Ron Paul: The People Are Not Going to Give Up their Guns


Alex Jones: He’s only got about 15 minutes with us. Former Congressman and bestselling author, Ron Paul, joins us. I wanted to get him on because he’s been writing and speaking and posting articles at It’s breaking down, the bubble is really getting big, the QE is unlimited. There’s a global currency crisis, with what very authors of the currency crisis posing as our saviors, and just last week, there were more proposals by the G20 for a Bank of The World SDR (that’s global government), to back it all up. Dr. Ron Paul, thank you for coming on, sir.

Ron Paul: Thank you, it’s good to be with you.

Alex Jones: Can you give us the latest on your analysis on what’s happening with the economy and this big event you’ve been talking about for the last few years? How close are we right now, how serious is this currency war?

Ron Paul: I think, in many ways, we’re in the middle of it. I think the evidence to the general public is still not there, and there has not been a panic. But the people in Washington, and even our central bankers don’t face up to the real truth of the matter, and that is we’re totally bankrupt. And yet, just printing more money and running up more debt seems to settle the market, they don’t dump their stocks, they don’t dump their bonds. But we’re in the middle of some unwinding, I think this is so much different than anything we’ve gone through since World War II, and especially since 1971 with the breakdown of the Bretton-Woods Agreement. But, one of these days, we’ll wake up some morning and realize that the whole world has given up on the system, just as we woke up one day and the world and especially the Soviets gave up on the Soviet Union. Because the monetary system and the economic system that we have is not viable, it can’t work, and you can’t solve the problem of debt with more debt. And when that particular day will come? I don’t think anybody knows the exact day, but we’re certainly getting very close to it.

Alex Jones: Congressman, getting into specifics and your research there with the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, pretty much everything you predicted in the last 30 years is now unfolding. From all my research, and even from the way the establishment is saying and behaving, it’s all coming to a head. Now it’s 2 million rounds of bullets and hollow points that are illegal under the Geneva Convention, we’ve got a new report out where Homeland Security is funding domestic drones, and I’m not making this up, to “track gun purchases”. That just broke at We’ve seeing military drills expanding everywhere, we’re seeing the new Justice Department memo saying, “Let’s just ban guns and confiscate them”. It’s like I’ve woken up in a nightmare, and we’ve got this normalcy by us, this mass Stockholm syndrome where even mainline conservatives … I had Ted Nugent on yesterday, and he said, “The green light has been given on the Benghazi, the green light has been given on all [the al-Sadr tyranny], there was operation Fast And Furious, and nobody got in trouble”. So I think we’ve reached that point where the tyrants figure out that if they can take us an inch, why not take us a million miles?

Ron Paul: And they’ve been getting away with it, but don’t you think this had started a while back and it’s just accelerating. And if you go back to what happened at Waco, if you go back to what happened at Ruby Ridge, if they can get away with it, they do it. And nobody ever got punished for those mistakes that were made, and now nobody gets punished at all. Matter of fact, the Congress goes along with it, the Congress doesn’t really resist and put restraints on the President when it comes to kill-lists and the use of drones and assassinations. And the funding continues. So it’s a very dangerous time that we live in.

Alex Jones: Undoubtedly. Specifically, with all the paramilitary build up, the arms race going on domestically, what do you think the Feds are planning, what do you think they’re preparing for, Dr. Paul?

Ron Paul: I think they prepare for everything, and they themselves go with the flow. They don’t know exactly what will happen, but they’re prepared. They don’t know that in two months from now there’s going to be riots in the street, but they know that there could be. And in the same way, with the monetary system, they argue academically that it’s okay to print money and the debt doesn’t matter, like the Paul Krugman argument. But I think they know exactly what can happen: the consequences that we warn about and try to prepare for. So they make their preparations, like I think you mentioned in your introduction about what they do at the international level under the UN and the IMF and the Group of 20 and all these things. They do plan. So we know what would be the answer, and that is sound money and honest money and having commodity money. They want to maintain their power so they’re laying their plans, too. But I don’t think they know if the day they’re going to use it, they plan for all contingencies, because the actions of human beings are not predictable. But when certain events come about, they’re laying their plans and their network. And it’s really scary when you think about the drones. The drone thing should wake up everybody on what they can do, how much surveillance, how many weapons can they carry when they pretend that they can target any one individual thousands of miles away from the United States with people who maneuver these things even here. What can we do if they decide, “Well, we’re going after this drug dealer, we’re going after this guy that owns an illegal weapon”? Who knows what. And we do know that in spite of their fantastic ability and the advancement in these weapons, we do know that they make a lot of mistakes, there’s a lot of collateral damage, and they just right it off. So I would expect that the people in charge know that there’s trouble ahead, and they’re laying their plans to react in any way they think necessary.

Alex Jones: Dr. Ron Paul is our guest here. Sir, I want you to break this down in your own words, and you’ve spoken about it before, but I’m marveled … we’ve had big government, we’ve had tyrannies before around the world. But to have the socialist-collectivist class funded by the big special interests that want a monopoly of power to write healthcare … of course, you know about this, being a retired medical doctor. But my dad is a dentist oral surgeon, and he’s also in medical management, and he said, “Son, I knew it when I read the bill”, but he’s watching it as it happens: erasing payroll taxes on poor people, taxes on investments, doubling premiums this year. This is designed to kill the American economy that’s competing with China. Obama is shutting down the power plants. They are clearly trying to shut down the economy so that everybody goes on welfare and basically gets bankrupt. This is an economic takeover. Do you agree with that, or can you speak about that?

Ron Paul: Absolutely. I don’t know if I have an absolute insight on all the motivations, because there is a mixture up there. There are evil people who have evil motives and they want to do exactly what’s happening. There are others, though, who are intellectually totally bankrupt and actually believe this stuff. I think Paul Krugman doesn’t sit down and conspire to blow up the world financially, I think he sits down and he’s dedicated to proving that his philosophy on money and credit are the correct ones. And then there are a lot of other people who are very gullible out there.

Alex Jones: Sure, but Obama said he was going to give poor people free stuff, he’s literally raping them.

Ron Paul: Yes, the people are naïve enough to believe that. so you put all that together, and you end up with this calamity, because they do not deal with the world as we would like to deal with it, and that is by concentrating on individuals who have a right to their own life, who have a right to keep the fruits of their labor, have property rights and contract rights and sound money, and by getting the government out of our way. They don’t work on that, they work on the opposite. But I keep trying to figure out exactly their scheme and their plan and who did what when, and it has to be counteracted by us getting out in front and saying, “There is a better way, and that way is something we’ve had a taste of in this country, and we’re losing it and we need to wake up the American people”. But the answers are there for us, we just got to look. And I think in many ways that is happening, a lot more people are waking up. But it’s going to be a terribly tough struggle.

Alex Jones: I want to get into the Second Amendment. I don’t know if you’ve seen this, it broke on Friday, but you’re always on with the news I bring up. Summary of Select Firearm Violence-Prevention Strategies for the White House by the Department of Justice actually says to basically just outlaw almost all guns and make people turn them in. Now veterans who’ve haven’t even been diagnosed as being “incompetent” are getting letters, they’re being told to prepare to turn their guns in. If they try to take the guns, congressman, are they trying to start a civil war?

Ron Paul: Well, that, once again, is trying to interpret everything that they’re thinking and they’re planning. They’re liable to start a civil war by doing it, for whatever reason they are, but they don’t believe that people should have guns, they believe the government should have guns and they believe this very sincerely as a philosophy. Whether that is exactly what they want, is hard to say, but I know they don’t want the people to have the guns. I think a lot about these problems, but I just don’t think that the people are going to give up their guns.

Alex Jones: I agree, and this is when a war starts, when both groups aren’t giving up, like two trains, and the politicians are off in their ivory towers drinking Champaign, saying, “Let them eat cake”. is your website. In closing, sir, we only have about three minutes left. I know you’ve got some big announcements coming about what you’re going to do now that you’ve left Congress. Can you give us a little idea about when these announcements are going to be made, so we can all get behind it?

Ron Paul: Yes, I think they’re coming together now. It was recently announced about the radio broadcast that we will be doing, and I feel real fortunate that we have that. But there would be others, and I would say in the next three months or so, we should have some of this coming out, and I will also have another book. A lot of people thought that I wouldn’t be able to sit still and just watch this thing going on, and there’s no way [that would happen]. I’m really excited about the opportunities I have now, my time is more of my own, I get to travel when I want, I don’t have to be on that airplane when John Boehner says I have to go up there to vote. So I have a lot more freedom and a lot more opportunities, and, hopefully, if I do the job, I will reach more people, not less people. There were a lot of speeches I had to give when there were no people in the audience when I talked in Congress. Like on Monday, , a week from today, I’m going to be at George Washington University in Washington, and hopefully I’ll have a nice crowd out there.

Alex Jones: So you have only begun to fight., how long until you get your website, Ron Paul?

Ron Paul: Well, that’s up in the air, we’re still working on that. But I don’t sit and worry about that, I know it’s going to come out to our best and we will be able to take care when there’s enough flexibility out there. But I lean towards believing that I will once again be able to have back home.

Alex Jones: Very exciting. Sir, all I can say is Godspeed, we thank you for your work. Can we get you to call for the impeachment of Obama for Fast And Furious? I know you’re not in Congress now, but should we get a movement to try to impeach Obama?

Ron Paul: Well, if you’re energized to do that, I can think of other things to do. But people ask, “Should he be impeached?”, well, I think no matter which president I looked at for the better part 50 years, most likely I would have found reason to impeach him. And I’d impeach the whole Congress. So it’s an overwhelming tasks to get everybody out of Washington that ought to be impeached or thrown out. But some people see that as a good tool.

Alex Jones: Absolutely. Thank you, Ron Paul, thank you so much, sir.


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  • how is he crazy he predicted all the big things we have faced and u think he is crazy?

  • how is he crazy he predicted all the big things we have faced and u think he is crazy?

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  • You’re an ugly idiot… at best. Wake up!

  • You’re an ugly idiot… at best. Wake up!

  • You’re an ugly idiot… at best. Wake up!

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  • RON PAUL!…Hey!…Where are you?!…


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  • YOUTUBE: Nullification is the Rightful Remedy….every state is a sovereign state SEPARATE from the Fed. Gov……The 10th. Amendment…..

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