The New Ron Paul Era


Lew Rockwell: Good morning. This is the Lew Rockwell Show, and what an honor it is to have Dr. Ron Paul as our guest this morning. What can we say about Ron Paul, he’s the leader of freedom not only in the United States, but also all over the world. Millions of young people, and some of us older-than-young people, look to him for clarity and truth in all kinds of areas involving economics, war and peace, the role of government, the economy, what the Fed is doing, and just a 101 different areas. But, Ron, I wanted to start off today to talk about some frustration. If we listen to the media, which impresses me as sort of a Soviet-like media because of the way they repeat this kind of stuff about why the world might come to an end if there’s a cut in the projected spending increases for the government.

Ron Paul: Yes, there have been statistics out, and nobody seems to agree on them. But I think on the principle, those of us who want honesty realize that there are no cuts. And this whole idea that there’s going to be a slash in the budget is nothing more than a farce. One side wants to increase the budget over the next ten years by 2.5 trillion dollars, the other side wants to increase it by 2.4 trillion dollars. So it’s a hundred billion dollars cut over ten years, and they’re hysterical over the whole thing. This frenzy is built with the media and the demagoguing by everybody who wants to spend. And you know darn well that the so-called conservatives on the Republican side won’t cut one penny out of the military. It’s just amazing how far this can go. But I think in one way you might look for more sanity in the marketplace. Not that that’s the final test, but the markets aren’t hysterical about this. On the short run, the markets are still saying the end of the world is not coming, and it’s a non-event. In the long term, the endless spending is a big event, I understand that. But as far as the end of the week comes, it’s not like everything is going to be slashed. I’m just amazed at how gullible the people are, but hopefully we’ll get to a lot more than we have over the years, and that’s where I am optimistic that more people are opening up their eyes and their ears.

Lew Rockwell: I noticed that Obama is making a trip to Israel where Netanyahu will be demanding that the U.S. attack Iran. Does that seem to you that that’s slightly less likely than it used to be, or is it more likely, or what do you see happening there?

Ron Paul: I think it’s less likely, and it might just be the economics of it all. Although there aren’t any real cuts, people actually realize that this isn’t going to last forever, so I’ve always argued that we’ll quit the nonsense overseas not because we have wised up and we have wise leaders, but because we won’t be able to afford it. So I think right now, I would say it’s less likely than it had been in the past, and let’s hope we move in that direction. But there is still a powerful influence by the neo-conservatives, they’re still ranting and raving about Hagel been appointed as the Secretary of Defense. But that in itself isn’t going to make a lot of difference, the spending is going to continue. There’s still going to be an influence, but the answer I would say is I think it’s a little less likely now that they’re about to, because they know they can’t really afford it nor run it. I think that our capabilities just aren’t there, because the type of war that would have to be fought would be completely different. They’re building more F-35s, and this is one thing that I hopefully can write something on. Because they talk about all this budgeting, but then when you look at the F-35s, if it lasted throughout its theoretical lifespan, according to the Pentagon, it would cost 1.5 trillion dollars to run these airplanes that have no use. And then they wonder, “How can we ever slash this defense”. Of course, there is no defense, this is just militarism at it’s worse, I think that everybody should refresh their memory about the warning that Eisenhower gave about building weapons like this and then worrying about the budget. I really get upset with conservatives who consider themselves free market people and condemn the liberals for Keynesian economics, and at the same time, they say they can’t cut the F-35S because there are some 40 states that make parts for it, and it would hurt those jobs. So it’s rather disgusting on how they look at it and pretend that they’re free market people

Lew Rockwell: Ron, I noticed that Obama opened up a new drone base in Niger the other day, and the U.S. has expanded its military footprint in some 35 countries in Africa, which is a huge number of countries. So that’s going on, even though they may be pulling back a little bit from wanting to murder everybody in Iran.

Ron Paul: Yea, they’re just moving about, and they’re moving further east into the Pacific and the Philippines, and they’re more likely to get involved in a squabble between Japan and China. They’re certainly not giving up. But you think we’d learn a lesson or be totally embarrassed that we’re going bankrupt, and we’re going over there, we have plans to get more involved in 35 countries in Africa because we have to protect our natural resources. We live in the old age of mercantilism, and we think that we have to have our military to protect the supply of natural resources. That’s what we’ve been doing in the Middle East as well. But who annoyed us the most at the official level? It’s the Chinese, because “they have a weak currency”, as though Americans have a real strong currency with 0% interest rates, and they get away with economic murder in the sense that they can pass this stuff out and the people still take it.

So the Chinese work hard and they save their money and they invest in these countries. They’re investing in Africa, investing in Iran and these different places. Before you know it, they can become more capitalistic than we are at the rate we’re going, it doesn’t make any sense for us to think that we’re an exceptional nation and we have this obligation to use force to promote our goodness around the world, and we’re not even good capitalist anymore. So it’s a sad story, but fortunately there are a lot of people waking up due to the work the Mises Institute is doing and due to the interest the young people have. So I do believe we live in transitional times and revolutionary times, where these views are changing. And the best news as far as I’m concerned, and I hope I’m right, is that Keynesianism isn’t dead, but it’s dying quickly, and it has to be replaced by something.

Lew Rockwell: Well, there’s no question about that, you’ve attracted millions of young people around the world to question Keynesianism and be interested in Austrian Economics, to question the role of the Fed. And right now there’s a little bit of debate about this alleged exit strategy when the Fed will stop keeping interest rates at 0%. Is there a little bit of dissent within the Fed, and what about the markets and the people in Wall Street and the banking system, because we know the Fed exists to especially promote them, as well as the government? What’s happening in those areas?

Ron Paul: I think there’s a little more dissent because they realized how insane the policy is and they can’t go on forever. But I don’t believe that anybody except Bernanke has any call, and what he says counts. A lot of people ask me about it, and they get their directions from conspiracy theories and they say they’re going to do this to create chaos and buy up the world. But I see it slightly differently. I think the Bernankes of the world are very similar to the Paul Krugmans of the world. They believe this stuff, they really truly believe that they can print money for ever and it’s going to work, because, in a way, they survived it since the breakdown of the Bretton-Woods Agreement with a lot of ups and down, so they believe they can pull this out again. And if things don’t do well, they just print more and more, so I think the dissent is outside, I don’t think the other members of the board have much to do about it, but I think there are a few who are absolute Keynesians in that they can regulate the economy through central economic policy and monetary policy. They’re still very much in charge, but I think the reality of the economy will stop them, and not because all of a sudden we’re going to get a wise Federal Reserve board chairman, or because Bernanke is going to say that we have to wind down. Because he must know, he cannot be naive enough to think that he can start withdrawing some of those funds, or even slow up on buying some of these. They buy 85 million dollars a month with mortgage securities and treasury securities, you think they’d slow up. It’s going to panic the whole country. It’s an addiction, and they can’t live without it. The patient, which is the economy, is going to collapse, and they’re not going to save the patient. I often use the analogy with drugs, the drug addict or alcoholic doesn’t like to leave that stuff, and the political alcoholic is much more difficult to treat than an ordinary alcoholic. Some of them can finally get the motivation to get off that stuff.

Lew Rockwell: Ron, you’ve been the pioneer in asking what gold is there in Fort Knox, or what gold is there in the vaults of the New York Fed, and who owns it? Are you encouraged by the fact that there seems to be and international movement now, with the people in Germany forcing the German government to ask for some of their gold back, and Mexico, Austria and many other countries asking not to have the bank of England, or especially the New York Fed, hold their gold? Do you think we’ll ever get an audit of what’s exactly there and how owns it?

Ron Paul: Probably indirectly. If the Germans want their gold and they can’t get it back, then that will be the audit that will count, I don’t think the politicians will actually do it. I heard somebody on a business station this week talking about this whole mess. He was claiming that it will come to an end, he was defending it, but he was making fun. He said the central banks were actually buying gold at this terrible time. And, interestingly enough, he compared it to the stupidity of the bank of England selling gold when it Washington 250 dollars/ounce. Now there are some central banks buying gold, which are actually in the Far East, and I don’t think they’re stupid. I think for Russia and these other countries, buying gold and putting it in a central bank … he said, “Well, they sold when it was too low, and now they’re buying when it’s too high”. But I guess time will tell which is correct. But fortunately the markets even work with tyrants, there’s always a market out there to tell us what’s going on. Even in the soviet system they had the true market, and sometimes they called it the black market, but there’s always a market out there. So I think that’s what’s going to happen with gold. And you actually helped me many years ago in trying to get an audit, you even backed me with the Gold Commission. And they wouldn’t even accept this, so I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I’m looking for the day when there’ll be more foreign countries saying, “Hey, we want our gold back”. And we do not know whether our gold has been committed or whether it’s there or whatever. So it will probably take runaway inflation for us to all wake up.

Lew Rockwell: I’m assuming it’s not a bunch of wooden bricks painted in gold, maybe we’ll find out some day.

Ron Paul: Yes, that’s for sure. People say, “Why don’t you go and look at it?” What good would me walking down and looking at the do, that’s not an analysis, although it might be entertaining. But if you could have a true analysis, it’s going to be a lot different than a commitment, has the gold been loaned out, who actually has ownership. But we shouldn’t worry about this, Lew, we have been assured by the top money-guy that gold is not money, so why do we really care about this, this is just a useless commodity. If we had the true marketplace, remember it was going to go down to $5/ounce.

Lew Rockwell: It’s just a “barbarous relic”, as Keynes pretended to give us a judgment. Ron, I noticed some of it the other day, and I think this is typical of the mainstream media: they referred to you as ‘retired’. Now maybe they’re just mistaken, or maybe they’re attempting to do damage. Not only are you not retired, but it seems to me that you’ve stepped up your work, thank goodness, since you left Congress. You retired from the world of politics, but you’re not retired. You’ve got this new radio show you’re doing with Charles Goyette, you’ve got your website that you’re building, you’re going to continue working in the areas that you’ve always worked in, whether it’s question of war and peace or the Federal Reserve and all other related areas. You’re talking about how you’re going to be working in communications and reaching out to people in all kinds of new and different ways that accord with what young people are interested in, because they’re not interested in a lot of dinosaur media, they’re interested in the new media. You’ve always had a special connection to young people, so I must say I’m opposed to retirement anyway, it’s an invention of Bismarck and FDR and, I think economically and in every other way it’s a bad idea. But you’re not retired, you’re working a lot harder, you’re working longer days than when you were in Congress.

Ron Paul: The opportunities are fantastic, I never believed there would be so much available that I could do. But I don’t think the word ‘retired’ is right, I think they got it mixed up, they must has misheard. I think it was ‘tired of DC’, not ‘retired’. I do go back and forth on occasions, and I especially go to George Washington University, so I will go in to that area for special reasons, but I was sort of tired of it. But I have been fascinated about how much opportunity has been available, there are so many opportunities, I can’t even take advantage of them all. But it allows me to do the things I have been trying to do for so many years, but it’s more or less on my time and my picking and choosing and. Like I’ve told so many people in the speeches that I give – and I guess I say this to reassure myself as well – if we’re doing this and it’s not a labor of love and it’s not much fun, why even do it. And I enjoy it and I think it’s important and I get satisfaction from it and I’m sure you’ve had the same experience keeping the Mises Institute going, getting the satisfaction of seeing so much good come from it. So I look forward to all the opportunities and I’m going to enjoy it.

Lew Rockwell: Well, you are, and of course, you’re continuing to be very much in demand in college campuses, you’re writing books, and there’s an exciting new era of Ron Paul coming up for all the people who follow you. So, folks, wait for the big announcements. Thank you, Ron, very much for coming on the show today.

Ron Paul: Thank you, Lew.

Lew Rockwell: Bye, bye. Well, thanks so much for listening to the Lew Rockwell Show today. Take a look at all the podcasts, they’ve been hundreds of them. There’s a link on the upper right-hand corner of the LRC front page. Thank you.

  • French Canadian
  • French Canadian

    Following my last post on Chavez, here is Alex’s opinion of Hugo Chavez in this 5 minutes video:

    Hugo Chavez is Dead! Alex Jones Reports

  • robin

    French Canadian, No, I don’t know about Bitcoins. I shared with my husband about Max Keisers prediction and he said he’s been wrong on many occasions, but we feel like the bubble is ready to burst very soon. As I said, the magic number was said to be 15,000, so time will tell. Trying to get our house in order to be as prepared as we can. As far as what Alex Jones says about Chavez, we don’t agree on this one either. I think the MSM vilifies anyone who steps out of the control of the US. Like Gaddafi who wanted to create an African Union, and Chavez who wanted to create a South American Union. Neither could be controlled, so we had to get rid of them. I think that like any leader, he had his good intentions, but like many leaders had his faults. Now, the question my husband was asking yesterday, does that mean our government is trying to fight the NWO(by trying to get rid of leaders who want to unify countries), or maybe there are different factions of the NWO with different agendas competing against one another?

    • French Canadian

      “does that mean our government is trying to fight the NWO”. (Robin)

      Your government is not your government anymore, it’s been hyjacked a long time ago by a bunch of international banksters who own you and rule you. They want a monopoly of this world, in other words, they want a NWO that they control themselves.

      “I think the MSM vilifies anyone who steps out of the control of the US. Like Gaddafi who wanted to create an African Union, and Chavez who wanted to create a South American Union. Neither could be controlled, so we had to get rid of them. I think that like any leader, he had his good intentions, but like many leaders had his faults.”

      Of course the MSM vilifies them, they are bought and paid for by the international banksters of the NWO. Alex always say that Gaddafi and Chavez had good intentions and were a hundred time better than the NWO crowd. But still, we can not deny that they were rude tyrans. Chavez was a socialist on the edge of a communist, that is not what the people need. People need freedom, they need free markets, property rights, individual human’s rights, liberty… just about everything that was included in your Constititution and Bill of rights. Otherwise, they will end up like North Korea and other oppressive governments. Alex admires them for resisting the NWO scam, but in the end, their people would be just as miserable as if the NWO succeeds.Anyway, to resume my thoughts, This article about sums it up:

      Hugo Chavez may be dead, but the great cancer of socialism continues to spread

  • French Canadian

    Forgot to put the link of Max Keiser ‘sinterview in my last post. Here it is:

    Bitcoin to kill The Fed

  • French Canadian

    Robin, do you know about Bitcoins? And if so, what do you think about them? Yesterday, Max Keiser was the guest on the show and he talked about his prediction about the coming collapse in late April (he is already claiming victory on this prediction) and he also explained the Bitcoins.

    The interview was good, although at times it is a bit painful to listen to, since Max and Alex are close friends and they keep interrupting each other… both are very hyper in this interview…lol. But it is very informative. I’m sure you will appreciate the information.


  • French Canadian

    Sorry, I completely forgot to comment on Hugo Chavez in my last post.
    Here is a 5 minutes videos that Alex did last week while he was on vacation and I agree 100 percent with him on Chavez:

    Hugo Chavez Is Dead! Alex Jones Reports

  • French Canadian

    “Any thoughts on this article? ” (Robin)

    Sure! I put Kevin Barrett in the same bunch of antisemites as Alan Sabriosky and Gordon Duff of Veterans Today. By the way, I’m not sure, but I believe that Barret converted to Muslim.

    You see, these radical antisemites do not like Alex Jones (because he is right and they are wrong)… so they always use the same technics, they post something on youtube taken completely out of context to ridiculize him. But you can see in the video of Alex (the one where they added a crown and the Israel star”)…lol… you can see how they are biased hating crooks. Alex explains very well in that video what he meant in context, and he is absolutely dead right again on this one. Alex does 4 hours of radio a day, 6 times a week, since 18 years. He talks a lot and he rants a lot… so it is easy to take one sentence out of context and make him look stupid. And this is what antisemites specializes in.

    I give no credit whatsoever to people this sly. On top of that, they keep saying that Alex is married to a Jew, that is false. His wife is protestant and always was. They spread propaganda like real snakes. I can’t stand these kind of people they are the scum of the world.

    Only people with an open mind who listens daily to Alex Jones Show can know who Alex really is and what he stands for. I’m one of them. And I can tell you, that there is no one else that does such a good work opening people’s minds. His show is so well documented, no one else comes close to the information he gives there. And even more than that, he knows everything before it happens because he does his work perfectly. Like he says: “I know the Globalist plan so well, I eat it, drink it, sleep it 24 hours a day, I know their mind so well that I can predict their next move easily”. Sorry for the innacurate quotation, I say it like I remember it… but it was better than the words I just used…lol.

    People are jealous of Alex. That is no wonder because his show is getting so big they cannot compete with him. And that is because people like genuine, brilliant, well informed patriots who are not afraid to tell the truth. And that resumes who Alex is.

    Oh, and I forgot: People who thinks that Alex never criticize s Israel are people who definately do not listen to his show, because he does it all the time. But these haters are mad at Alex because even if he knows that 9/11 was an inside job, he doesn’t point to no one particulary. And this is WISE and intelligent, because we don’t really know who did it. The Saudis? Israel? The CIA? Or a combination greedy Bankers and Globalists.

  • French Canadian

    “Don’t agree with you on this one. ” (Robin)

    You do agree with me but you just don’t see it. I told you the Jews were set up by the globalists so they can installed their NWO. They needed Israel in this part of the world to create chaos. And this is exactly WHAT is happening these days. That WAS the plan all along and it is working just fine. The Globalists didn’t care to kill millions of Jews, they don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.

    People who do not understand this master evil plan, prefers to hate Jews, to deny the Holocaust and to blame them for all the calamities in this world, when in fact they were set up to be the scapegoats.

    The reason why they focused on Israel right now and not on other races for the moment, is because, they first have to destroy the Arab rich oil countries who are not part of the banking elite system. When this is accomplish, don’t worry, they will go after the other races. Do you remember Bob Dylan’s song “With God On Our Side”?
    It said:

    I’ve learned to hate Russians
    All through my whole life
    If another war starts
    It’s them we must fight
    To hate them and fear them
    To run and to hide
    And accept it all bravely
    With God on my side.

    I’m telling you Robin, these Globalists really know how to “Divide and Conquer”. They manipulate people so easily

    See this paragraph now:

    When the Second World War
    Came to an end
    We forgave the Germans
    And then we were friends
    Though they murdered six million
    In the ovens they fried
    The Germans now too
    Have God on their side.

    And this paragraph that I prefer… Dylan really understood the machiavelic Globalist plan. They make you believe that God is on your side when you go to wars… lol… He resumes his doubt with the two last sentences of this paragraph:

    So now as I’m leavin’
    I’m weary as Hell
    The confusion I’m feelin’
    Ain’t no tongue can tell
    The words fill my head
    And fall to the floor
    If God’s on our side
    He’ll stop the next war

  • robin

    French Canadian, Thank you. I just listened to the NWO 2 hour program you posted. Here is an article I just came across. Any thoughts on this?

  • robin

    French Canadian, You know there are many Israelis as well as American Jews who are against how the Holocaust continues to be used to justify an Israeli apartheid state and sympathy so they can drag the US into a war with Syria and Iran. The timing of this latest Holocaust information is suspect and has many historians turning their heads. We disagree that this issue is not relevant or important to discuss now as the war drums beat. Nobody is denying the Holocaust just the official story. The fact that recently the numbers are being inflated was a red flag for many historians. This time in history continues to be rewritten not to determine the truth, but to elicit guilt and sympathy so Israel can continue their human rights abuses. The persecuted have become the persecutors. My parents had a few friends who were in concentration camps, so I did hear about it as a child. As far as the books you said you read that you feel are biased, you could turn that around and say that you are being biased in dismissing what they have to say because it doesn’t fit what you have come to believe. I am a seeker of the truth no matter where I find it. Also, why is it that we never talk about the other genocides in the world=only the Holocaust? Right now Senator Wyden and a few other senators are trying to wave requirements for Israelis to get visas and I am totally against this considering their record of human rights violations and the fact that the CIA has said time and time again that the biggest threat to our national security are Mossad Agents who gain entry into the US and are spying on Americans and stealing national security interests. I remember when a former prime minister is on record saying on Democracy Now that Israel has to stop using the Holocaust to justify their treatment of Palestinians, minorities, Christians and what they do around the world. I will continue to look into this as I would any other event that I feel is important. Don’t agree with you on this one.

  • French Canadian

    Robin, I think that The Sunday Edition of the Alex Jones Show today résume very well who is behind the NWO. It is only 2 hours on Sunday.

    Alex Jones Show: Sunday (3-10-13) Full Show

  • French Canadian

    “I’d like to know what information that has come out about the Holocaust that you feel is true and what is not true.” (ROBIN)

    Wow! Quite a question that cannot be answered in one or two sentences. I don’t know where to begin, especially in English writing . So I’ve searched the Net by typing a sentence that I agreed with about the Holocaust. I usely do not use Wikipedia, but this article sums up everything I think about the Holocaust:

    Criticism of Holocaust denial

    Personnaly, I think Jews were always hated thru out the world, long before the Holocaust. I believe the Bible has something to do with this, since it talks about “The chosen people”. People of the World cannot stand that sentence…lol.

    I also think that radical leftist antisemitism has now been replaced by Holocaust deniers. In their eyes, it looks better…lol.

    Anyway, we are wasting our time scrutinizing the Holocaust, we have more urgent problems to deal with for our immediate survival. The difference between 9/11 and the Holocaust is that 9/11 happened in a more modern time with internet, TV, phone cells and alternative medias. So it was easy to debunk the official story. But the Holocaust deniers are just speculating and reinventing things and rewritting History with no proofs whatsoever. The only small amount of real facts, pictures and survivors testimonies that we have are enough to prove that Holocaust deniers are wrong.

    The thing that gets to me in the official story of the Holocaust, is that everything was blame on Hitler alone, when in fact, the WEST helped Hitler to rise and they financed him.

    Conclusion: I still deeply believe that the Jews were set up by big financial crook elites who needed Israel in this part of the world to bring chaos and to undergo their plan for establishing a NWO. I’m done on this rechearch, my mind is now made up for good. I much prefer to try to stop the insanity we live in nowaday.

  • robin

    French Canadian, The first time I posted something and there was no moderation since they did that story about the domain…

  • robin

    French Canadian, Yes, I did read all your posts. Thank you. I suspect they will make the economy collapse and then take us to war shortly after while there is chaos. I listened to a program on the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X that Cynthia McKinney participated in at Howard University. We have been learning a lot about why they were killed. I’d like to know what information that has come out about the Holocaust that you feel is true and what is not true. My husband was telling me about the siege at Leningrad which again is never discussed in our public schools as well as anything to do with the genocide in Russia. He told me when he studied in Russia they asked him why they didn’t know anything about it. Of course, our public school system is so dumbed down most Americans don’t know anything about their own country. I made sure that our children did and they were shocked to find out how little people know about US History, World History and geography. My son’s friend is an intern working for Senator Merkley-liberal senator in DC and I asked him why he didn’t feel it was important enough to stand with Wyden on the filibuster vote. Also, about why neither of them stand up against these perpetual wars although they claim to be anti=war. I want to get him to think because once upon a time he did and now he is completely indoctrinated. I sent him some information, but I’m sure I have shocked him and why he hasn’t said anything. Maybe it will get him to start thinking more critically about what Obama is doing. Cynthia McKinney does a great job addressing why liberals will defend Obama until their dying breath. I’ve been trying to find out from my friend in Israel what is going on over there. She said last January they sent 10,000 troops=Airforce and Navy. She wasn’t sure if it was to spy on Syria or prepare to invade Iran, but she says they are still there.

  • French Canadian

    Robin, I hope you saw all my “reply” to your posts below, they were just out of moderation today.

    About the Dow hitting 15,000 and the collapse, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Max Keiser keeps predicting on Alex’s show for months now, that he thinks it will collapse in April. He is usually quite right, so we will see.

    As for Cynthia McKinney, I really like her, she has a lot of guts.

    Another woman that I also like a lot is Dr. Katherine Albrecht,. Alex was off this week on vacation and she replaced him all week . She did a real fantastic job.

    Here is one interview she did with Tom Woods:

    The True Purpose of Gov’t with Historian Tom Woods

  • French Canadian

    Well, there goes your First Amendment!

    Flash protest at SXSW (+ 2 Videos)

    “During an effort to pass out 10,000 free copies of Alex Jones’ monthly Infowars Magazine at the annual film and interactive media event SXSW held in Austin, Texas, Austin Code Enforcement told Jones his Infowars media team would not be allowed to use city metered parking because their cars have bumper stickers.

    A city code enforcement officer told Jones he was sent specifically after a SXSW compliant to make sure the Infowars media team wouldn’t be able to park in downtown Austin. Police arrived and began issuing tickets and threatened to arrest people who did not comply.

    Infowars Nightly News reporter Aaron Dykes interviewed other street teams outside the event. All were allowed to hand out material and literature.”

  • robin

    French Canadian, Keeping my eye on the Dow as it creeps closer to 15,000. As I mentioned, we read several years ago that a top military person was privy to inside information that as soon as it hit 15,000 they were going to make it collapse since as we know it has been manipulated since the creation of the Federal Reserve. So many economists now are talking about this. Something Ron Paul has talked about for years.

  • robin

    French Canadian, Don’t know if you will see this or not. I just listened to Cynthia McKinney on the Adam Kohesh show and I have such respect for this courageous activist. I hope that she runs again. We voted for her in 2008, and the more I listen to her, the more I like her. She spoke at Howard University recently on the murders of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and others that I hope to listen to. She brought up so many important points, and I plan to go to her FB site and see what dialogue is going on there. She said she only had 25,000 when she first ran for congress the first time and there is a documentary about what she did while in Congress and how they made sure she would not get reelected that I want to see called American Blackout. I know she has been on the Alex Jones Show. Have you seen this? We need more people like her who are willing to take the first step. There may be people like her in congress, but they don’t want to be the first to stick their neck out and do the right thing.

  • robin

    French Canadian, I can see why Eric Phelps appeals to many as he believes in the segregation of the races and cultures. Yes, he is off the wall, but then again, many also think Alex Jones is off the wall. So, you are telling me that Alex does not believe that the Vatican is not a factor in the NWO? Remember we don’t put anyone on a pedestal and if I have learned anything listening to Alex Jones, he would say the same thing=don’t put him on a pedestal because he does not have all the answers. It’s why I don’t agree with people that seem to worship people like Ron Paul. He is not perfect and as soon as you do that with anyone, then you stop questioning. I respect Ron Paul, but I don’t put him on top of the mountain. Same with Ben Swann. I’ve seen people do this with both of them.

    • French Canadian

      Robin, I can see you are finished with the “moderation”, but I am not. My two last “replies” are still on moderation. This post will be the third comment on moderation.

      “Yes, he is off the wall, but then again, many also think Alex Jones is off the wall” (ROBIN)

      The difference is that Alex was warning people 18 years ago, of EVERYTHING that is happening today and with sharp precisions. He proved himself to be very well informed. I do not put him on a pedestal. But I do know that he is genuine (for real) and that he has incredible good sources and he really tries to bring out the truth to the world. That is undeniable for people who listens to him on a daily base. Plus he knows history so well, he is almost an encyclopedia in the matter and he his brilliant, a real sharp mind like we rarely see today.

      As for his bashers, all they know about him are from other bashers who puts on youtube some extracts of his saying, completely out of context, to make him look like a kook.

      For sure Alex thinks that the Vatican is part of the NWO. It is so hudge. But he doesn’t agree with Phelps theory. This is why we can say without a doubt, that nobody has the monopoly on the NWO. Too many different people and interests are part the NWO.
      So looking only to the Jews like some people do, is absolutely silly, and a complete waste of time.

  • robin

    French Canadian, My husband says the same thing about Eric Phelps. What he says is not to be trusted, but there are many that believe this as are there many who believe it’s the Zionists who are running the NWO. I also believe it is people who are from different backgrounds and political beliefs=fascists, communists, capitalists, socialists..I believe there are different factions and they work together and against one another to gain power. We look at everything before we dismiss it, as there is truth even in people that seem off the wall.

    • French Canadian

      Yes Robin, people from different backgrounds and political beliefs are part of the NWO.
      These people are the ultra wealthly Elites, they are extremely powerful people:

      The Banksters, the Secret Societies, the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, the UN, the League of Nations, the Military Industrial Complex, the British Monarchy, peole also like Queen Beatrix, the CEO of big Corporations like the pharmaceutical Complex, the Monsanto Group, etc… and the corrupted governments, the ruling class, etc.

      This is why we cannot point out to ONE group only. A good book on this subject is: Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley. A good free video on youtube is: “Invisible Empire” done by Jason Bermass and produced by Alex Jones.