Ron Paul Calls on United Nations to Confiscate

Update: The dispute was peacefully resolved on May 22, 2013. WIPO ruled that shall remain with its current owners. The fight for liberty continues.

  • heath in arizona

    ron paul revolution is now over because of these idiots

    ron pauls good name is now forever tarnished because of their greed was never a top tier site, it was always a t-shirt, hat, bumper sticker site that sold swag off pauls good name.

    i hope you idiots who run this site are happy with what you have done


  • Luke

    The whole idea of selling a domain name is pretty lame all together. The registry is a non-profit, it sells the names for like $2-3 to registrars. Then you have hoarders buying the names by the thousands for $5 each. Others rush to buy names before the topic becomes popular, or they wait for registrations to expire and snatch them up. Whoever is first gets the gold. Its rubbish, truly. There is so much profit being driven by what amounts to a community service.

    So, I don’t know how the legal stuff is going to work out, but at least consider a few facts.

    * Most people who go to expect to find a site owned by him
    * The majority of your content is about him.
    * You do very little work to generate site content, he generates it for you.
    * Without his efforts, the site would be entirely worthless.
    * Your data is a collection of people who care about him.
    * You don’t even pay extraordinary prices for hosting, every video I’ve seen on here was hosted by YouTube.

    Point is, your trying to charge him based on the value of this site. The value of this site is based on his work. Kinda twisted, right? You’re fighting the person who makes you money, biting the hand that feeds you.

    And to poke him about going to the U.N. is pretty crazy. ICANN is an international organization. The U.N. is an international government. He was likely advised by his lawyers what approach would be best. Just because he is critical of the U.N., it doesn’t mean he can ignore or boycott them. I dislike lots of things that I have to deal with on the daily.

    “Harmony” said it best. If you really care about Dr Paul and his message, you’ll help him by giving him the domains. I’m sure they’d work with you while you notify your fans about your move. With any luck, they might even offer to link to you. Your fans would also probably +1 you for giving the domain up, also, and will appreciate the fact that you sacrificed for the message of liberty.

    But, if you don’t care about Dr Paul, that’s fine too, keep the domains. Just admit that you’re in it for the money and care very little for any sort of ideology.


  • Empty Vee

    There’s probably a zillion Ron Pauls in the U.S. This domain is not “his” anymore than it belongs to any other Ron Paul.

    • Jacob Begin

      This site represents Ron Paul the one we all know and mostly support. Your empty notion that this site depicts just any Ron Paul out their is nonsense.

  • Pssshh

    Here is why this is stupid of Paul:
    -Ron Paul isn’t the only Ron Paul on earth so he doesn’t just get the site
    -RP preaches against UN forever in meddling yet runs to them at first chance
    -demanding it be seized by a govt without compensation is not in the spirit of a free market
    -these guys have been pushing RP hard and spreading the liberty message and turning on your own ilk is greedy
    -if he wins i’m going to give up on RP the man and just focus on his ideals (at least the old ones)

    I support the site and their stand against global tyranny!

    • Actually, yes he can legally get this site. Read the laws.

    • Jesse

      Uh, he has a TRADEMARK on his political name, Ron Paul. As the man said before me, “read the laws.”

  • James

    I fail to see why you can’t continue this site using and hand over RP’s domain name in the interests and the cause of Liberty if nothing else, that would be the patriotic thing to do.
    I can’t imagine why Ron Paul would need a mailing list of his own supporters, let alone be forced to pay for it.
    Do the right thing, and offer it at a reasonable cost (10k) and show your more concerned with the problems facing America than your bank balance.

  • Why is this surprising to anyone?
    I am about sick of schizophrenic anarchists trying to rationalize constitutionalism and electoral wanking. ‘Education’ my ass. Most Paulbots are goddamn idiots and conservatards.

  • GreedyFalsePaulFollower

    P L E A S E !
    S T O P
    T H I S
    N O N E – S E N S E !



  • Jacob

    Based on what I know of the issue I think both sides have made some bad moves, however, there is definitely a different Ron Paul now than when he was in office. He seems to have lost his ethical filter. I’ve used this site for years and if he wanted or needed it in the past he should have requested then. Going to the UN of all places is so screwed up. I support the folks at and I pray that Ron Paul himself comes to his senses. Without the folks at this site or the hundreds of other related sites Paul would have never even made it into the debates, he needs to remember that.

    • David

      Ron Paul is not “a different Ron Paul now than when he was in office.” It’s just that now he is revealing who he was all along.

    • Dave Head

      He was not allowed to request the website while e was in Congress. It was against its internal rules. He had to ait until he was a private citizen again.

  • Paulsupporter

    I hope everything goes well between you all and Dr. Paul and this gets settled. You all put work and time into this site and if you have the rights to this domain should therefore have the right to sell it and not have it taken from you, even if and especially if its from the man you designed it to support. How is offering to sell the site to Dr. Paul extortion Mr. Head? I think Paul should have just offered to hire the maintainers of this site to run it for him directly.

  • I’m an expert in domain disputes. Ron Paul does not have a slam dunk case to get the domains back. If the owners pay the $1,500 per domain for a 3-person UDRP panel, it’s likely they’ll win the .com and very likely they’ll keep the .org. If they don’t pay the $1,500, there will be only one so-called judge and they’ll lose because the system is corrupt.

    Since they offered to give away the .org, even a 1-person so-called judge would feel pressure to rule in their favor.

    Numerous UDRP cases have shown that politicans do not get the same protections as others. Also, if Paul allowed the domains to expire earlier, that will hurt him. Paul also waited 4.5 years before filing, not good for him.

    Politicians’ names do not easily support trademark interests per case precedent.

    As an example, Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend lost a UDRP ruling. Meg Whitman, former eBay CEO lost when she filed on several political-related domains. Even Glenn Beck lost a case. In several rulings, owners retained domains because political activities are protected as political speech by the First Amendment.

    • Jacob Begin

      Who cares about your expert opinion on Domains. This is not worth the sweat off of Ron Paul’s Balls. This is’nt exactly Paul Mcartneys catalog. The Guy just doesn’t like middle men. He is launching his own thing. Thank you very much.

  • harold

    The lesson here is that the next time you think you’ve found your hero, think again.

    This is how politicians really are.

    Don’t be so blind to the truth next time.

  • Dave Head

    Damn Aussies. Your ancestors were criminals evicted from England, and I see you still carry the criminal element in your genes. EXTORTION is what it is called when you try to demand $800,000 for that rightfully belongs to him (per ICANN rules) (which you probably already know).

    Damn you to HELL you damn dirty apes.

  • Harmony

    If you a true Ron Paul supporter you will donate that domain name to DR Ron Paul for good cause. if not then we believe you’ve had a completely different agenda from the beginning

  • Reality

    Soooo, just what does ‘irony’ taste like ?

  • Joe Dupre

    Look, I like what Ron Paul did, (or rather didn’t do) while in office and would consider myself a supporter. But this is embarrassing. Trying to take the domain name by force? Why now? It seems he didn’t have a problem with for the last few years. I call BS.

  • David

    I saw it coming a long time ago–Alex Jones and Ron Paul teamed up to hoodwink libertarians out of their money and time. When Ron Paul refused to stand up to the false vote counts in the primaries it confirmed to me that he was never in it to win.
    I hate to say it, but there is not one congressman who is not sold out. They all play the game (and some, like Ron Paul and Alex Jones, are really good actors), but they are in so deep with evil that they cannot do anything except what they are told by their handlers.

    • Delusional much?

      • Richard

        Not as delusional as anyone who still thinks Ron Paul was ever really in it for the people.

  • Joseph

    Why Ron Paul’s complaint to the UN Intellectual Property Organization makes sense
    Posted on February 10, 2013

    Now why would Ron Paul do such a thing? Well, first let’s look at the liberty leader’s intent;

    Ron Paul has stated that he intends to being a new liberty-centered online television-like web series, to continue the ideological revolution. On the Alex Jones show he stated his desire to utilize the most logical domain name available to further this cause:

    Anybody who understands how to file a complaint in the legal system, knows that the first order of the complaint is to file within the correct jurisdiction. Failure to do so is a waste of time and money, as your case will likely be thrown out.

    If you look at the address of the defendant indicated in the complaint, you will notice that the primary address of the respondent is located in Fortitude Valley, a suburb of Queensland, Australia. Therefore, a body of international jurisdiction is necessary for Ron Paul’s complaint to be acknowledged. This does not mean that Ron Paul endorses the United Nations (obviously). He is simply working within the existing body of international law.

    Realistically, if the owners of had good intentions to advance the cause of liberty, they would transfer the domain name to Ron Paul. Furthermore, they would offer their skills to Ron Paul in request of employment so they may continue involvement operating the website.

    Ron Paul is still the man we all know and love.

    His constituents need not obstruct his (and our) desires to further Liberty.

    • Richard

      Yeah he’s still the same guy who would sell you down the river for a dollar.

    • Nakai

      His reasons for wanting the domain are irrelevant. If he wanted it, he should have bought it. Trying to force it through the UN is.. awful and hypocritical.

  • Rob

    This is ridiculous. The site is popular because of him. If the owners of the domain want to fight him instead of giving over, they will end up not liking him anyway. Give him his website because it is about him. If they want a libertarian website than they should use their mailing list to inform people of a new site not attached to a figurehead like Paul. Keeping the site and making him go through a legal battle does nothing for the cause of liberty but divide it. The fact that they want to hold onto this sight shows that they care more about money than Paul and his ideas. Stop making Paul a villain.

  • Bendrix

    I wanted to buy a web domain with the name of my wife but it was already taken. By the moronic comments I’ve read here my wife and I should be able to take the person to court and get the domain for free IF they do not have my wife’s name. And how many other Ron Pauls will be able to take this to court? How would they decide who wins? I think it should be the oldest Ron gets the domain name as he will have had the name for the longest time.
    ….Stupid primates!

    • JoinOrDie

      No, unless the site is already about your wife, which I’m presuming it’s not. This site is obviously about a specific Ron Paul. Think about it.

  • Brent

    Names, words, and ideas are not property. Intellectual property is quite the opposite; it’s decisively anti-libertarian. Sorry, but you have no understanding of private property rights if you think names can be private property.

    • The courts would disagree…your opinion is worthless.

      • Brent

        I don’t care whatsoever about the court and precedent or anything like that. Since when does what’s law mean what’s moral? You’re quite a terrible libertarian, too, if you’re using an appeal to the State to try to counter my opinion, which is furthest thing from “worthless.” It’s the court’s and the government’s opinions that are ultimately worthless when it comes to determining what’s moral and what constitutes as private property rights.