Ron Paul Calls on United Nations to Confiscate

Update: The dispute was peacefully resolved on May 22, 2013. WIPO ruled that shall remain with its current owners. The fight for liberty continues.

  • Ryan

    Coming from a true libertarian, I’m embarrassed by your actions to extort. I am also embarrassed by Ron attempting to use Gov’t to seize ownership.

    This to me shows a lack of Liberty support from both…

    Way to set an example!

  • peter

    That is a sad move for someone who supports a free market. Going to the UN? Really? Just buy the domain or shut up. I have a really weird name, so I would basically have to become famous for my “domain name” to be worth anything, but I still pay to register it every year just in case, and anyone in congress should have the foresight, especially when running for president to register their own domain.

    I can’t believe you guys even offered the .org for free that was a very kind move. I never though RP was an old curmudgeon, but in this instance he is.

    • Ricky G.

      The website is clearly piggybacking all of Paul’s own original work including his name, the rEVOLution logo, on down to the coffee mugs glossed with “End the Fed” logo straight from his book cover. This site is clearly exploiting him with the sole intention of generating personal wealth and simultaneously deceiving visitors to accomplish their goal.


  • Rob Zulan

    Ron Paul,

    Don’t become like Metallica alienate your fan base by trying to sieze Take the offer for the free domain name and apologize to We don’t expect you to be fully competent with Internet technology at your age, and maybe it’s your lawyer who filed without your knowledge or understanding. God knows that lawyers are the scum of the earth. They don’t understand how anything works and are the first to take action(cough… cough… Obama).

    I’ve idealized you like many others. Fans need to be cared for. Care for, your biggest fan. Even give them exclusive interview from time to time. You see, it’s free labor. If you had to pay staff to do what they do, you could never get the quality, dedication, and support has given you for free all these years. It makes business sense. Their success is your success. And it’s all success for liberty.

    I can guarantee you, no one would do this for Mitt Romney for free.

    A Ron Paul Fan,
    Rob Zulan

    • Disgusted

      Its not a free offer man, the webmasters are trying to extort $250k for the .org name. They have been making money off Ron Pauls name for years, with banner ads and T-shirt sales. is NOT free labor, again refer to banner ad revenue and t-shirt sales. A fan base of 170k can generate a lot of revenue in those 2 categories, so by claiming free labor they are obviously lying.

      • Luke

        Again, your post is another I agree with. But in fairness, the site owners are not trying to “extort” money from anyone (according to the definition of extortion), for either domain, and they are offering the dot org for free.

        “To avoid these complications we’d like to offer you an alternative domain name,, for your new website at no cost whatsoever. ”

        He’s giving it away, no strings attached.

        But, the owner is lying when he pretends that he’s been “volunteering” for Ron Paul. He’s been profiting at every turn and with or without the “this site is not owned by Ron Paul” tiny-text, he’s either knowingly or unknowingly misrepresented this site and the merchandise. To top it off, he charges full “market value” (extremely subjective) to the guy whose been feeding him for years.

        So, I side with Dr Paul, but in all fairness, the site owner did offer the .org for 100% free.

    • Greedy

      Hey, how about I purchase $10.94) now and make you pay $250,000 in a couple of years when you really need it badly? Would you like that?

      • Sure, you should try that… voluntary trading is what libertarianism is all about. If that domain increases in value then you’ll make money; and if it decreases in value then you’ll lose money. Good luck.

        • GreedySlum

          John Humphreys, are you really using your brain? loosing what? $10 for the domain that will not actually increase the value at all.

          Think please..

          • Luke

            John Humphrey’s is drastically over-simplifying the free market, and I would like to point out to him that this is less of a discussion on what should and should legal than it is about what is fair and unfair.

            But, his point is still valid, you’re just viewing what he said in the wrong scope. $10 is nothing, but given the enormous number of possible name combinations, you could easily find yourself buying MILLIONS of domains for every one domain that became popular.

            So its not exactly $10 versus $250,000.

  • What did you expect from a politician? If the D and R party isn’t screwing us over, it’s the politicians themselves. Anarchism is your new best friend. Google it. Start reading. Ditch the system because it ditched you decades ago.

  • robin

    French Canadian, Thanks for your reply. I gave you a reply on the other thread..

  • Ricky G.

    You stated in your letter to Dr. Paul regarding the domain name and mailing list,

    “…which is why we’d include it as a free bonus with”

    But in your response, after recieving the notice from the UN, you vehemently denied trying to sell him his name back citing the inclusion of the afformentioned mailing list as the primary cost driver of the deal.

    You can’t say in a letter that you are willing to “Sell” a domain name and include the mailing list with it as a “free bonus”, and then turn around and claim the exact opposite when you recieve an unfavorable response.

    It’s disheartening to hear about Ron Paul (or staff member) resorting the UN, thats definately not something I would have expected of him. Then again, I also wouldn’t have expected this site to lie about the situation in order to sway support away from the man whose name (which derives its recognition directly from his own actions and words) is the main reason for this sites existance. Its because of his name that you even have a 170,000 person mailing list. Im willing to bet a large portion of those people likely signed up thinking it was his website and that they would be getting communications directly from him and his staff.

    It’s your site to do with as you please and I will defend your right to continue to do so, but I believe yall have taken the wrong approach with this from the start and have subsequently lost respect for the people who made these decisions.

  • robin

    French Canadian…Put something earlier on this site. An excellent speech by Dr. Benjamin Carson if you did not hear it yet. He might be the next doctor to replace Ron Paul

  • KC Ted

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the sites and FB pages have attracted a lot of people, but has also attracted some sales of swag and lots of hits on ads. I have worked hard for Ron Paul since 1988 and have only spent money, never desired a penny back or made a dime’s profit. That’s just me though, I’m just one of the little people who have supported him for the cause. A noble, worthy and genuine cause.
    Very few of his supporters have enjoyed the opportunity to support the cause AND make nice profits. Enjoy what has benefited you, along with the cause. Please don’t cheapen it all, he has a right to his own name.

    The Examiner:

    My comment there:
    ^ ^
    Check out the url. – ron-paul-chris-kyle-had-it-coming .. The meta tag makes it show up on Facebook as – “Ron Paul: Chris Kyle Had It Coming”
    That’s demeaning to Dr Paul. They are sensationalizing to profit off of his name. The website is full of ads, so someone has been profiting all along, using Ron Paul. It is, after all, his name.

    I’m sure they have put work into the site, but there has also been reward. Ads, t-shirts, etc.
    “Ron Paul Revolution Hoodie available in 50 different styles!
    Click the hoodie, then click “See all…” to choose your preferred style and color.”

    If they feign indignation and say they have been exploited, who’s exploiting who (whom?).
    I don’t see Dr Paul selling hoodies with his name on them. However, if he did, it’s his name and he has that right. He wants his identity back.
    You can support him without profiting,, yes? no?

  • we at Ritely are standing behind you! have posted to our website and facebook page about this. Ron Paul needs to get on the phone with you guys, and treat you guys with some respect for the hard work you have put in on his behalf. he would be nowhere without your efforts.

    • KC Ted

      “he would be nowhere without your efforts”

      Seriously? Dr Ron Paul would be nowhere without this website?
      Just where would this website be without Dr Ron Paul?

      This is a blog, on a domain name. A blog that features ads,, most of which is for their own products that sell because they say Ron Paul on them. (along with

  • Douglas PS:12

    Nation of God

    The new health care law in the US is not about health care, it is only about implementing the Global Chip Implant System (GCIS). The other current front is the Climate Change Tax which is a deliberate effort to use climate change propaganda as a way to tie all the Nations of the World into a global tax collection system.

    It has become apparent that the Global Satanic Elite need to achieve specific powers of legislation before they will put the rug out from the Dollar. So, with the cards being played now through the Elites control over monetary policy, political heads of governments and their exclusive control over all Medias, They are obviously making their final moves. These moves being global taxation system, chip implant mandate and the disarming of citizens. The Laws of Executive powers have already been signed in. So, if the Satanic Cabal cannot get political cooperation They will use crisis.

    This is where the Global Satanic Elite will get sloppy and lose control as they always have throughout history. Sadly, with the rise of the dumb down liberal class they likely have a large enough population of brain washed citizens to put it off. This was prophesized to happen. It is a phase that represents Gods patients and compassion giving everyone the equal opportunity to make their own individual choice.

    So, when the Global Elite achieve their diabolical GCIS it will last for one hour according to prophesy. What an hour means I cannot say and try to stay away from putting a date or time table on that which I do not fully understand or have control over? All I know is that the chip is soaked in the blood of all the slain prophets and all the slain innocent.

    My current analysis through my own deductive reasoning is that the Elites GCIS will be cut short by a massive solar storm that will fry all their communication systems. Then it will be every man for himself ‘so to speak‘. This would fulfill the prophesy of ’ The One like unto the Son of Man blazing through the sky striking terror into the minds of the Elite’. As ‘solar powers’ are the creations of Archangelic Beings.

    Perhaps this is when Christ’s Holy Spirit will begin to ‘pair’ the select from ‘every tribe comprising humanity’. Perhaps They have already begun the process. This effort I believe is both scientific and philosophical. It is not that the select are the most perfect or holy, it will be that they are the best ‘pairs’ to begin the ‘resurrection‘. So, it would be as said that the select will move on and the rest will know that they represent their future ability to ‘reincarnate’ into the new Nation of God that will be established after the final destruction of the Satanic Babylonian Cabal.

    I believe that many other righteous individuals will survive and rebuild with the knowledge that a select few have been aliened with the goal of establishing a New Nation of God. The plan is to utilize earth changes as a way of cleaning up the mess that the Satanic Babylonian Cabal has left behind.

    In the mean time, as all these horrific things come to pass, the demonic forces will be trying to take over and destroy as many souls they can. Christ is our protection. Christ is our shield. Christ is our salvation into the Eternal Expansion of Gods Universe.

    • Hannah

      This is an article about Ron Paul. Take your propaganda elsewhere. The Bible doesn’t talk about any of your conspiracy theories, so stop adding to God’s word and spouting senselessness on this page.

  • Luna

    This IS the “pre-retirement” Ron Paul. Before though, he needed you and now you are in his way.
    I am surprised you didn’t see this coming. Watch out for falling icons and their pedestals!

  • Scruffy Scirocco

    LOL! And you guys seriously wanted this deranged, out of touch with reality nutcase to be president?

    Before you go all Libertarian on me, let me say that I firmly agree with Paul’s analysis and proposed solutions to the fiscal crisis in every way.

    Merely a rational fiscal policy does not a leader make. On foreign affairs he’s living in an alternate reality, and this here shows you that he has no regard for his followers. He is not presidential material. I wish you would unhitch yourselves from this dinosaur and find a new candidate who has the same fiscal understanding and can also walk and talk a realistic foreign agenda and who understands the real world. Paul never did.

    • Devin

      I think you’re describing yourself. If you think anything close to what we’re doing abroad is the correct course of actions, you’re deluded and conflicting with your so-called agreement with his fiscal policies.

      Maybe, after all these years of war and big-militarism, YOU’RE the dinosaur. Paul is the evolved one.

    • Rob

      Sean, Dr. Paul understood foreign policy better than your Vantucky brain ever will. He also inspired people all over the country to get involved, and whether you like it or not, it is in very large part due to his efforts that you now have a conservative party in Clark County. He isn’t running again, so quit poking his supporters in the eye every chance you get. The fact that you think Gingrich was the best choice tends to limit your credibility anyway.

  • Mike Hoyer

    It’s kind of weird that does not belong to Ron Paul. I think it’s insulting to make him pay $250,000.00 to buy it. Get over yourselves, and give Ron Paul his domain name.

    • There’s probably more than one “Ron Paul” in the world — why does the famous Ron Paul have the right to junk the important institution of private property and use big government to steal a domain that he wants? What about the other people out there called “Ron Paul”? Can they also steal the same website?

      There are other people out there with my name, and one of them got the dot-com version of my URL before I did. Perhaps I should ask big government to steal their property and give it to me?

      • Luke

        So, obviously you just don’t like Ron Paul, because you’re reaching in left field for every comment you write.

        If someone else is named Ron Paul, according to the ICANN rules, that person has equal rights to the domain as Dr Paul does (but only according to ICANN). And if this site was pimping Ron Paul gear for that guy, they would have a credible claim beyond ICANN.

        But, alas, this site is NOT pimping those guys’ merch, none of the owners of this site are named Ron Paul, and none of the other Ron Paul’s have not established a brand or trademark.

        There are old and well established rules that dictate trademarks, brand names, patents, and intellectual property rights. For example, every town in America can have an independent company named “Bobs Plumbing” and that’s totally legal! But when one of those companies expands to another town, who keeps the name? This isn’t a new question, and it boils down to a few simple considerations:

        * Who established the name first?
        * Who registered a trademark?
        * Which company is most widely known?

        I went through those exact questions with my lawyer years ago when I was applying for a patent.

        Ron Paul is likely older than every other Ron Paul who’d care. He applied for a trademark in the 70s. And he is known by virtually every person across western civilization. Pretty clear..

        And if those are not the rules that we should follow when making such decisions, what rules would YOU propose to take their place? We could flip or a coin, or have a knife fight I guess.

        Maybe I open me a shop tomorrow and call it “Walmart”, complete with the big blue sign. They have NO RIGHT to infringe on my “private property”.

        Wow… do you really believe the stuff you write, or, are you just trolling?

  • Chad

    You’ve profited on someone else’s name, appearance, and wealth. Now, you’re mad that RP is forced to go directly to the managing authority. I wish we could just settle it without government intervention, because you’d get the beat down you deserve. I would wish you luck, but I hope you lose…badly.

  • Devin

    Wait, wait, wait… I just reread this, because something caught my eye.

    You offered him RonPaul.ORG for free… so that you could keep

    I mean, I understand you put effort into it, but you’re still making tons of money on his image, ideas, and reputation. I originally read it as if you offered THIS domain for free, but, after reading your original offer, I see that you tried to SELL it to him for $250,000.

    That’s not exactly a good deal, considering he is to thank for your success, to begin with. I can still understand how the owners of would be upset (I’m still hoping it isn’t his direct idea to take it to the U.N.), but if it is, I can understand that, too. You’ve made a good bit of money on his back.

  • timtimcharoo

    this is what happens when you fall for false prophets and false ideologies

  • Devin

    I’ll wait to hear what RP has to say about this before I make any judgements. There’s no telling how involved he is with this dispute, and I think that every jumping on the bandwagon of accusing him of things are just as wrong as those siding against the owners of It just needs to be resolved, and then we’ll see what it comes to. In any case, with all of RP’s previous actions, you MUST seriously consider that something is really wrong here. He’s stuck to his guns for decades. I don’t think he’d do a complete 180 just because he retired from congress.

  • brian

    Sorry to tell you, but the law supports a famous person expropriating their own name as a domain name. You don’t have a chance. Obviously you’re own attitude is not in good faith. You must be making some money off it or you wouldn’t be fighting it. You admit to asking for a large amount of money to end your claim. You’re aim clearly isn’t to just support Ron Paul or you’d just give it to him. He can’t control the message put out under his own name if you have control of the domain. You took advantage of an oversight to benefit yourself when you could, and now you’re crying like a baby that you can no longer get milk and honey from someone else’s name.

    • Peter

      Maybe should go support Dennis Kucinich or some other communist. Ron Paul is a libertarian. What he is doing is very unlibertarian in this case and needs to be called out.

      • Luke

        He’s a libertarian, not an anarchist.

        We live in a society of laws and jurisdictions. He’s appealing to the law in the appropriate jurisdiction.

        If he could he might write the laws differently, or modify the jurisdictions. But he can’t, so don’t blame him for exercising his rights as a citizen.

        If he’s not in the right here, then the law will [hopefully] point that out, and he can move on. It not like he fire bombed the guy’s house or sued him for a billion dollars… he just wants the domain, that he feels he is entitled to (and I agree), without taking out another mortgage.

  • Judge Art Vandelay

    It appears to be a loss/loss for you. Because even if you retain control of this domain, these actions by Ron Paul, if directed by the man himself, would make this domain unfitting to further propagate the ideas of liberty and self-governance.

    This is an unfortunate turn of events indeed. Hopefully there is a better explanation for this than what has been said.

  • This has Tate written all over it.

    I’ll bet you money Ron has no idea this is even going on.

    • Luke

      I’ll take the bet, any amount 🙂

      Ron Paul had to sign almost every document, in front of a notary. He certainly knows.