Ron Paul Calls on United Nations to Confiscate

Update: The dispute was peacefully resolved on May 22, 2013. WIPO ruled that shall remain with its current owners. The fight for liberty continues.

  • Edward

    Dr. Paul is clearly in the wrong and I spent countless hours campaigning for him in the Florida primary…let me tell you all the whole story about

    If you want Jesse Benton or the other incompetent campaign staff managing badly the site, then it should be handed over to RP. The current owners bought it on Ebay back in 2008 from a man whose name was also Ron Paul…they didn’t cybersquat and initially register the domain themselves…cost them over 25K on Ebay…a friend of mine told me this


    “If Ron Paul could hire competent people, he would already own the damned thing. They are supporters who bought it at an auction, while his staff, as usual, ignored all the pleas from the grassroots to buy the damned thing for Ron.
    No sympathy for him at all in this. The people that bought it kept the domain from falling into neocon hands, they spent their time and their money using the site to do nothing but support Ron and his message, and this is the thanks they get. No wonder libertarianism turns off so many people.
    If Ron had any sense, he’d hire them to run the site. That’s the win/win solution. But selling it to him would mean it will be run badly. If you doubt that for one second, check out his recent Facebook and Twitter posts. I suspect this is just another effort by those close to him to cash in on his name, now that the campaign well has run dry.
    The story is this: another guy named Ron Paul owned it. He wasn’t a fan and wouldn’t sell it until the 2008 campaign was winding down. Then, he put it on eBay because they couldn’t get on touch with Ron through the campaign.
    I was one of the people calling and emailing the campaign. I had Benton’s cell phone number – I personally left him messages. I called the office several times, I emailed the eBay listing to every Ron Paul contact I could find. The people that bought it did him a favor. Seeing millionaire Lew snark about the price they’re asking is salt in the wound. Why the hell didn’t he buy it back then, either?”

    • Luke

      $250k is too much, $25k is too much.

      He doesn’t need sympathy, he just needs the ICANN terms of use.

      The current owners made a business investment, and profited from it. Unfortunately that investment was based on, and those profits dervied from, an infringement on a registered trademark. Dr Paul could file suit, or any number of other things… but no, he just wants the domain, the one he made popular, the one he’s entitled to.

  • Kristin

    If you support Ron Paul, then the websites,emails. and t-shirts directing people to the site would support Ron Paul even more under his ownership and thus accomplish the goal you have claimed the site is for. If you were protecting his name, you would not be doing what you are doing now. Give him his name back and quit using domains named after him. Start a page called supporters of Ron Paul if you truly want to support him. Consider the passion that you have witnessed in Ron Paul supporters and consider whether those people are truly likely to stop supporting him and side with you on this. You will destroy your page if you try to turn his supporters against him and then expect them to visit a site supporting him. Be logical and ethical. It doesn’t matter whether you have legal rights to these domains. Give them to him anyway and thank him for all he has done. That is what his true supporters would do. I have removed your facebook page from my list of likes and I will be sharing what you are doing against Ron Paul. I am sure many of his supporters will do the same.
    You are shooting yourself in the foot.

  • F. Elliott Long

    The UN, be serious. If I am first to register the domain name, Coca Cola, and do not represent myself as the product then there is no recourse. My dog may be named Coca Cola and she may post as such. If I attach a product representation like a photo of a Coke bottle to my domain name, then there is recourse. In short, the owner of a registered domain name is the owner. That is why companies and people register domain names. If RonPaul.Com has represented itself as my former Congresman, or any other Ron Paul, then, and only then , is there recourse. Of course, one can always try to sue and harass the domain name owner into oblivion, which seems to be the possible agenda. And seriously, my dog’s name is RonPaul. Whatever, he and my cat Coke are all going to the UN now for a cup of “Java.”


    • Luke

      Somewhat baffling how you got every single sentence in your post completely wrong. If you did that on purpose, you’re a rock star.

      Ok, here we go.. again..

      1. He’s not going to the U.N. as a governing body, he’s going to a division of the U.N. for arbitration, because they’re an ICANN approved arbitrator.

      2. Incorrect, Coca Cola can take the domain on the basis of a trademark, alone

      3. There might be recourse, actually, for the naming of your dog. But since you do not profit from the dog, it would be next to impossible for them to make a claim. Plus they wouldn’t care. Take your dog named “Coca Cola” to a national dog show wearing a Pepsi sweater and say things like “He made the switch” — then you might find trouble.

      4. There are no “owners” of domain names. There are only “registrants”. Its a lease, and is bound by conditions. Its not real property.

      5. does imply to be of or directly related to Congressman Ron Paul.

      6. Nope, no one is suing at this time, and it doesn’t seem likely. The WIPO ruling will almost certainly be final.

  • NiceTryRon

    Nice Try Ron Paul

  • Kam

    Ideas,software, names and music aren’t property. They aren’t scarce. Physical items are scarce. I have not stolen something from you if I copy something you created.Further, laws that create artificial scarcity of ideas are unjust, and appealing to the legality of something does not justify the ‘intellectual property’. It’s not legal to smoke pot, that doesn’t mean smoking pot is immoral.If I own real property, say paint, brushes, canvases, pastels, etc. and I use them or “rearrange” them in a certain way to produce an artwork painting. I own the physical representation of the artwork, the actual copy I physically made. But I do not own the way I used my real property, I do not own the certain “rearrangement” of the real property. On a moral basis, IP is initiation of aggression. The State grants you a monopoly in the “rearrangement” of real property, which creates conflict. it’s so sad that Dr. Paul is using the state to violet a libertarian principle.

    • Luke

      Amazing… I honestly had NO IDEA which direction you was going until the very last sentence. Bravo on keeping the suspense going.

      Still not sure what all that other stuff was about tho.

  • Ron

    If you really support the guy, and aren’t in this just for the $, give it to him. It only makes sense.

    • Sarah

      If you knew anything about websites, you’d know that it’s not just about the money. Websites take a lot of work, and this website has been around for years, which means massive amounts of work. You are telling them to just give up all their HARD work for nothing? Just because Ron *finally* wants a website? Ron Paul should at least acknowledge that, but he’s not.

      • Anon

        The product of all the hard-work, talent and energy you mentioned is the _content_ of the website. The content will be just as valuable at “’. The URL ‘’ is only valuable because of the PERSON ‘Ron Paul’.

        • Link

          That’s incorrect genius. Someone had to buy this website, and keep it upheld. They also had to maintain the maillists, and the upkeep on sending mail to all of them. It is not cheap at all.

          To keep this simple for you.

          Someone owns this site. It’s not Ron Paul. It has a value. The value is not free. For someone like Ron Paul, I’m surprised this is an issue.

          • Luke

            So wait… “Link”… you’re saying that this website has value that is not 100% directly created by and maintained by Ron Paul?

            Look around the site, there is virtually ZERO original content.

            I could build this site in 2 days.

            I’m not saying the current registrant shouldn’t be compensated. He should be, fairly. But to suggest that this website is a marvel of modern engineering, or the product of 10,000 hours of work is ABSURD.

            “Anon” is correct.. its a domain change. The only thing the site owner loses is the automatic hits he gets from having a TLD named exactly after Ron Paul. If goes quietly into the night with something like “” — I’ll even bookmark him and paste the link on facebook. Otherwise, he’s in a no-win situation.

            And “Sarah”, are you suggesting that YOU know about websites? Front page doesn’t count honey.

  • Sarah

    Well how would you like someone to use your name and face to post whatever they want?

    • taysic

      People do that all the time… everywhere. It’s called being a well-known person. You can’t control how others want to use your name and image… it’s free speech.

  • cs286

    Maybe, just maybe, his motives may be alterior? This truly is out of character. On the other hand, if he had won would you still feel this butthurt? You did what you did for Mr. Paul with no expectations… as far as I can tell he loaned you his name to do what YOU chose to do… the deed is done and Mr. Paul is STILL doing what he can… which is a heck of a lot more than me or you! When you started this was it about a cause, or are you possibly still reaping benefits from using Mr. Paul’s good name? For God’s sake I’m sure the mailing list was most likely reimbursed from donations? Please just relinquish the mans name and don’t lose site of the cause… consider it a last goodwill gesture so at least those of us who havn’t given up on the cause can continue??? ♥

  • Tyler

    These people got together and used their time and resources to create a movement that brought us all together.

    Would any of you have started a site like this? Probably not. You have lives too.. work.. kids.. we all do.

    Is it Dr. Paul’s name? Yes. Legally, I believe he has right to this domain. One poster before me mentioned moving everything to and giving him Ron That makes the most sense to me.

    I didn’t realize that you guys probably made money on the merchandise. Hope you saved some of that money. I’d settle this one outside of court.

    However, I don’t think he should just turn to legal teams without first contacting you and trying to resolve it. Lets see where this takes us.

  • Duke Boles

    Sorry guys, now that he wants it back you are cybersquatting. I like this site and have for a long time, but if Dr. Paul wants the domain, you should find another and move the site. You should give him the site and ask him nicely to provide a 301 redirect on your existing urls (not the home page). If he says no you should thank him for all the time that he allowed you to profit from his name. That said, when you lose the domain, and you will, I will look forward to reading your content elsewhere.

    • Anon

      “Sorry guys, now that he wants it back you are cybersquatting. I like this site and have for a long time, but if Dr. Paul wants the domain, you should find another and move the site.”

      I’m going to try to use that fantastic logic after selling a house. Sorry guys, I know you bought it fair and square on the open market, but I would like it back now.

  • Warren Bonesteel

    Ron Paul was a good guy, as long as you could make a couple of bucks on his name.

    Did you have a legal contract with Ron Paul, saying that you could use his name to sell products through your site? Was Ron Paul getting any money out of it? Do you have the records to prove that he was getting a portion of the profits, if he was?


    Now, he wants you to quit using his name so that you can make a buck on his back. (w/o his hard work, his name wouldn’t be worth a penny to you or to anyone else.) You’re stealing his name so that you can make a buck, and you think he’s the bad guy?

    Even if he was just another homeless beggar, it wasn’t your name to steal or use in the first place. (not w/o a contract and an equitable and mutually benefical exchange of goods and services.)

    …and you think that the conservatives and liberals are full of shit?

    Sorry, kid, but your own thinking isn’t smelling like a rose garden, here.

    Actually, libertarians don’t do what you’ve done. Thieves, moochers, looters and frauds do that, yes. Libertarians? Not so much.

  • SRQ Tad

    Guys and Gals… We ALL worked very hard for Dr Paul. We ALL are very dissappointed with how the whole thing turned out.
    That said, It’s HIS name. It’s HIS reputation. It ‘s HIS trademark and he has not asked you for anything other than HIS name.
    Like it or not, we ALL volunteered our time and money to promote Dr Paul.
    Like it or not, you have sold stuff using HIS name.
    Like it or not, you profited from the sale of that stuff (even if you voluntarily gave all the profit to Dr. Paul.)
    Like it or not, Dr. Paul WILL be held accountable for ANYTHING that gets posted in HIS name.
    Keep in mind: the Domain Name is one issue but the mailing list is quite another.

  • Eric Lozada

    You are not Ron Paul. Stop trying to hold on to his website for the sake of greed. If you are a true supporter of Ron Paul then give him the website so he can further the fight. Why are you attacking one of the only members of government that can make a change? I mean seriously.

  • Rod

    do you honestly think he doesn’t already have the names of the people on your mailing list? I hope he wins.

  • Frank

    We don’t like Ron Paul cause he’s been outed as a phony since 2008 when he walked off with millions in campaign funds. But getting down on Paul for saying something truthful about the mass murdering sniper Chris Kyle….give me a break! The guy exulted in the death of innocents.

    • AdamGmoney

      What?! I still love Ron Paul. I just disagree with him on this business move.

  • David Craig

    Seriously guys? So……where does all the money go for the sales of the hoodies, shirts, caps, cups, necklaces, stickers and so on go to. I’m thinking Ron sees 0 profits from that. And you really wonder why he would not like the idea of paying you 250k for this site. Sure, go ahead and keep making money off of the mans reputation and name. Sounds legit.

    • Phil

      That’s freedom, my friend.

  • Peter Litwin

    Regardless of your supposed altruistic intent, did you bother to get Ron Paul’s permission to capitalize on his name when you launched this site? No.

    Are you making any personal profit on using his name and brilliance to sell all your bumper stickers and other paraphanalia? Yes.

    Paul should pay you some fee for all your great work and you should hand him this domain name.

  • Justin Haenisch

    This is absurd. Why would you post this? Are you trying to kill all of Ron Paul’s support? I don’t even care if he’s in the wrong on this one, if you were true Ron Paul supporters you wouldn’t deal him this kind of press. “Let’s tell everyone we supported him with our lives for these past 5 years and then post an article suggesting he’s screwing us over!” If anything this is more “counterproductive” then just handing over the domain! Imagine, if this gets big you might just screw over Rand Paul’s shot at presidency 2016, and that is NOT something America can handle right now!

    • taysic

      Maybe because they value honesty over propaganda?

  • You signed the ICANN contract so you really have no room to complain.

  • Abracadabra

    I guess I should return back to him all the posters and bumper stickers I purchased to support his campaign last year… I mean it has his name on every single one of them!

    And you people call yourselves libertarians? Ron Paul should be ashamed of himself if he approves this.

    Asking the UN to do what???

    Personally I am very disappointed and hope that Ron Paul will stop the nonsense ASAP.