Ron Paul: Beware The Consequences of Pre-Emptive War

by Ron Paul

Last year more US troops died by suicide than died in combat in Afghanistan. More than 20 percent of military personnel deployed to combat will develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Some 32 percent of US soldiers reported depression after deployments. More than 20 percent of active-duty military are on potentially dangerous psychotropic drugs; many are on multiple types. Violent crime among active duty military members increased 31 percent between 2006-2011.

The statistics, compiled by the military last year, are as telling as they are disturbing. The Defense Department scrambles to implement new programs to better treat the symptoms. They implement new substance abuse and psychological counseling programs while they continue to prescribe more dangerous psychotropic drugs. Unfortunately, most often ignored are the real causes of these alarming statistics.

The sharp rise in military suicides, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic and other violence, is the unintended consequence of a violent foreign policy — of an endless and indefinable “global war on terrorism.”

Particularly in the past decade or so, we have lived in a society increasingly marked by belief in the use of force as a first and only option. We have seen wars of preemption and aggression, everywhere from Iraq to Pakistan to Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere. We have seen an unprecedented increase in the use of drones to kill overseas, often resulting in civilian deaths, which we call “collateral damage.” We have seen torture and assassination (even of American citizens) become official US policy. When asked by Senator Ron Wyden last week if the president has the right to assassinate American citizens on US soil, President Obama’s nominee to head the CIA, John Brennan, could not even give a straight answer.

The warning that “he who lives by the sword dies by the sword” goes not only for individuals but for entire societies. It is a warning to all of us. A country or a society that lives with the violence of pre-emptive war in fact self-destructs.

Let us not forget that this endless war is brought to us primarily by the neo-conservatives who dominate foreign policy in both political parties and who never cease agitating for US military deployments overseas. Of course with very few exceptions they have declined to serve in the military themselves. These endless wars would not be possible, we should also remember, without the Federal Reserve printing the money out of thin air to finance our overseas empire. We are speeding toward national bankruptcy while at the same time turning the rest of the world against us with our aggressive foreign policy. Does anyone really believe this will make us safer and more secure?

Many who claim to support the military look the other way when the service-members return home broken in mind and body after years of deployments abroad. I served five years as a US military doctor in the difficult 1960s and even then saw some of this first-hand. During the 1960s the consequence of an unwise prolonged war tragically resulted in violence in our streets, and even students being shot by our military at Kent State University.

The truth is, killing strangers in unconstitutional and senseless wars causes guilt to the participant no matter what kind of military indoctrination is attempted. Those afflicted may attempt to bury the pain in alcohol or drugs or other destructive behaviors, but we see that only leads to more problems. It may not be popular to point this out, but it goes against human nature to kill a fellow human being for retaliating against those who initiate a war of aggression on their soil.

Who cares most for those in military service, those who agitate for more of what is destroying their lives and weakening our national defense, or the many of us who are urging a foreign policy of non-intervention and peace? If we are to survive, we must beware the seen and unseen consequences of pre-emptive war.



  • robin

    French Canadian,
    I agree with you about the sudden moderation. It’s BS. Ever since they posted about their legal domain fight. That sounds like a good plan, but if you have another place we can share info. , let me know. This site is passe…Also, we think that just possibly Dr. Carson’s may be a Trojan Horse. Another person to lead the conservatives the way Obama did…=a new black messiah. I plan to read his book America the Beautiful and I’ll let you know what I think. I have a friend now reading it.

  • French Canadian

    I have an idea Robin. If we ever lose contact, we will be able to communicate thru Ron Paul’s website when he opens it. I will keep the same pseudo. Ron Paul is a real libertarian, so he wont put us on moderation…lol. He knows that what we talk about are real things. And he likes Alex jones, so he will not get mad if I post some interviews of the daily show.

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    It is indeed very hard to communicate on this site, since all my comments now awaits moderation for days. Let’s try again, we will see if it will get better. If not, we will have to think of something else. But what??? That is the question! This site was so nice before, I wonder what happened?

  • robin

    French Canadian, I listened to the town hall on the Hannity Show with Dr. Carson’s, but it is not worth posting. It was very short and superficial. What was revealing was when Carson was asked which politician shares similar ideas and he chose Rubio. That was a complete turn off. If he thinks like him, I certainly could not support him. I would love to ask him how he feels about Ron Paul, but I know he would say he is someone who feels the need to be politically correct. It certainly sounds like he will be running for political office since he is retiring this year. Time will tell.

  • robin

    French Canadian, Not sure if you will see this. I listened to the interview you posted about the Dorner issue and I agree that this is to create division with police. To set them up against the public and also the race card=race war. It also shows who often becomes a police officer=someone who likes to be in authority, is often violent and likes to kill. Often alienated from others. That is not the majority, but many have this personality profile who go into this career as many do who sign up for the military. We don’t think after reading that manifesto(if you can call it that-the Uni Bomber did have a real one) that this has any relation to the other shootings. Definitely believe the other shootings had a genuine cover-up that needs to be investigated. Dorner appears to be someone who was disconnected from society and had nothing left to lose. His life was TV and his job, and was totally tied into pop culture and the MSM. It seemed like his last will and testament. It also shows how incompetent some are in the LAPD by trying to kill innocent people and injuring some. I’m sure the corruption is widespread. The fact that they were out for revenge. When we lived in Boston, we were so shocked to see what goes on in law enforcement=part of organized crime. Of course again, there are many that aren’t apart of this, but I never knew who was trustworthy and who was not.

    • kolya

      French Canadian, Finally they posted my post for you..Don’t know what is going on here. Is there another way we can share information? Any ideas? I’m corresponding with a fellow libertarian that I met on Ben Swann’s site. She moved to Israel with her husband her is Israeli, so I’m asking her lots of questions. A very nice person and thinks a lot like me. The technological age makes it so you can actually talk to people on the other side of the globe for free. I’m really excited. I noticed that Ron Paul will start talking on the radio next month. I personally am looking forward to hearing more from Dr. Carson. He is doing a program tonight=don’t have TV, but will post as soon as it is put up. I’ll post on this site since it doesn’t have many people for now, but would love to hear ideas how we can continue sharing info. another way, or place.

    • French Canadian


      I agree with your post. The part I hated most, was that Obama gave his speach of the State of Union, right after the Polices torched the cabin (because they torched it deliberatly… we’ve seen too many videos proving it), were Dorner apparently was. I say “apparently”, because they found three wallets of him with his driving license at 3 very differents places. And also because they ordered the MSM to cut the live feeds. Anyway, what I meant is that this gave Obama a good reason to push his drones. Very strange story!!!!

  • French Canadian



    Great article!

    Jon Rappoport:

    The Ruthless State of the Union: The Current Crime Boss Speaks

  • French Canadian


    Oupst… I talked too fast, now my last “reply” to you is on moderation…lol

    Speaking of suicides, yesterday Alex said that there is 22 military suicide a day in USA, almost one every hour. He gave the site for the statistics, but I dont remember what it was. Incredible! Ron Paul is right one more time.

  • robin

    French Canadian, I posted that interview here. I find it interesting that it is awaiting moderation. Does that happen to you when you post videos?

  • robin

    Ben Swann’s interview with Dr. Garrow about the “litmus” test for military personnel to fire on American citizens. He will be under surveillance now.

    • Frenc Canadian


      Good interview! Nice job.

      As far as “moderation”, It din’t happen to me, but all the time now, there is a “delition of 5 minutes” that appears before my post goes through. Very bizarre!

      If you want to listen to a good interview, yesterday with Holland Vandennieuwenhof , see the link below. I like this guy, he is sharp thinker, good looks and great voice. In this interview they talk about many subject including Christopher Dorner:

      The Globalist Game is Divide & Conquer

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