Ron Paul Calls on United Nations to Confiscate

Update: The dispute was peacefully resolved on May 22, 2013. WIPO ruled that shall remain with its current owners. The fight for liberty continues.

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  • Gary Johnson

    I gotta say, this is hilarious. The UN is so weak and/or evil (depending on the time of day) that RON PAUL uses it to confiscate a website from rather devoted followers. This is the perfect storm and I love it.


    • mike

      LOL Gitmo Gary! are you done crowd surfing yet?

  • Dave Head

    I’m surprised by all the Ron Paul hate.

    I’ve disagreed with Paul on many, many things. Like his anti-gay marriage stance. I still supported him though because there’s no such thing as a man who agrees with everything I believe. To expect 100% agreement is unrealistic on your part.

  • Michelle

    Any and all politics aside, I have to say I agree with Mr. Paul. He should be able to have the and .org website names. You could change to or something like that. Give it up, guys.

  • RonPaulFan

    You guys are making money off his name. He deserves the site for free. He’s not the bad guy here. There is no bad guy in this situation, you guys are honest supporters of Dr. Paul. But if he wants his site with his name, he deserves to have it for free.
    Ron Paul should not have to buy his own name for crying out loud.
    Please give him the site and lets not make this an issue that will be used against him in the future.
    Thank you.

  • Matt

    He’s the same as he’s always been. The only difference now is that you’re the ones getting punked.

  • Ron is a commie

    New Ron Paul flag

    The Hammer and the Sickle!

    You let us down Mr. Paul!

    • Coruscant

      Ron Paul is this decades Ross Perot. He corralled the votes he needed to to swing the election the way his and the rest of the politicians masters wanted him to. He is a sellout. Present the truth but not act on the truth, What more need be said?

  • Ted R

    Our last saviour Ron Paul was a U.N. statist the whole time.

    I’m shocked at this news!

    Had no idea Ron Paul is a communist!

  • Pay up Ron

    Ron should pay more than $800,000 its only fair.

    This traffic this site gets is incredible, this place sells alot of hoodies and is worth at least 2 million.

  • Dave Head

    Lots of people attribute things to Paul he never said. The 9/11 Truthers claim he thinks it was an inside job (but he has actually denied that he thinks that). You guys think Paul is against copyright and trademark, and yet he has gone and trademarked his own name (which is why the domain is his).

    Some people think he’s pro-gay but he has stated he would pass laws at the state level to ban gay marriage. You need to understand who Ron Paul actually *is* not some imaginary conception. He is a liberty-leaning Christian and Republican, not a libertarian






    • JoinOrDie

      Maybe you should research how to initiate arbitration over domain name disputes, and see that this is really his only option. It’s not a “tribunal,” it’s arbitration. OR SHOULD I DO THIS SO YOU CAN CLEARLY UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M SAYING?

  • Ron Paul is a DIRTBAG!


    Ron Paul has been lying to us!

    Had know idea Ron Paul loved the UN.

    Maybe its good Ron Paul wasnt elected.

    This proves Mr Paul was not who he said he was!

  • Wow, just wow

    If the comments on this article are representative of Ron Paul supporters I’m glad that guy didn’t get elected.

  • Sergius

    Kinda makes you wish you hadn’t sided with him when he abused trademark law to try to expose the people that made the fake anti-Huntsman video, right?

    Now the shoe is in the other foot.

  • JamesCarbon

    This is very out of character of Dr. Paul. The domain name legally belongs to someone else. One could make the argument that Ron Paul is a common name and if Dr. Paul is entitled to the domain name so is every other Ron Paul in the world. Technically his name is (Ronald) Paul. So he would be more entitled to the domain name Im sick of this crap and I prefer to hear what Dr. Paul has to say for himself

    • JoinOrDie

      Does the merchandise look like one of the thousand other Ron Paul’s? Or is it a specific Ron Paul? These people are making a fortune off of him, with nothing going to him.

  • Jacob Begin

    And What is that Mr. Head. I’m sure your Mr wisdom yourself.

  • Barbara Fischer-Bunce

    Keep your mailing list, Ron Paul has a better one, getting a website with someone elses name without their permission is illegal; because you saw a way to make money, and you did; you have no right to someone elses’ name. Yes you raised money, thank you, but you don’t own someone’s name.
    Thank you; but you are not Ron Paul.






  • Tom

    I don’t support Ron Paul at all in this decision! I spent a lot of time talking to others about Ron Paul, freedom, liberty and the Constitution. The lawsuit talks about “bad faith”. I think it is bad faith for Paul to try and take something which he did not create. The site owners spent countless hours helping Ron Paul and the liberty movement. He should just be grateful and move on with his retirement. As someone who loves Ron Paul and looks up to him sincerely, this hurts me.

    I was a county delegate who sent a Ron Paul delegate to Florida and I do not support Paul in this decision.

  • bill

    Both sides have a solid point, its his name, but also this site is what it is because of the work that has been put into it and Ron’s work.

    BUT this site made an offer to Ron(does not matter if you think its over priced or not they did) Ron did not even come back with a counter he went to the U.N.

    now here is Ron Paul the most consistent politician in the federal gov in decades, who has railed against the U.N. now he goes to the U.N. to get ‘his’ site WTF.

    This is why politics will NEVER work

  • Joshua

    Your letter makes you sound like a cyber squatter. You say in one breath how much harm it would be to shut the site down and ruin all the URLs that redirect to articles on the site. But then in the other breath make the whole thing sound perfectly fine as long as they pay 250K. It sounds like extortion.

    Plus you really shouldn’t be such an extremist. Calling him a sellout to the UN is pushing the envelope and not going to help your cause. ICANN is one of the few items that should be shared among all nations as no single government should have absolute control over the DNS name resolutions of the entire internet.