Ron Paul Calls on United Nations to Confiscate

Update: The dispute was peacefully resolved on May 22, 2013. WIPO ruled that shall remain with its current owners. The fight for liberty continues.

  • Matt S

    Sell it to Ron for a fair price. Stop being a thorn in the side to someone you claim you support.

    • Carlc2210

      And what to you is a fair price? $1.00

    • Jim

      Why isn’t 250k a fair price? This site has millions of hits per month, probably generates a lot in advertising, has accrued a massive email list of supporters and has involved a lot of hard work from the owners.

      Ron Paul should have some philosophical consistency and pay the free market going rate, it’s not his domain it’s owned by those that purchased it.


    • Nonpaul supporter

      The contact list alone is worth $250k. If he doesn’t pay them, they should sell the list to someone else. Damn him.

  • Anonymous

    Overall, I think the domain owners have the right to keep the domain.

    At the same time, there’s no way they’re real Ron Paul supporters if they wouldn’t give the man himself a simple domain name.

    I mean really? It’s obvious you’re making money off of this site; being the most common name (I want Ron Paul, let’s try!), you clearly get traffic just because of the domain. Judging by how hard you’re holding onto this domain; I’d say it’s the ONLY thing that brings people to your site. IF the quality was what was bringing people in, then changing the domain wouldn’t hurt you at all. But it’s not. You get visitors just because of the name.

    Bottom line; the domain owners don’t want to give up the income associated with the domain. Technically, they shouldn’t have to; but if you have any bit of decency and respect for all Dr. Paul did for 30 years, it’d be nice to give him his own name for a domain name.

    • AdamGmoney

      Why? The principles Dr.Paul ran on, the things he stood for, are what his SUPPORTERS stand for, & THAT is the reason for Dr.Paul’s success.
      This site is FOR his supporters, not for him.
      Based upon his PRINCIPLES, which are OUR principles!

      Why should the people who: BUILT this site, put the work in, RUN it, & share it’s content w/ Ron Paul (free advertising) & his principles’ supporters for FREE… give their hard earned business away?

      Work hard : Make money – & that’s a problem for Libertarians??!
      Since when?!
      What happened to free markets?
      Is Obama right, did the guys who built this site, NOT build it?

    • Edward

      The current owners are doing a great job of managing the domain…if you want Jesse Benton and the rest of the incompetent Paul staff running the site then it can be handed over to Ron Paul

    • Carlc2210

      Yeah something like

  • Andrew

    Just please give the domain name to Ron Paul for free or for what you pay every year to keep it up. It is ridiculous YOU want to cause so much grief with this. He needs this domain to keep the message of liberty going. Just stop it!

    • Chase

      i don’t believe you get it.

    • Nonpaul supporter

      He needs to keep the message of liberty while not practicing it? Now that’s funny.

  • JeffersonLives

    Stop yanking Ron around and sell the domain to him for a fair price, what do you pay for it a year? About 12 bucks or so….come on Let the man have his platform to speak from. This is stupid and childish… I heard you want close to a million for the domain…. that’s a pretty dick move to try and extort Ron Paul for money. Bottom line…give him the domain.

    • AdamGmoney

      Isn’t this OUR platform? Isn’t his about FREEDOM?

      The Daily Paul charges $5 per Month for membership, or more…

      This is free to post, to communicate. , the FANSITE, the way it has been, is what Ron Paul 2012 was all about, it’s what the rEVOLution was all about!

      • AdamGmoney

        “our” meaning the grass roots, supporters

        I am in no way associated with this website, though a fan

      • Krister

        Bullshit. You do not need to be a paying member to have an account on The Daily Paul.

  • Steve Holmes

    I would like to know if ask Ron Paul to use his name for their web site?

    • AdamGmoney

      Free speech, right?

      • Nate B

        Not when it comes to your name. It has been decided in courts that with domain names, your name is protect from use without consent. is going to lose this fight, and rightfully so. If you were smart, you would offer it to him at a very reasonable price, avoid court and the associated fees, and have it taken from you.

        • AdamGmoney

          Ok. Fine. Good explaination, i have no problem at all with PROPERTY RIGHTS.

          But why the UN?

          • AdamGmoney

            We have pro-UN people on ????

            I smell Troll

  • Robert

    After 30 years of having to fight the tyranny in Washington, and delivering the message of liberty & freedom to all of us. I say the least we can do to return the favor is to give the man his own domain

    He’s caused the liberty message to finally get into the mainstream audience, and are you domain owners really going to halt the progress of the liberty movement by not allowing Dr. Paul to have

    • Carlc2210

      His (Ron Paul) actions in this matter abrogate the meaning of the message he has been championing all these years. I personnally think old age is begining to effect his judgement. What is really upsetting is that all you posting here that say he should just get this domain name for nothing don’t see the hypocracy of that demand. To say that Ron Paul himself, as well as the Liberty Movement, has not benefited from the existance of this site is delusional at best. The owners of this site have spent many hours organizing and maintaining it. If there is a lucrative revenue stream from that then they should be able to benefit from it since their time and labor created it. Or would those principals be to capitalistic and libertarian for you.

  • This is disgraceful. I am profoundly regretting caving on my anarchist principles to support him during the presidential race. Statists gonna State.

  • George

    One word: Newsletters
    While you have best intentions now, and you may have carried his message quite well.. he still needs to think about how the Newsletters with his name on them even when he swears he wasn’t the author of articles published still hurt his chances and were used to beat him over the head at every turn.
    You own the equivalent to the digital newsletter stationary.
    Keep that in mind when you think about his position.

  • Kyle Wilson

    I say give the guy the damn website, or stop pretending you’re doing this all for him.

    • Edward

      What about the corrent owners’ property rights? Ron Paul shouldn’t be using anything other than the free market he adores so much to acquire this domain.

  • Jake

    I don’t think the current owners of have an unfair point. When it comes to Ron Paul related events and news, this site has been better than any of the sites that claim to provide information on Ron Paul and the liberty movement.

    No one should gain ownership of a domain simply because it shares the name of a specific individual; even if it is Ron Paul.’s offer is perfectly valid, and it is shameful of Ron Paul’s staff to use turn their fanbase against the current owners of to get it for free.

    Don’t we like competition as libertarians? Let stand and compete against each other so both will have an incentive to increase quality.

    Don’t let your loyalty to Ron Paul blind you and end up making you exactly what the liberty movement fights against.

  • Dave

    Your refusal to give Ron his name is absurd.

    You state you will post previous positive comments from Ron Paul’s staffers in future. So what? Those past comments have nothing to do whatsoever with this issue.

    You mention the many many hours you’ve toiled on this site. Why do you imply that past work is a valid reason to ask Ron for money today? Any clear-thinking individual knows there was never any such agreement. The money you made (or lost) over the years working on this site is utterly immaterial to this dispute.

    Others have commented that Ron is not threatening your site. Absolutely correct. You can continue to host it on a different domain. You continue to own your email list. You might have had a bit of dropoff in traffic when changing over to a different domain name, but I will bet that you’ll have a much larger drop off by behaving in this manner.

    OK, you’ve put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this thing for years. Why on earth do you think that it’s ok to shake Ron (or his donors, indirectly) down to gain control of his name.

    It’s preposterous. Shame on you.

    • Carlc2210

      You are one sad and profoundly confused individual. You have no concept of captialism or libertarianism. Which is why people of you ilk have so woefully diluted the libery movement.

  • Ed

    Stop wasting our time. We want to hear what Ron Paul has to say. He has important work to do. Give him

    • Carlc2210


  • Rly?

    So much for supporting free market model.

  • Jon

    Ron Paul just wants the domain name, not your website. There is a difference. You are NOT Ron Paul so the name of your website should not matter that much. For those of us who have followed this from the beginning, we know he asked politely for you to give up the domain name so that he could rightfully own it.
    It makes sense because HE IS RON PAUL. You are not. He can more easily promote his message with a simple and easy to find domain name which he should have owned in the first place.

    You have profited enough from his name and after this you don’t deserve the business. You are in the wrong here and you know it. While you may have the right to own the domain name you are still over stepping morality by keeping it for yourself.

    Just like the GOP you have alienated your supporters for profit. Good luck re-cooping your losses.

    • Grant

      Huge fan of Paul here. But going to be honest nobody can own a name. If was misrepresenting him that would be something but I don’t think so. This is a fan site. I think offering for free is a very nice gesture. It’s not like org isn’t used regularly. for example. So while I usually agree with Ron Paul, I don’t agree here. Though I understand wanting to have your name. I had to preregister my name and usernames etc. I don’t have the UN to depend on to get stuff.

      • Steve

        Actually, you absolutely can own a name. It’s called a trademark, a brand. And Ron Paul is a brand. It’s his brand.

        Adam, you think you’ve put blood sweat and tears developing over the past 5 years, imagine the blood swear and tears of developing Ron Paul and his fight for liberty, and to make that name synonymous to LIBERTY over the past 30 years!

        It’s his name. Give it back to him.

      • Carlc2210

        Yeah and .org sounds more official and a lot less commercial (as in .com)

    • AdamGmoney

      THAT….. is a reasonable argument.

      The thing that is bugging me though is, why the UN?!

      • Carlc2210

        Adam – what really saddens me is the number of irrational, emotional posters here. I can not help but be disillusioned with the people who seem to be make up the bulk of RP supporters currently. It truely seems a cult of personality now (as I stated in a previous post). I have a hard time accepting that Ron Paul, the man, is endorsing this, it truly is disheartening.

    • Jeff Anderson

      Yes, there is a difference. That doesn’t take away from the fact that this will significantly harm the business they have spent several years building. As they stated, all the links scattered across the internet that point to anything on will be broken if the name is forcibly transferred, and they have to adopt a new name for their site.
      Is the offer to hand over without charge not a fair offer? Is the confiscation of property with real market value not theft? Does Dr. Paul truly believe in the free market? Will he now leverage the political means and greatly harm a free market operation?
      I arrived here from a link provided by Lew Rockwell on his blog. I am surprised, and disappointed at the shallowness of his support for this attempted theft. I expected better from Ron and Lew. This is the rightful property of the person who first used it. That is not Ron Paul. His personal name does not include a .com

  • Derp

    Property rights… Do you really blame him for demanding control of his name?

    Ron Paul is the owner of RON PAUL U.S. trademark. Ron Paul has acquired rights in the mark by virtue of it’s use within the United States, including a large volume of sales of Dr. Paul’s books. The RON PAUL mark has achieved a secondary meaning associated with Ron Paul sufficient to establish common law trademark rights. RON PAUL has long been associated with Dr. Paul’s books, articles, public appearances, and political commentary.”

    So… Tim Martin & Team are trying to solicit $250,000 when he already owns the rights.

    Obvious future result is obvious.

    • Jeff Anderson

      Ron Paul is his name, whereas is not. It is not his property simply because it contains his name as a part. They made him a fair offer of at no charge. They would probably readily hand over most or all of the other domain names they have registered containing ronpaul, as well. The disruption to the availability of information linked to using is a significant factor that should be considered in this. It goes way beyond the financial loss of the current domain name owners.
      If this were truly the rightful property of Ron Paul, then the culprits are the original registrars of the domain that collected the fees and provided the current owners with the exclusive right to Don’t take that as a defense of this attempted theft by Dr. Paul. He and his legal advisors are in the wrong, morally, if not legally.

      • Steve

        Actually it is. If it’s true that he owns the trademark RON PAUL, he absolutely has the right to take back Do you think that if someone happened to buy before walmart had a chance to get it that they wouldn’t be able to get it back?

        And for those that are complaining about this whole UN thing.

        Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) is the standard international (since domains and .com can be purchased from anyone around the globe) means of re-acquiring domain names that business and individuals own trademark to. The fact that they are associated with the UN is a mute point.

        Name me another organization that works to give brand owners back the ownership of the domain associated with their brand.

        As a graphic and web designer, I am familiar with UDRP and had to submit a request with them for a client that needed a website back that they held the trademark rights to. So am I somehow evil for working with a group that is associated with the UN?

        In fact, a quick google search came up with this:

        “The UDRP is followed by ALL REGISTRARS of the following generic top-level domain (gTLD) names: .aero, .asia, .biz., .cat, .COM, .coop, .info, .jobs, .mobi, .museum, .name, .net, .org, .pro, .tel, .travel and .xxx. The UDRP has been adopted by all accredited gTLD domain-name registrars. Thus the UDRP is incorporated into every gTLD domain name Registration Agreement, which is the agreement between the accredited registrar and the registrant, providing for registration of a domain name. ”

        Emphasis added to ALL REGISTRARS and .COM.

        And as far as I can tell, there are no alternatives to using UDRP to recover domains names in disputes such as this. So to push back on the use of UDRP as somehow against free market or against Ron Paul’s character or integrity is a disservice to the man and the legacy he’s given us.


      • Steve

        So Adam, how does it feel for, yourself, to be associated with the UN since you agreed to their terms when you registered your domain. According to that quote, which was information that took me 30 SECONDS to find on google, it’s clear that you agreed to the terms set by UDRP.

        Bet you didn’t read that agreement. I know I didn’t when I registered my domain names, and I’ve registered hundreds in my career.

        Trademark Laws + gTLD Service Agreement = Ron Paul will get back. I would suggest you immediately plan on changing domain names ASAP and end the madness, give it back to him voluntarily.

    • Carlc2210

      Your moniker is appropos DERP

  • kevin

    honestly, it is his name, pictures of him and his life. lets not forget that we need to stick together on the real issues – civil liberties. This site just wouldn’t exist without him.

  • Daro

    Tim, honestly ask to work for him and co-run the website with him. You are a big reason i started following closer, because i got easy updates. Ask for a partnership.

  • Taylor

    You know, it’s funny — you could just relocate your domain elsewhere, update the URL’s and still have everything. You can even keep your mailing list. While it is a free country, it’s a pretty disingenuous response on your part. If you truly supported him, you’d give him the domains for free. If you ran a fan club for something and the owner/creator/artist came and asked for it (and you were truly fans), you’d give it up.

    You guys have already made a ton from ads and merchandise sales, anyway. Makes me wonder if you guys ever even donated that to Ron Paul.

    I’d also be curious to see whether this comment even stays.

    • Jeff Anderson

      Not that easy. All the links on all the sites across the internet that link to anything on the existing site would immediately be rendered invalid, and the current owners of this site cannot simply fix links on other people’s sites.

    • Carlc2210

      I am surely getting tired of the illogical and emotional tripe being spewed by simpletons like you. If these are the fruits of the libertarian and free market principals that Ron Paul was trying to teach over the last 30 yrs than I would say that his effort has failed.

  • Paul

    I feel that the asking price is probably a bit high. I also think that his lawyers are probably decent at best.

  • Nate

    Always a staunch supporter, I am becoming increasingly disenchanted with Ron Paul.