Ron Paul: Let’s Not Over-React to North Korean Saber Rattling

Tensions on the Korean peninsula have again reached a flashpoint, as the US and South Korea trade threats with the government of North Korea. North Korea has threatened retaliation for US/South Korean provocations and has, it claims, abrogated the armistice that ended the Korean War some 60 years ago.

On the other side, the US and South Korea held a three day naval exercise last month that included, among many other warships, an American nuclear-powered submarine. This month, the US and South Korea are conducting another joint military exercise, this time with the US flying nuclear-capable B-52 bombers over the Korean peninsula.

Much of the current escalation came after the US drew up yet another set of sanctions for the UN Security Council to impose on North Korea. US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, who drafted the language, promised that this round of sanctions “will bite and bite hard.” That is unlikely, as sanctions have a pretty lousy track record. However, the North Korean government retaliated against the new sanctions with bellicose threats to launch a nuclear first strike against the US.

The US response to the threats has been entirely predictable. Rather than seek a way to tone down the rhetoric, newly confirmed Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced that the Pentagon, which just weeks ago claimed the “sequestration” would leave the US defenseless, would spend another billion dollars to deploy additional missile interceptors along the Pacific. This means money and jobs for a military-industrial complex that never really faced any threat of belt-tightening, as both parties continue to view the military as essentially a jobs program.

Secretary Hagel, when announcing the additional $1 billion spending spree, sounded far more hawkish than his recent dovish defenders probably hoped, stating, “We will strengthen our homeland defense, maintain our commitments to our allies and partners, and make clear to the world that the United States stands firm against aggression.” Obviously, monthly US-South Korean joint military exercises near North Korean borders are not considered aggression. Only North Korean bellicosity. I wonder how the Obama Administration would view a Chinese-Mexican joint military exercise on the Texas border.

Where will it all end? From the look of it, not well. The US foreign policy playbook has only one page: do the same thing over and over that has not worked in the past and hope it begins to work in the future.

The real question is why are we still in Korea at all. Why, after 60 years, is the United States military still occupying South Korea, patrolling its borders, inserting itself into the dispute between North and South? What might have happened if the US had not maintained such a force in Korea, enforcing the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) and keeping families on either side from having contacts with each other?

The popular view is that because North Korea is an isolated dictatorship run by irrationals, the only possible US response is to keep the situation militarized. To maintain the military threat. To continue to provoke. And always, impose more US-authored sanctions. However, one reason North Korea is isolated is the isolationist policies of the US government. It is isolationist to impose sanctions, to prohibit Americans from doing business, to impede or forbid travel by US citizens to countries with which the US government disagrees. North Korea is isolated in part because our government has isolated it. North Korea threatens to attack South Korea and the United States partly because South Korea and the United States continue to mount very provocative military exercises on North Korea’s border. That does not mean that I am in favor of the North Korean government. Far from it. Nor do I believe they are necessarily in favor of peace. But I do recognize when a policy is counter-productive.

I am the opposite of an isolationist. I believe we must engage the rest of the world, not with force or arms or hectoring about internal political developments. We must engage the rest of the world with our ideas, bringing people together rather than building walls or DMZs to keep them apart. A change in our policy may not produce an instant opening or improvement, but haven’t we tried the old, failed approach long enough? Does continuing to provoke North Korea show any real hope of diffusing the gathering storm?

What is the real Korean threat? The real “Korea threat” is the threat to the US economy by over-reacting to saber rattling by a third world country with another billion dollars in military spending. We cannot afford this empire, and sooner or later it will end.


  • French Canadian

    Robin, I know you wonder about North Korea. Well, Friday and today (Sunday), Dr Steve Piecenik, who is an expert on North Korea, is giving Alex live information, since he is right now in Korea’s DMZ. He will also be on the show tomorrow. Here are the two first interviews which are very informatives:

    – Friday:
    Infowars Frontline Report from Korea’s DMZ

    – Sunday: The interview starts at: 1:07:16
    Alex Jones Show: Sunday (4-7-13) Dr. Steve Pieczenik

  • French Canadian

    Hi Robin. Good for Ben Swann, he will have more freedom if he leaves Fox 19. He could start a show of his own like Alex Jones or join him or go with Ron Paul or Lew Rockwell. All these people are on the same side, they are fighting the same war and work hard to wake-up people in the infowars. The more of them, the better!

    About North Korea, it was a big subject on today’s Show. Alex thinks that we must take the threat seriously. The new kid running North Korea is a real despot, worse than his father. I will put a link to the Show at the bottom of my comment.

    I’m glad you are I’m working on self=sufficiency skills right now and procuring the necessary tools to do that, because on today’s show, that was another huge subject. Two brilliant guests came on and talked about sufficiency skills. Both guests got their site crashed today by the infowar listeners who were deeply interested in what they were saying. It was very interesting and you will be glad to learn easy brilliant skills. In fact, the whole show was really fantastic and quite educating. Here is a résumé of the Show:

    “On the Thursday, April 4 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Mike Adams guest hosts and Alex rides shotgun. Mike covers the escalating tensions between North Korea and the United States as the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, threatens to nuke the U.S. On today’s show, Mike talks with Troy Smith and Rob Nash in-studio. Smith is the owner of Brite Ideas in Austin, Texas, and Nash is the founder of Mike’s guests will talk about aquaponics, a sustainable food production system that combines a traditional aquaculture with hydroponics. Dane Wigington will break down the latest on geoengineering, weather control, chemtrails and related topics”.

    Alex Jones Show: Thursday (4-4-13) Dane Wigington, Troy Smith and Rob Nash

    Oh, and another thing: You remember when you thought that Sandy Hook didn’t really happened? Well it turns out that Dr. Steve Pieczenik, thinks like you. He believes that the Aurora shooting was real and not staged but that the Sandy Hook wasn’t real. Alex on the other side believes that Aurora was staged and that Sandy Hook was real but also staged.

    Here is the interview:

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik:
    Crisis Actors Used at Sandy Hook! Special Report


  • douglas

    Yea like the ones who will inherit the Earth do not even know it. Like that which is within sustainable understandings?

  • Bob Dean

    All i hear is how North Korea is threatening the US and nothing about the fact that we decided to fly bombers over them before all this occurred. Is Obama and Hegel trying to drum up something to either bring a veil over troubles at home or looking to create a war of some type that would cause American industry to grow through a war effort such as we did for Vietnam.

  • robin

    French Canadian, My comment is still awaiting moderation. We’re back to days and days….Ben Swann just announced he is leaving Fox 19, but did not say where he is going next only that he hopes that those that have supported him will follow him where ever he goes. A liberty friend thought he might be doing something with Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul. He should probably announce his plans before the end of next month which is when he plans to leave. What do you think about what is happening in North Korea? An economist friend said that we need to be concerned when the housing market goes back up and then it crashes again. That’s when the economy will fall to its knees. I’m working on self=sufficiency skills right now and procuring the necessary tools to do that.

  • French Canadian

    Robin, I believe this interview will interest you:

    “Alex talks with investigative journalist and author Greg Palast about the death of Venezuela’ s Hugo Chavez and the political work of the Koch brothers and their influential foundation.”

    Greg Palast & Alex Jones: Koch Brothers Exposed!

    • robin

      Hello French Canadian. Been busy so haven’t had a lot of time to come here. I listened to this and he brought up a few things I did not know and will look into further. I am concerned about the money I have in the bank for my children’s college education. We are looking into buying land to set up a small organic farm in the area. Being able to grow our own food will be important as well as something to barter with. We have much research to do. Trying to spend time on the practical right now. I never learned these survival skills growing up in LA. I have been trying to get people to speak up about Monsanto but it appears few of those I know seem to care on either side of the spectrum. They would prefer to play their online games. This concerns me more than anything right now for the health of my children who continue to be poisoned. I’ve been reading America the Beautiful by Dr. Carson’s. Interesting book and he brings up some good points, but appears to be rather naive about many areas. We suspect the GOP will try to get him to run on the GOP ticket-exploit the fact he is black and more conservative. Rand Paul, Rubio, Carson’s. Hilary and a minority candidate on the other side unless she is not in good health to run. That’s what I see for 2016, unless something happens to keep Obama in office.

  • French Canadian

    Robin, I hope your democratic and environmental friends, will change their views on the environment strategy orchestrated by the criminal globalists who pushes Carbon taxes with their alleged Global Warming and the myth of overpopulation. Rosa Koire is their girl to blow their mind on this issue…lol.

    I didn’t know that the rumor of Assad’s death resurfaced lately. Alex did not mention it… but then again, when people cry to wolves too many times, nobody take them seriously… I mean, how many times did Ben Laden died?

    As for the Israelis citizens who are trying to promote peace with Syria, Iran and in Palestine , of course you will never here it in the MSM, they are part of the propaganda and are paid by the globalists. “Divide and conquer” is their motto… and it works perfectly.

    This is why, whenever a group radicalizes another group, I know right away that they are misinformed. If I wouldn’t be informed properly, I would hate all Americans for what they are doing around the world, I would think they are pure demons and this is what all misinformed people would normaly think. Just like some people hates all Arabs or Jews or North Korean, etc, their problem is that they don’t know that it is not the citizens of these countries who are doing all this evil, it is their governments. It’s like the Banksters, most of them are Jews, but not all Jews are bankers. To resume, I believe that citizens of the whole world are majoritarly good people (although each country have their bad apples citizens), but the fact is that people everywhere on this Earth want peace, freedom, liberty, health, love, friendship, happines and prosperity. We have to remember that it is only a very tiny group of degenerated elitists who runs our World. Apparently about 600 families.

    Now, coming back to this thread about “North Korea”, yesterday, Joel Skousen gave an amazing interview on Alex’s show. They talked about Cyprus, James Holmes, the Connecticut shooting and many more subjects, but Skelton said something amazing about North Korea. He said that the West was trying to irritate China and Russia with their wars in the Middle east, and it was intentional because they want China and Russia to attack USA. And if they fail to bring bring these two giants to war, they have a Plan B. Their Plan B, is to keep North Korea in reserve, so they can accomplish armagedon on this planet. Anyway, I do not explain it very well, but you could listen to the interview yourself:

    Joel Skousen: Cyprus OKs EU Bank Heist

  • French Canadian

    Speaking of wars, I consider “Agenda 21” to be the most vicious war against all citizens of the Earth. Last week, Rosa Koire, the author of “Behind the Green Mask” gave a very powerfull interview on the AlexJones Show:

    The interview starts at: 2:08:38

    Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (3-20-13) Rosa Koire

    • robin

      French Canadian, I post her site for my democratic friends/environmental friends to educate them about UN Agenda 21. This rumor about Assad came out on Saturday. The Syrian told me he watched the new BBC on the history of Syria and it is full of falsehoods, which we knew as they are a propaganda tool. Finding out more about how Israeli’s feel about what is happening to the Palestinians and in Syria. She said there are many who are trying to promote peace with Syria, Iran and in Palestine but of course you never hear about this. Blacked out in Israel as it is here.

    • robin

      Been talking with the Syrian Emilio that Ben had on and he said just a minority of Sunni extremists want Assad to go. The rest of the Syrians do not. Did you see that new BBC documentary I mentioned about the history of Syria? One thing that a few Syrians said was those that Assad’s father killed were asking for it. There of course is always a back story that we never hear about. That story about Assad being shot came out this past Saturday on an Arab station, but Emilio believes it is a hoax as you said this has been rumored for a long time as it was with Gaddafi. Still working on a letter I plan to send to our three representatives here in Oregon. Our two “liberal” senators voted for the UN Treaty that would undermine the first amendment, but thank goodness it was defeated.

  • French Canadian

    Robin, yes I have heard of that old rumor that came out around last July. It came out of the Russian government if my memory is good. But I think it was debunked to be false, not sure . Anyway, I personally don’t believe Assad is dead.

  • robin

    French Canadian, You probably heard the rumor that is circulating that Assad is either dead or mortally wounded by his bodyguard. I contacted the Syrian who lives in Damascus that Ben Swann interviewed and he said this has been going around for several weeks now and he does not believe it is true. He also said they are saying they are building a robot of Assads likeness. He said they are desperate. Time will tell, but I certainly hope they are wrong. We know that Obama and Netanyahu made plans to commit US troops in Syria and then move on to Iran. I am asking my Israeli friend to keep me updated what she hears. She has a number of friends in the area.

  • PS:12

    Strategic Counter Insinuative (SCI)
    You are all so worried about your guns when ‘they’ have already set into motion SCI ammo control. This is an objective that has been foreseen by many over four years ago.

    When Eisenhower made the statement about the Military Industrial Complex it was not about why it should be regulated through monetary policy, it was about the fact that the Military Industrial Complex lost control of Hitler. That was what Eisenhower was warning of. The fact that ‘they’ will make plans and watch how those they put into power could go nuts. Like Hitler a total freaking nut turned on them and then others joined the axis.

    New Deal, take what Hitler was supposed to do and slap it on the American people, thus the ones who funded the Nazi Party and lost control sought to reestablish their plan by circumventing the US.

    The plan is nearing completion within the insane minds of the shadow elite. Stupid fools they are! Thinking they can create a world government and circumvent multinational sovereignty. The Global economy is as fragile as a stem of wheat.

    Who can forsake the masses that are trapped in the middle of sustaining their systems? How can the shadow elite possibly think they can curb this and still maintain their level of massive wealth? Stupid fools they are. They will lose control once again just like they always have.

    The US still has the power to utilize its forces for good aside from the insane plans of the shadow elite. The only way this should happen is through the political system. However, the entire political system has been obviously manipulated by the shadow elite in order to help propagate their plans.

    Our President seems to have been artificially flabbergasted into position to help fulfill their plans for Global take over. The corporations that have invested in this system are finding that even though they hold lots of cash, are continually being propounded with new international rules/laws.

    In the end game a division will take place, thus the final battle of Armageddon will reach its final destination. Nations against Nations and foolish shadow elite who think they are in control. The end game it about the shadow elite’s unconstitutional issuance of monetary policy. A civilization they have force grown into a beast, a beast that they will once again lose control over.

    So what is North Korea to the Military Industrial Complex? Who is supplying North Korea with military equipment? These are the questions we should be asking! Is it all in the shadow elite’s chess game?

    ‘Conflict’ is the food for mega stacking national deficits and the precipice for justification. You work your life away and they take it all. Slavery on a high tech level! The ‘Art of War’ needs to be updated!

  • French Canadian

    Of course, Ron Paul here is right again. But sometimes I wonder if he isn’t a bit naive?

    He seems to believe that the government isn’t smart enough to realize that they are making mistakes after mistakes. I think this is because Ron Paul is a nice guy and a genuine good man. I was stunned the other day when he said on the Alex Jones Show, that Ben Bernanke was a good guy who believed in the system of the Federal Reserve and that he was trying very hard to find a solution to make it work. I couldn’t believe what I had heard. I mean… come on… Bernanke a good guy??? LOL

    Dr Paul, let me tell you that the guys who runs your government are not incompetent nor ignorant, they are bad… SUPER BAD. They know damn well what they are doing and where they are going with all of this. They are evil, souless, greedy, eugenists and their only goal is to destroy every country in this world to install their NWO. They play “divide and conquer” and they believe in “problem solution reaction”… Order out of Chaos”.

    They don’t want peace, they want wars. They provoke wars because it serves them very well. They don’t care about anybody else but themselves. That millions of people die in these wars doesn’t affect them at all, in fact it is good for their eugenist program (population reduction). And they don’t fight these wars themselves, they send young uninformed kids to fight and die for their country, while they hide in their bunkers. And when these poor kids come back home, brokened and injured, they treat them like dirt. They are now viewed as terrorists to the nation. If they are sick from all the vaccines they’ve tested on them , they give them psychotropic drugs.

    YES, Ron Paul you are right, but don’t kid yourself, nothing will be fixed if these people are not brought to Courts and throwned in jail. Till then, nothing will change.