never retire. Thanks.

  • Bob Vondruska

    Yes, Ron Paul should run for President in 2016! I know that the son (Rand) has plans to run in 2016 but I’m just not ready for “Ron Paul lite”. I would much prefer the real deal (a true Libertarian) over a small “l” libertarian that simpathizes with the Republican establishment.
    I sincerely hope that Ron Paul does not step aside and expect his supporters to have the same enthusiasm for Rand; it’s just not going to happen. As a matter of fact, I can confidently predict that if Rand Paul were to become the Republican nominee in 2016, he would have little chance of beating Hillary Clinton. Ron Paul on the other hand would easily beat Hillary Clinton or anyone else the Democrats can pull out of their hat.
    It has to be Ron Paul in 2016 or our nation will crumble!

  • I love Ron Paul and thank him for all he has done. He deserves to spend more time with his beutiful bride and leave the fight for liberty to the next generation. He has already gone above and beyond, we do not have the right to ask more from him.