Ron Paul Calls on United Nations to Confiscate

Update: The dispute was peacefully resolved on May 22, 2013. WIPO ruled that shall remain with its current owners. The fight for liberty continues.

  • Bill king

    You bunch of Judases. How can any of you match what Ron Paul has done and given us . To judge him and crucify him because he hasn’t met your expectations of him is shameful ,pettty and and distrutive to the cause. Stop this now and give him the site. I would give my blood if he asked and you can’t even give him his name without 30 pieces of silver.


    • Immy

      You just compared Ron Paul to Jesus, and you don’t see a problem with that? I guarantee 100% even he would find an issue with that.
      You’re doing every the big statists do, idol worshipping, and so I’d really hope this was satire. Otherwise, reality check, he’s human not divine and he does make mistakes. Take off the blinders.

      • Luke

        Jesus isn’t responding to my letters… so compare away…

        While I am generally on the side of “Bill King” here, I do agree, not a very well articulated point.

        Still, RP is in the right, as far as I am concerned.

  • Because of Ron Paul, I decided to get into law. It helped me win my custody case, and more importantly, it has given me a passion I’d never imagined I’d have for helping friends and family with legal matters. I’m taking my LSATs in June and going to law school next year. I’ve had a lot of experience (for a Pro Se) in the justice, district, and supreme court of Nevada. That being said, I read Ron Paul’s Complaint, and more importantly, the mandatory authority his attorneys have cited. The precedent established I find to be sound; and fair. I do not agree that this is similar to ‘real estate’ and I find myself swayed by the discussions published regarding the cited cases. Having considered all of this, I side with Ron Paul. I do not believe you should be allowed to profit off of his name. I understand you were “first” and that “other people sell sites for millions all the time”, but this is no different than the Towing Company I sued previously that tried to justify its unauthorized towing with the argument that “we’ve been doing this for the past ten years”. I think you mean well, and I think you are entitled somewhat to the traffic you’ve built for this address, but I would say that the appraisal done by is more than appropriate. I would urge you to settle with Paul’s attorneys on this for a fair amount. If you would like to contact me, feel free. I’m a die hard Ron Paul supporter and I understand your frustration though I think it is simply because you don’t understand how law operates and it seems unfair to you.

  • baroquon

    Did Ron Paul or his people ever ask for your mailing list? It doesn’t seem so. You guys place such value on some object that the Paul people never asked for. Why don’t you move your site to another domain, ask Paul to link to your site from and keep everything else the way it is? The truth is, you are just trying to squeeze a huge profit from your domain purchase, which may not be unethical, but it certainly does no good for the liberty movement. The best situation for the movement would be for Paul to have this domain.
    Also, UDRP is not really a “use of force” government thing. You agreed to abide by their decisions through arbitration when you registered the domain name, so really RP’s people are just appealing to the people who hold a contract with you.

  • Charles

    Be very careful…. Somebody might just be trying to find out who all the Ron Paul supporters are? Are they really his attorneys?

  • DDdddDDD

    You need to tie this up for years. The best way would be to sue in a US court against them. They are using the UN court to get this done fast. There are tons of sites that are bought and sold for millions. Sue them in a US court and tie it up for years.

  • David Richards

    Tread on me, Ron Paul.

  • Mike

    How unlibertarian is this ? This reminds me of when Gary Johnson sued the debate commission.

    As a Ron Paul supporter I’m disappointed that he’d try to use force for political gain

  • ummmok

    pretty crazy stuff.. You should get some compensation… But u should also just give him the damn domain. Honestly, I dont really give a f***. Election is over, people dont listen… and everyone is out for their own greed so do what u want. All of you.

  • Here’s what you write back:

    Dear Asshole,

    Fuck you, you ain’t getting our shit. We got your fucking name, and you wanna fuck us? We’re just gonna keep it and put it on a server overseas and turn it into a PORN site.

    Fuck his phony ass.


    • Luke

      Oh god, I really hope he writes that email. That would grant RP a summary judgement.

      Do it, do it…

  • I’m surprised to learn that you guys were using his name and likeness without his written permission. While the work you do is great, Ron has the right to his name and his likeness. Anything he pays you is generous since he should not have to buy his name and likeness from anyone.

    • Immy

      He’s not buying his name, that’s the problem, he has his name (and I’m sure many other people do too). He’s buying a location. If an avenue has your name, that doesn’t mean you have a right to it. Someone could use my name to make a city, which might be a more akin analogy right now, that doesn’t mean I can take the city. If anything, this domains been “homesteaded”.
      I do work in websites and I can tell you right now, it really is no small amount of work they would have had to put into all this. What have they put into this? Web designers, graphic designers, journalists, server administrators, database managers, content makers, editors, probably financial advisors/accountants, buying the domain name in the first place, media marketers, and jesus christ they just said their mailing list is 170k.
      To ask to take something which is not rightfully yours, even if it’s a domain that uses a public figures name (why .org is such a bad thing is also beyond me), is not ok and it shouldn’t be supported just because he’s “Ron Paul”. I’m pretty certain anyone of us here could put their own name and end it with a “.com” and come up with it being owned. And going to the UN to control internet affairs when he’s historically been opposed? Mm, no, not good. Being pissed is one thing, taking action which is generally opposite of voluntaryism which he damn near advocated in his farewell speech is an entire separate matter.
      Personally I hope this is some sort of manager misstepping, not him genuinely making this move, but whatever it is its not something to be commended.

      • Luke

        Go go gadget inflate the cost of development for a blog.

  • Brandon Polk

    I’m not aware of all of the details of the situation, but the man clearly wants the domain. It is his name, after all. Of course I understand the hours that are required. But the thing is, he’s now retired. Maybe now that he has time he can dedicate it to the site, spreading the message of liberty greater than its current owners can.

    But I also agree that the actions that are being performed by Ron Paul (or his lawyers) are pretty ruthless. Maybe he’s trying to push his supporters to Rand. That would make at least some logical sense. I really don’t understand the call for action from the United Nations. That seems to go against everything he’s talked about. Seems kind of cruel to treat supporters like that. Of course I’m not aware of the history, perhaps there is more that I am not seeing.

    Either way, hope we see an explanation from Dr. Paul soon.

  • WIBB

    I hope this is just bad management from whoever is in charge with Ron Paul’s affairs.

    It makes no sense at all that Ron Paul would personally request this sort of action.

    Fight for your right to keep this website!

  • Joshua

    Unbelievable that he of all people would try to get the goverment to force the free market. What a shameless hypocrite. He’s lost my support.

    • Luke

      It blows my mind how so few people read…

      Everything you just said was wrong.

      There are no governments involved… the process was designed by the free market.. they’re not having a UN hearing for

      RP is seeking arbitration, that’s not a court, and its all based around the ICANN terms of use policies, which is also not a government.

      This WHOLE THING is the free market. Holy cow..

  • robin

    French Canadian, Correction on my earlier post. Biden was not at the National prayer breakfast. Look for an earlier thread if you have not seen the speech by the guest speaker there. Watch how Obama reacts to what he has to say….

    • French Canadian


      I’ve answered you on the previous post ” illegal immigration”.

  • JM

    Ron Paul is and always has been a dishonest greedy self serving person thriving on the hopes of the misinformed (you). Why does any of this surprise you?

    • Luke

      Be honest, you didn’t graduate high school did you? I won’t tell…

  • Charle

    Sorry, but you guys wouldn’t have a popular site without his name. I agree with Ron Paul on this issue. You are using his name for any type of profit. I’d be pissed too if I were Ron Paul.

  • Telly

    Ron Paul is not what he seems. Ironically, not many people are awake yet to that truth. And by the way, I am not a democrat, nor do I support ANY candidate.

    Again, watch what Paul does, not what he says.

    • Devin

      I say that about other candidates, and it’s normally true. I’ve watched Paul for years, and he’s always been the example of what a good person is like.

      I don’t know who you’ve been watching.

    • Luke

      I quit reading at “if we support this idea that the government should seize this domain (by force, with a gun) and hand it over to Ron Paul”.

      No governments are involved. No guns, no force. You derailed almost instantly.

      Go read.

  • paul norton

    So let me get this straight you think this has value because you put your life on hold for a few months for this site? Yet it would have no value if Ron Paul hadn’t lived his life and fought for years…Your site is nothing with out the link to Ron Paul the person, He should be charging you for using his likeness and ad name to this commercial enterprise.

    Hypocrits on both sides of this issue..

  • Swofa

    sounds like your being a jerk…. maybe you can still get in with Obama