Ron Paul Makes National Radio Debut March 18

Courtside Entertainment Group announced today that former Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul will make his national radio and podcast debut March 18, 2013. Ron Paul’s America will feature one of America’s most popular public figures sharing his thoughts and opinions on the issues listeners care about in twice daily one-minute radio commentaries with radio veteran and bestselling author Charles Goyette as his sidekick. In addition to the daily commentaries, Ron Paul’s America will also be available as a weekly podcast to satisfy the growing demand for on-demand digital content.

“There’s no questioning the fact that Ron Paul is one of today’s most impactful leaders. His thoughts and opinions have created a significant and loyal following that has made its presence known throughout the country,” said Norm Pattiz , Founder of Westwood One and Courtside Entertainment Group and Chairman of Launchpad Digital Media. “That following includes college campuses, corporate offices and everything in between. His new radio show for Courtside and his digital presence via podcasting create a platform that will be hugely successful.”

“I am very excited to have this opportunity to take the message of freedom to more people than ever, especially now when our country needs it so much,” said Ron Paul. “Radio and podcasting are a much more powerful means of communication than speaking on the floor of Congress. I welcome this chance to work with Norm and Courtside and interact with America in a new way, delivering a message that is timelier than ever and a philosophy that people are clearly hungry to hear more about.”

Demo Recordings

#1: Federal Revenues

#2: Optimism

#3: Student Loans

#4: Gun Control

#5: Immigration Reform

#6: Social Security

#7: Intervention in Mali

#8: Gold Reserves @ the Fed


  • CVAZ

    If we knew all the stations, we could begin to bombard the owners with “We want more Ron Paul!!

  • sandyshores

    Ron I love your ideas but it is time to let Rand take over. Rand can unify the people as a republican candidate and you have divided them. The republican party cant take a division and survive.

  • Peter Litwin

    God protect Ron Paul and help him to continue enlightening the ignorant.

  • Boe Jangles

    I would love to hear Bill Still as a guest star for a great debate on economics. I think both libertarians see eye to eye on a lot of things, and different when it comes to monetary policy. it would be a great academic and intellectual debate.

  • Seriously..?
    One Minute… gentlemen ??
    Give that time to your sponsors and put Ron Paul on the air for One Hour, Once a Week as a Guest Speaker to express his thoughts and opinions about the political news of the prior week.
    This is a man that people want to hear and haven’t got enough of. One minute is an insult to his time, position and achievement. I could get caught up in sarcasm about this subject but I won’t lower myself.
    If Courtside Entertainment Group Is serious about sponsoring Ron Paul then give him some Real air time. One minute blurbs are an injustice to your audience and demeaning to Ron Paul. Once again he’s being the gentleman in this case and you are holding an un-tapped source for huge public ratings. He’s more than proved this fact around the nation. If I were you, I would make it, the “Ron Paul Hour”, send a public notice out on every station, in every time zone and in every state of the nation.
    Then hold on to your hats, because it will be a short walk to the bank!

  • Dan

    It says: “Your Browser does not support the new HTML5 Audio-Tag, sorry!”

    What do I do Now???

  • Eric Thomas

    YES, Great Idea, Does need to be longer (3-5 minutes) AND
    Someone NEEDS to Put out a List of Radio Stations that will be caring it and maybe even Instructions on how to get your favorite Radio Station to Carry it. 😉

  • Brady Kohuth

    I too would like to know what stations will broadcast Mr.Paul,Phoenix,AZ

  • Nietcheese

    Was it too much to ask for you to report the radio station??
    Way to go nimrods…98% that might listen…don’t know where or when…DUH!

  • Dave

    Too damn short. He doesn’t have any time to explain his positions.

  • Mr. Berke

    Ron Paul is my President.

  • Candace

    what radio station will he be on, what time? for dallas, texas

  • This makes me really excited!!! I’m sure I’ll end up being a regular listener, one who doesn’t miss a single show ^_^ The well of Podcast’s to draw from is deeper than ever, but at the moment, I’m only finding one interesting enough to tune in every week without question. The History of Philosophy:Without Any Gaps ; I’m looking forward to this new “Ron Paul’s America” to emphasize his model of American liberty philosophy. Though hopefully, without resorting to religious parables or biblical quotes regarding kings, as I feel those place a thorn in our collective ability to reason with leftists. Veritas, is what we’re after & what’s at stake.

  • Cynthia1577

    Ron Paul! Ron Paul! RON PAUL!!!!!! Yes! Yes! YES!!! 😉 We’ve got this!