The New Ron Paul Era


Lew Rockwell: Good morning. This is the Lew Rockwell Show, and what an honor it is to have Dr. Ron Paul as our guest this morning. What can we say about Ron Paul, he’s the leader of freedom not only in the United States, but also all over the world. Millions of young people, and some of us older-than-young people, look to him for clarity and truth in all kinds of areas involving economics, war and peace, the role of government, the economy, what the Fed is doing, and just a 101 different areas. But, Ron, I wanted to start off today to talk about some frustration. If we listen to the media, which impresses me as sort of a Soviet-like media because of the way they repeat this kind of stuff about why the world might come to an end if there’s a cut in the projected spending increases for the government.

Ron Paul: Yes, there have been statistics out, and nobody seems to agree on them. But I think on the principle, those of us who want honesty realize that there are no cuts. And this whole idea that there’s going to be a slash in the budget is nothing more than a farce. One side wants to increase the budget over the next ten years by 2.5 trillion dollars, the other side wants to increase it by 2.4 trillion dollars. So it’s a hundred billion dollars cut over ten years, and they’re hysterical over the whole thing. This frenzy is built with the media and the demagoguing by everybody who wants to spend. And you know darn well that the so-called conservatives on the Republican side won’t cut one penny out of the military. It’s just amazing how far this can go. But I think in one way you might look for more sanity in the marketplace. Not that that’s the final test, but the markets aren’t hysterical about this. On the short run, the markets are still saying the end of the world is not coming, and it’s a non-event. In the long term, the endless spending is a big event, I understand that. But as far as the end of the week comes, it’s not like everything is going to be slashed. I’m just amazed at how gullible the people are, but hopefully we’ll get to a lot more than we have over the years, and that’s where I am optimistic that more people are opening up their eyes and their ears.

Lew Rockwell: I noticed that Obama is making a trip to Israel where Netanyahu will be demanding that the U.S. attack Iran. Does that seem to you that that’s slightly less likely than it used to be, or is it more likely, or what do you see happening there?

Ron Paul: I think it’s less likely, and it might just be the economics of it all. Although there aren’t any real cuts, people actually realize that this isn’t going to last forever, so I’ve always argued that we’ll quit the nonsense overseas not because we have wised up and we have wise leaders, but because we won’t be able to afford it. So I think right now, I would say it’s less likely than it had been in the past, and let’s hope we move in that direction. But there is still a powerful influence by the neo-conservatives, they’re still ranting and raving about Hagel been appointed as the Secretary of Defense. But that in itself isn’t going to make a lot of difference, the spending is going to continue. There’s still going to be an influence, but the answer I would say is I think it’s a little less likely now that they’re about to, because they know they can’t really afford it nor run it. I think that our capabilities just aren’t there, because the type of war that would have to be fought would be completely different. They’re building more F-35s, and this is one thing that I hopefully can write something on. Because they talk about all this budgeting, but then when you look at the F-35s, if it lasted throughout its theoretical lifespan, according to the Pentagon, it would cost 1.5 trillion dollars to run these airplanes that have no use. And then they wonder, “How can we ever slash this defense”. Of course, there is no defense, this is just militarism at it’s worse, I think that everybody should refresh their memory about the warning that Eisenhower gave about building weapons like this and then worrying about the budget. I really get upset with conservatives who consider themselves free market people and condemn the liberals for Keynesian economics, and at the same time, they say they can’t cut the F-35S because there are some 40 states that make parts for it, and it would hurt those jobs. So it’s rather disgusting on how they look at it and pretend that they’re free market people

Lew Rockwell: Ron, I noticed that Obama opened up a new drone base in Niger the other day, and the U.S. has expanded its military footprint in some 35 countries in Africa, which is a huge number of countries. So that’s going on, even though they may be pulling back a little bit from wanting to murder everybody in Iran.

Ron Paul: Yea, they’re just moving about, and they’re moving further east into the Pacific and the Philippines, and they’re more likely to get involved in a squabble between Japan and China. They’re certainly not giving up. But you think we’d learn a lesson or be totally embarrassed that we’re going bankrupt, and we’re going over there, we have plans to get more involved in 35 countries in Africa because we have to protect our natural resources. We live in the old age of mercantilism, and we think that we have to have our military to protect the supply of natural resources. That’s what we’ve been doing in the Middle East as well. But who annoyed us the most at the official level? It’s the Chinese, because “they have a weak currency”, as though Americans have a real strong currency with 0% interest rates, and they get away with economic murder in the sense that they can pass this stuff out and the people still take it.

So the Chinese work hard and they save their money and they invest in these countries. They’re investing in Africa, investing in Iran and these different places. Before you know it, they can become more capitalistic than we are at the rate we’re going, it doesn’t make any sense for us to think that we’re an exceptional nation and we have this obligation to use force to promote our goodness around the world, and we’re not even good capitalist anymore. So it’s a sad story, but fortunately there are a lot of people waking up due to the work the Mises Institute is doing and due to the interest the young people have. So I do believe we live in transitional times and revolutionary times, where these views are changing. And the best news as far as I’m concerned, and I hope I’m right, is that Keynesianism isn’t dead, but it’s dying quickly, and it has to be replaced by something.

Lew Rockwell: Well, there’s no question about that, you’ve attracted millions of young people around the world to question Keynesianism and be interested in Austrian Economics, to question the role of the Fed. And right now there’s a little bit of debate about this alleged exit strategy when the Fed will stop keeping interest rates at 0%. Is there a little bit of dissent within the Fed, and what about the markets and the people in Wall Street and the banking system, because we know the Fed exists to especially promote them, as well as the government? What’s happening in those areas?

Ron Paul: I think there’s a little more dissent because they realized how insane the policy is and they can’t go on forever. But I don’t believe that anybody except Bernanke has any call, and what he says counts. A lot of people ask me about it, and they get their directions from conspiracy theories and they say they’re going to do this to create chaos and buy up the world. But I see it slightly differently. I think the Bernankes of the world are very similar to the Paul Krugmans of the world. They believe this stuff, they really truly believe that they can print money for ever and it’s going to work, because, in a way, they survived it since the breakdown of the Bretton-Woods Agreement with a lot of ups and down, so they believe they can pull this out again. And if things don’t do well, they just print more and more, so I think the dissent is outside, I don’t think the other members of the board have much to do about it, but I think there are a few who are absolute Keynesians in that they can regulate the economy through central economic policy and monetary policy. They’re still very much in charge, but I think the reality of the economy will stop them, and not because all of a sudden we’re going to get a wise Federal Reserve board chairman, or because Bernanke is going to say that we have to wind down. Because he must know, he cannot be naive enough to think that he can start withdrawing some of those funds, or even slow up on buying some of these. They buy 85 million dollars a month with mortgage securities and treasury securities, you think they’d slow up. It’s going to panic the whole country. It’s an addiction, and they can’t live without it. The patient, which is the economy, is going to collapse, and they’re not going to save the patient. I often use the analogy with drugs, the drug addict or alcoholic doesn’t like to leave that stuff, and the political alcoholic is much more difficult to treat than an ordinary alcoholic. Some of them can finally get the motivation to get off that stuff.

Lew Rockwell: Ron, you’ve been the pioneer in asking what gold is there in Fort Knox, or what gold is there in the vaults of the New York Fed, and who owns it? Are you encouraged by the fact that there seems to be and international movement now, with the people in Germany forcing the German government to ask for some of their gold back, and Mexico, Austria and many other countries asking not to have the bank of England, or especially the New York Fed, hold their gold? Do you think we’ll ever get an audit of what’s exactly there and how owns it?

Ron Paul: Probably indirectly. If the Germans want their gold and they can’t get it back, then that will be the audit that will count, I don’t think the politicians will actually do it. I heard somebody on a business station this week talking about this whole mess. He was claiming that it will come to an end, he was defending it, but he was making fun. He said the central banks were actually buying gold at this terrible time. And, interestingly enough, he compared it to the stupidity of the bank of England selling gold when it Washington 250 dollars/ounce. Now there are some central banks buying gold, which are actually in the Far East, and I don’t think they’re stupid. I think for Russia and these other countries, buying gold and putting it in a central bank … he said, “Well, they sold when it was too low, and now they’re buying when it’s too high”. But I guess time will tell which is correct. But fortunately the markets even work with tyrants, there’s always a market out there to tell us what’s going on. Even in the soviet system they had the true market, and sometimes they called it the black market, but there’s always a market out there. So I think that’s what’s going to happen with gold. And you actually helped me many years ago in trying to get an audit, you even backed me with the Gold Commission. And they wouldn’t even accept this, so I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I’m looking for the day when there’ll be more foreign countries saying, “Hey, we want our gold back”. And we do not know whether our gold has been committed or whether it’s there or whatever. So it will probably take runaway inflation for us to all wake up.

Lew Rockwell: I’m assuming it’s not a bunch of wooden bricks painted in gold, maybe we’ll find out some day.

Ron Paul: Yes, that’s for sure. People say, “Why don’t you go and look at it?” What good would me walking down and looking at the do, that’s not an analysis, although it might be entertaining. But if you could have a true analysis, it’s going to be a lot different than a commitment, has the gold been loaned out, who actually has ownership. But we shouldn’t worry about this, Lew, we have been assured by the top money-guy that gold is not money, so why do we really care about this, this is just a useless commodity. If we had the true marketplace, remember it was going to go down to $5/ounce.

Lew Rockwell: It’s just a “barbarous relic”, as Keynes pretended to give us a judgment. Ron, I noticed some of it the other day, and I think this is typical of the mainstream media: they referred to you as ‘retired’. Now maybe they’re just mistaken, or maybe they’re attempting to do damage. Not only are you not retired, but it seems to me that you’ve stepped up your work, thank goodness, since you left Congress. You retired from the world of politics, but you’re not retired. You’ve got this new radio show you’re doing with Charles Goyette, you’ve got your website that you’re building, you’re going to continue working in the areas that you’ve always worked in, whether it’s question of war and peace or the Federal Reserve and all other related areas. You’re talking about how you’re going to be working in communications and reaching out to people in all kinds of new and different ways that accord with what young people are interested in, because they’re not interested in a lot of dinosaur media, they’re interested in the new media. You’ve always had a special connection to young people, so I must say I’m opposed to retirement anyway, it’s an invention of Bismarck and FDR and, I think economically and in every other way it’s a bad idea. But you’re not retired, you’re working a lot harder, you’re working longer days than when you were in Congress.

Ron Paul: The opportunities are fantastic, I never believed there would be so much available that I could do. But I don’t think the word ‘retired’ is right, I think they got it mixed up, they must has misheard. I think it was ‘tired of DC’, not ‘retired’. I do go back and forth on occasions, and I especially go to George Washington University, so I will go in to that area for special reasons, but I was sort of tired of it. But I have been fascinated about how much opportunity has been available, there are so many opportunities, I can’t even take advantage of them all. But it allows me to do the things I have been trying to do for so many years, but it’s more or less on my time and my picking and choosing and. Like I’ve told so many people in the speeches that I give – and I guess I say this to reassure myself as well – if we’re doing this and it’s not a labor of love and it’s not much fun, why even do it. And I enjoy it and I think it’s important and I get satisfaction from it and I’m sure you’ve had the same experience keeping the Mises Institute going, getting the satisfaction of seeing so much good come from it. So I look forward to all the opportunities and I’m going to enjoy it.

Lew Rockwell: Well, you are, and of course, you’re continuing to be very much in demand in college campuses, you’re writing books, and there’s an exciting new era of Ron Paul coming up for all the people who follow you. So, folks, wait for the big announcements. Thank you, Ron, very much for coming on the show today.

Ron Paul: Thank you, Lew.

Lew Rockwell: Bye, bye. Well, thanks so much for listening to the Lew Rockwell Show today. Take a look at all the podcasts, they’ve been hundreds of them. There’s a link on the upper right-hand corner of the LRC front page. Thank you.

  • robin

    French Canadian, You don’t really believe the latest information that is coming out about the Holocaust, do you? Funny that Gordon Duff is also Jewish. Even if you don’t agree with the article or the comments, if you know anything about this time, this is a complete fabrication to elicit sympathy and it appears that it works even on people that consider themselves awake. Now, what would you say to people who believe that the liberal end of the spectrum is vocal about what is going on in this country regarding civil liberties=specifically the ACLU? Someone I know that I have been debating says liberals are very outspoken and uses an article from Huff Post regarding the ACLU to prove it. Any thoughts on this? You also said you have read every book during this time, does that mean you have read the Transfer Agreement, The Thirteenth Tribe, and The Invention of the Jewish People all written by authors who are Jewish and the last who is Israeli? Where do you see the Jesuits and those in the high order in the Vatican in all of this?


    • French Canadian

      I do believe a lot about what was written in the latest information on the Holocaust. I have many Jewish friends , very old in their 80’s, that had already mentioned that to me years before the article popped-up. I strongly believe that the official story is full of lies, like all official stories.

      As far as ACCLU is concern, like any other organizations, corruption infiltrates everywhere. The so called “Liberals” are far from being liberals, they feel to me more like Tyrants…lol

      For the books you have mentionned, I have read them, but don’t consider them as reliable … I found them very biased. Honestly I found them to be misleading and a waste of time for most parts.

      And for the Vatican, of course it is corrupted to the bones, like most big organizations in this world. Like they say: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

  • French Canadian

    Robin, are you kidding me? Alex Jones doesn’t believe this at all. Alex is THE expert on the NWO, he’s being studying it since he was a teenager. I believe he is the ONLY one who knows what he is talking about concerning the Globalist’s agenda. He would never come up with such a stupid conclusion that the Jesuites are behind all that.

    Eric Phelps is a lunatic, I would never read one of his book. He hates Alex Jones. As a matter of fact, he says that Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Alfred Webre, Sarah Palin, and many others are Jesuit temporal coadjutors…lol. I can’t believe that this Phelps has success with his books. Which goes to prove how much people are ignorant and brain dead idiots.

  • from Romania, and love Ron Paul

  • robin

    French Canadian, Have you read the book Vatican Assassins by Eric Phelps? We just listened to an interview he gave today. I’m assuming that Alex believes that they(Jesuits in the highest order) are behind the NWO to bring a new world religion. They set up the Jews and Arabs so they will try and wipe each other out, and then the Christian and atheists here in America, and then they will try and bring a new world religion.

  • robin

    French Canadians, Regarding the new information on the Holocaust.

    • French Canadian

      Gordon Duff, you’ve gotta be kidding me…right?
      The Johns Hopkins University…. pleasssse!

      I believe you are on the wrong path here, Robin. This article is pure garbage to me.
      I also read the comments, what a bunch of anti -Jewish bashers. I really feel sorry for these people gubbling all that misinformation. If only people knew how to search the Web without falling all the time on the hudge propaganda it carries, this world would be a much better place to live. But I guess it will never happen, people likes to bash other nations instead of looking at the corruption in their own country. Whenever someone focuses only on one race, I know right away that they have been brainwashed.

      • French Canadian

        Oh and by the way, when China will own USA, will these antisemites still blame the Jews?

  • French Canadian

    “Yes, I did watch that video you posted on Israel, but we do not agree with Alex Jones on this. We feel that Israel is responsible for displacing Palestinians ” (Robin).

    Still, it is the truth. Alex is 100% right on this. The UN created by USA is the one responsible for displacing Palestinians. Israel offered them to stay, but they said “Thank you but No, Thanks”. The NWO is mostly orchestrated by the USA with all their powerful organizations like the Federal Reserve, the UN, etc. Israel is their puppets, not the other way around. USA financed and armed Israel, without USA, Israel wouldn’t exist and would have no power whatsoever. The NWO needed Israel in this part of the world to create chaos. I’m surprised that you don’t know that and that you cannot see this.

  • French Canadian

    Robin, since you are reading a book these days on this subject, I thought you might be interested by this article:

    The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking

    • robin

      French Canadian,
      As far as this story, we believe that this is being used to elicit sympathy for Israel because of the plan to invade Syria and Iran. Convenient timing don’t you think? As far as the NWO, of course Rothchild was the one that bought the land to create the state of Israel after the Balfour Agreement, and without our aid they would not exist, but not to hold them responsible is a cop out. Yes, there’s been a plan in the works to use Israel to take down the rest of the Middle East and Africa. I personally don’t feel Alex is honest on this one. The Palestinians have been driven out of their homeland. Remember Israel has the nuclear weapons whether we allowed them to be armed or not, not the rest of the Middle East. I personally think Alex is soft on this one. It’s easy to shift the blame on others and Israel continues to do this and Alex is siding with Israel although he claims he is not. This is one we will have to disagree on. I’m learning more everyday from my Israeli friend. She told me Israeli’s are more willing to hear the truth than Americans.

  • French Canadian


    Yes Allen Brown was on The Alex Jones Show a few times. Here is one interview with her:

    Author Ellen Brown Details How to Have A State Own Bank Like N. Dakota on Alex Jones Tv 1/3

  • John

    Has ELLEN BROWN ever been a guest on Infowars?

  • Nick

    Cut Congress’s salary

    I would like you to take it under consideration to cut congress salary by 25% and stop any automatic raises that might be coming up for at least 2 years. I am writing this petition because obviously the Sequester, since it does not affect their jobs at all they are not worried about any of ours. I think this is completely fair considering some of their salary’s are more than most Americans make in 5 years. Also I would just love to watch on C-span the argument against this if it were to ever get that far.

    Sign my petition

  • French Canadian

    Everybody should see this video:

    Top DHS border checkpoint refusals


    Robin, I gave you a reply below.

    • robin

      French Canadian, I gave you a reply below. Watching the Dow Jones because when it hits 15,000 it will crash..We are very close to that..I’ve discovered through a discussion with someone who is a lot like we once were-progressive liberal that she is embracing the redistribution of wealth. Sees it as a noble cause as well as others I know. I believe that is true for people in higher places. They think they are doing something wonderful for humanity. They aren’t aware of how they are being used. I’m going to be talking to one of our country commissioners about CAFR. He is a long time CPA, so let’s see what he says after he looks at our books. I already sent him some introductory videos so he knows what I’m talking about. They are trying to pass another levy to repair our roads while they sit on 30 million invested in Wallstreet that has nothing to do with pensions. People where are live are losing their homes and continue to be taxed to death. Of course, it’s tied into UN Agenda 21 forcing people to move out of rural areas into urban centers.

  • PS:12

    Sequestration (law), the seizure of property for creditors or the state

    The sequester is a perfect way to force austerity or increased taxation. Ether way the powers of unconstitutional monetary policy win. Through austerity the amount going to the interest on the national debt increases for the shadow Elite and through increased taxation the amount of interest paid to the shadow Elite increases. This compensates the devaluation of the shadow Elite ludicrous issuance. In the meantime the general population has already been prepared for curbing.

  • French Canadian

    I really like Lew Rockwell, I got to know him well by his frequent appearances on the Alex Jones Show. As a matter of facts, it is also on that show that I got to know the greateast American patriots. had great guests this week:

    Monday: Ron Paul
    Tuesday: Michael Savage
    Wednesday: Dr Kathrine Albretch
    TODAY: Ted Nugent and Gerald Celente.

    Two great interviews yesterday with Katherine Albrecht in studio (one on the daily show and the other on Infowars Nightly News:

    – Expert Reveals The Technocratic Architecture of The Prison Planet

    – Schools Are Becoming Electronic Concentration Camps

  • robin

    French Canadian, It’s taking a long time again to post, but I’m glad to see that we will have a Secretary of Defense that may finally look out for our interests instead of Israel’s. I also know that the only reason our democratic leaders supported him is because he was Obama’s pick. I will hope that he will engage instead of take us into another war and do whatever Israel wants us to do. Time for a change, but I’m not holding my breath because it appears this administration wants to go to war by this summer. We are preparing the best we can for an economic collapse and whatever else comes our way. That’s all we can do now. I am more involved than ever as I want a future for my children.

    • French Canadian

      Don’t rejoyce too fast Robin about the new Secretary of Defense. I believe these excerpts taken on Lew Rockwell site, will interest you:

      The Hagel Trap


      “Which leads us to former Senator Chuck Hagel, who far too many in the remnant of the antiwar, anti-empire movement have taken to praising as if with his nomination — expected tomorrow — the war party would be defeated.

      It is a trap.

      Hagel is the perfect choice for Obama if he wants to actually expand militarism: Hagel’s peace/anti-empire backers will be silenced when Hagel does as he is told (as he must) and continues, possibly expands, the disastrous policies of this administration. Do they really believe that the employee will force his drone-a-holic employer to suspend what has become the centerpiece of his foreign policy? What are Hagel’s backers going to do when he does as he must, as a man who serves at the pleasure of a president who believes he has the Constitutional authority to draw up a “kill list” of Americans? Will they start denouncing the very person they demanded get the job in the first place? How foolish would that look? How ineffective.

      Be careful what you ask for. And don’t forget that among the others asking are those like the Podesta Group, who are currently making a killing on all the killing they supported in Serbia under their former boss, former president Clinton.

      And if Obama decides to invade Iran (or anywhere else) there are two things a Defense Secretary Hagel can do: 1) be a good soldier and carry out to the best of his abilities the command of his commander in chief (call it the the Colin Powell UN option); or 2) resign in protest, which simply does not happen in these days. What then? Haven’t we been here before?

      I think it is a losing proposition to put faith in a Hagel nomination when the real problem is our foreign policy — which is neither set by Hagel nor controlled by him. He is a good man in many ways to be sure. And that the Lindsey Grahams of the world despise him make it all the more tempting to sign those petitions. But in the end it will prove the timeless axiom of the all-time champion of politics, who said “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

      • robin

        French Canadian, Yes, I am not holding my breath because he would not have nominated him unless he thought he would do as he is told to do. Time will tell what happens.


  • robin

    French Canadian, I lost the other thread, so I’ll comment here and hope you will see it. Yes, I did watch that video you posted on Israel, but we do not agree with Alex Jones on this. We feel that Israel is responsible for displacing Palestinians and no one wants them because they are trouble makers because they don’t want to be assimilated in another country. I can’t blame them. Their land and homeland have been taken away from them and they want it back. As for Israel, they have the weapons of mass destruction, so you better believe we are concerned about them with no accountability or weapons inspections, etc. As far as Israeli’s, I know there are a minority of vocal activists who are trying to change things in their country as we are in our country. My Israeli friend told me that the people she knows in her village get all their news from Fox and CNN. They seem to be completely in the dark as to what is going on, but she said that those she knows are embarrassed about how the Palestinians have been treated. When my husband studied in Russia, he had many babuska’s coming up to him and saying that they wanted peace and that they did not hate Americans and to please share this with other Americans. They also asked why they took so long to help them during the war, but they didn’t care about the tanks that were substandard to the Russian tanks, but very much appreciated the spam. The short story is people are people anywhere in the world, but it of course is the leaders and those that follow blindly that keep these conflicts going.

  • Veronica Santamaria

    I’m from Spain and I’m also a Ron Paul fan. I’m so glad to hear about other Europeans that like these ideas that our countries need so much but seem to fully reject… But I’m living in the States right now and I really think there are reasons to be hopeful about this country, because all you have to do here is to make Americans remember who they really are. Spain never knew freedom, so the task is ten times more difficult there.

  • Finally, Lew Rockwell on YT!!
    I love you two: Lew and Ron.

  • Finally, Lew Rockwell on YT!!
    I love you two: Lew and Ron.

  • Lew is right, Ron Paul is the leader of freedom worldwide, i’m from Italy and i love Ron Paul