Anti-Federal Reserve Movie “Silver Circle” Hits the Big Screen

Two Lanterns Media is excited to announce the New York City in-theater premiere of Silver Circle, a thrilling new 3D animated dystopian film about a future scenario in which the Federal Reserve causes hyperinflation, forcing a group of rebels to mint their own silver currency.

The movie is packed with action, adventure, and romance and features a compelling storyline that appeals even to those who aren’t up-to-speed on the economic and political implications of central banking. Silver Circle seeks to entertain while also educating the public about the dangers of fiat currency and the Federal Reserve.

A Facebook page has been created for the NYC premiere, which contains further specifics and can be found below.

The premiere event will take place at Cinema Village East in NYC from March 22nd through March 28th. Showings will be held at 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 7:10pm, and 9:15pm on each day of the premiere event. After the 7:10pm showing on opening night (March 22), Austrian economist Peter Schiff will be conducting a Q&A along with the Silver Circle team. Tickets are available at this link.

Check out the trailer for Silver Circle:

In his Feb. 29, 2012 confrontation with Ben Bernanke, Ron Paul had waved one of the coins from the movie, a so-called Silver Circle, at the chairman.

Read the transcript here.

It is currently not known if Ron Paul plans on endorsing the movie.



    Economists use the term “create” when speaking of the process by which money comes into existence. Now, creation means making something that did not exist before. Lumbermen make boards from trees, workers build houses from lumber, and factories manufacture automobiles from metal, glass and other materials. But in all these they did not “create,” they only changed existing materials into a more usable and, therefore, more valuable form. This is not so with money.

  • Here, and here alone, man actually “creates” something out of nothing. A piece of paper of little value is printed so that it is worth a piece of lumber. With different figures it can buy the automobile or even the house. Its value has been “created” in the true meaning of the word.

    As is seen by the above, money is very cheap to make, and whoever does the “creating” of money in a nation can make a tremendous profit! Builders work hard to make a profit of 5% above their cost to build a house.

  • No federal reserve notes! Physical bullion or Bitcoin only (BitCoin only if they can keep malicious nodes from taking over the network)!

  • If the Day comes that vendors are actually refusing legal tender, they aren’t going to want gold or silver. What they will want, is to barter for useful supplies like food, clean water, ammunition, and various services.

    Gold and silver will be worth less then their weight in kindling.

  • the point is that a time might come when the dollar isn’t trusted as the Reserve Currency of the world anymore. could cause a collapse of the US and other economies. if that happened, as it has in the past, those with gold/silver will have something to trade in exchange for goods when sellers refuse fiat currency. value is always “arbitrary”, as the Market always dictates value i.e. supply vs demand. demand for “naturally occuring materials” will exceed those with gold/silver to buy them.

  • The value of any commodity is based on what people will pay for it.

  • what a joker. you really think bacon has an arbitrary value?

  • That’s nice. It doesn’t change the fact that at the end of the day the price of silver, gold, cadmium, wheat, salmon, pork, uranium, calcium, bauxite and any other naturally occuring material has an entirely arbitrary value.

  • not a bad idea, actually. i do agree that peaceful protest is the preferred way; armed action if necessary.

  • except that the Second Amendment provides for just that: an armed, citizen militia that overthrows a tyrannical federal government when it has disobeyed the boundaries of the Constitution. it originally happened in 1776… then 1812…

  • except that historically, when fiat currency i.e. “legal tender” / paper money inflates (as in Germany, Zimbabwe, etc), most traders insist on gold or silver as currency, or they refuse to sell their goods.

  • Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

  • The premise of the movie falls apart as soon as you realize that the value of gold and silver is every bit as arbitrary as “paper money”.

  • Follow the Money laundering:
    Fed counterfeiters give currency directly to Wall Street. Markets just need to stay the same while insiders issue more and more shares to themselves…they hoard by always increasing the number of shares(“their share”).
    They seek to make Life itself a ticker symbol where they can issue themselves shares.This causes an always increasing percentage of the real economy flowing into the hands of thieves.
    The stock market must be outlawed.

  • We lose the minute we become violent.

  • Awful.
    First of all, United States Treasury Notes are the answer to fEDERAL rESERVE nOTS
    Secondly, violence is unnecessary to make it happen.
    We all just stop working simultaneously for a sufficient period of time and try to remain calm no matter what while keeping singularly focused on one and only one issue: the issuance of non-debt backed United States Treasury Notes-ban the Federal Reserve counterfeit operation.

  • Mail your crap to the NRA.

  • Mail your crap to the NRA.

  • Thanks for the joke buddy!
    It made my day.

  • Thanks for the joke buddy!
    It made my day.